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Finally, a Safe and Effective Solution to a Global Pandemic.

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1 Finally, a Safe and Effective Solution to a Global Pandemic

2 Stop Bugging Me Sales Training Review Quick product overview Member successes Prospecting accounts Hotel/ Motel opportunities Product Demos Handling objections Q&A

3 What Sets Stop Bugging Me! Apart First mass market product created solely to kill AND prevent bed bugs FDA GRAS, EPA FIFRA 25(b) approved Proven 100% effective by an independent laboratory –100% of the bugs were killed within 15 minutes, and over 50% of them were eliminated instantly GREEN! 100% naturally-derived and bio- degradable Safe for use around children and pets

4 What Sets Stop Bugging Me! Apart Entirely new formulation – not a rebranded pesticide May be sprayed directly onto beds and linens (where toxin-based products cannot be used) This product is approved to be sprayed directly onto mattresses, bedding, sofas, stuffed chairs, carpets, rugs, luggage, and detergent-safe upholstery. The most cost effective solution on the market with quick results and long lasting protection Affordable and convenient – 32oz, 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon drum

5 The Current Marketplace Dangerous: Current pesticides are unsafe for guest customers and staff to come in contact with Ineffective: Re-branded formulations from the last century prove to be ineffective, capitalizing on the fears and worries of consumers Destructive: Damaged or stained mattresses, retail items and furniture must be thrown away and come at a cost to the owner Heat treatments: can weigh heavy on the finances of a company or establishment with an infestation Lengthy: Treatment is usually dragged out over hours – even days

6 How Stop Bugging Me! works? Stop Bugging Me is not a poison that has to be ingested and takes time to kill the arthropods The unique formula actually blocks the otopamine receptors of the Arthropod. By blocking these receptors you are effectively stopping all motor functions of the arthropod. The ability to kill instantly and not act as a poison means that there will be no way for the arthropod to build a tolerance to the chemical and it will be impossible for them to pass it onto their off spring.

7 Crawling Insects Cockroaches Dust Mites Ants Scabies Body Lice Carpet Beetles Carpenter Ants Centipedes Clover Mites Crickets Drug Store Beetles Earwigs Fleas Millipedes Pill bugs Scorpions Spiders Termites Ticks and other crawling pests Flying insects House Flies / Fruit Flies Gnats Mosquitoes Moths Yellow Jackets Wasps and other flying insect pests In addition to bed bugs, Stop Bugging Me! TM can also be used to eliminate:

8 Triple S Member Successes Triple S Members have successful sold theses accounts: Property Management Hospitals, Nursing Homes Schools Department of Corrections Food Service Homeless Shelters Transportation Service Camp Grounds Lodging Industry

9 Where to Start Prospecting 1.Property Management Companies: dealing with residential/ commercial properties can be extremely lucrative and by far the easiest accounts to acquire. 2. Hotel/ Motel: The Bed Bug Registry is free leads brought to you by those who are being affected this is a detailed list of potential accounts. You have a solution to there most expensive problem. STOP BUGGING ME! is the most non abrasive product on the market with a light scent that has been compared to Fabreeze, people and pet friendly but with the eradication power that can put an end to an infestation and save them money…who can say no to that?

10 Selling Hotel/ Motel Selling Hotels and Motels requires a more delicate approach Bed bugs have plagued the industry causing hotels to keep there problems quiet. Focusing more on STOP BUGGING ME! as a preventative maintenance product that can reduce there downtime when an issue does arise is a more effective approach with these accounts. Key hotel groups: La Quinta Clarion Marriottt Best Western Just to name a few.

11 National Bed Bug Registry

12 Demonstration Techniques Ant Demo Catch a few ants and keep in a sealed container (put in a clear cup for demo) Start you demo while talking about how the product works Flip the cup over on a flat surface shake your sample of STOP BUGGING ME! And lightly spray a thin layer of product around the cup Tap cup make sure the ant is on the surface before lifting the cup…if done correctly the ants will remain in the boundary you have created Try this for yourself before you do a demo it for a customer.

13 Typical Objections Facilities using a service that does pest control: Terminex, Orkin, etc The cost of services from these companies are extremely expensive and can be caustic as well as ineffective. We Use Heat… This objection is one of the most common in property management and there is an easy way to get past this. Heat is a great way to kill bugs, unfortunately it is just a band aid a lot of times they are returning to these units over and over and calling it a new infestation. Heat offers no residual when the heaters are removed the bugs are free to return. STOP BUGGING ME! Goes beyond what heat can provide offering a two week residual that when used properly not only kills bugs but guards against an infestation Heat Treatment Chemical Treatment $850-$1100 $350-$1000 The EPA(25b) exemption allows the end user to put SBM product into the hands of their maintenance staff without an applicators license for a cost of approximately $9 for the average apartment unit..

14 The Most Cost-Effective Solution That Significantly Reduces Down Time 5 ounces in 15 minutes after room inspection –Amount of time and Stop Bugging Me! it takes to preventatively treat an average sized room (350 sq ft) 15 ounces in 25 minutes after room inspection –Amount of time and Stop Bugging Me! it takes to treat an average sized, infested room (350 sq ft) $8.27 (based on MSRP) –Cost to treat a standard sized, infested room with Stop Bugging Me! (350 sq ft) MSRP –32oz…$24.81 1gallon…$70.59 –5gallon…$315.1655gallon…$3,584

15 For inquires contact 800.222.7771 Bug Us!

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