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ENTOMOLOGY IN THE HOME Blake Newton UK Extension Entomology.

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1 ENTOMOLOGY IN THE HOME Blake Newton UK Extension Entomology

2 ENTOMOLOGY IN THE HOME Economic and health threats Vs. Fears and aesthetic concerns

3 When it comes to insects and spiders, Kentucky is one of the safest places on earth!


5 TERMITES -Look for “swarmers” in spring, early summer -contact pest control agency

6 CARPENTER ANTS -very large ants -prefer moist, damaged wood -damage is slow and moderate -contact pest control company

7 DAMAGE PANTRY SUPPLIES: Flour, dog food, other dry goods

8 DAMAGE Pantry pests: Clothes moths, grain moths, flour beetles, rice weevils, etc

9 DAMAGE Control of ALL pantry pests: -remove spilled dry goods (even a little bit!) -seal open bags -freeze or toss infested material -check REAL WOOL items Look for unusual dry goods: old potato chips, candy bars, taxidermy, dead squirrels!

10 HEALTH Roaches: many different kinds. Occasional invaders (wood roaches) are of no concern. -contact pest control professional for large infestations of German roaches German roaches: allergies, disease transmission

11 HEALTH Bed Bugs: increasingly common, especially in apartments and other multi- units.

12 HEALTH Bed Bugs: -don’t transmit diseases -itchy skin reactions -hard to control -can ruin beds and other furniture

13 HEALTH Bed Bug Defense: -check beds when traveling -clean and dry clothing after traveling -avoid used furniture

14 HEALTH Bed Bug Management: -contact a pest control professional -requires work from you! -heat treatments are $$ but can work very well -in multi-units: make sure the whole structure is inspected and treated

15 HEALTH Spiders: Not as dangerous as their reputation

16 HEALTH Non-Dangerous Spiders: very common in homes American House Spider Cellar Spider

17 Jumping Spider Wolf SpiderGrass Spider Garden Spider Orb Weaver

18 HEALTH Black Widows -common in garages, sheds, piles of rocks and wood -do not wander from webs -won’t bite unless touched -causes pain, increased heart-rate -rarely fatal, but hospital attention is a must

19 HEALTH Brown Recluses -more common in West KY -found in basements, attics, abandoned buildings -skin infections are often misdiagnosed as brown recluse bites -very timid spiders

20 HEALTH Brown Recluses Distribution vs Bites

21 HEALTH Spider Control: -can be difficult -contact pest control professional -seal entry points, use dust broom -learn to put up with a few spiders!

22 PET HEALTH Outdoor Dogs & Cats: -ticks, fleas, mosquitoes -disease transmission -veterinarian has many long-lasting options

23 SPACE INVADERS Harmless Insects and Their Relatives -come inside for food, water, space, or on accident -common in warm moths -usually, pest control is not necessary








31 SPACE INVADERS: OUTER SPACE Health: -bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets -mosquitoes -chiggers -ticks

32 SPACE INVADERS: OUTER SPACE Harmless: -just about everything else Red Clover MiteHover Fly

33 MYTHS -daddy long legs -walking sticks Red Clover MiteHover Fly

34 RESOURCES County Extension Office: Insect I.D. Kentucky ENTfacts: KEHA Document: HENV401.pdf Red Clover MiteHover Fly

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