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2 Orientation Overview Welcome & Introductions What is SLiCE? Leadership & Service Opportunities through SLiCE Annual Registration Process Financial Management Programming & Publicity Important Dates

3 Student Organizations Registered Student Organizations are recognized through Student Leadership, Involvement, & Community Engagement Also known as SLiCE! SLiCE works to connect student organizations to resources such as funding, leadership development opportunities, volunteer programs, and more!

4 Student Leadership, Involvement, & Community Engagement (SLiCE) Lory Student Center Main Level 970-491-1682 Student Organizations Staff: Deanna Leone, Assistant Director Karina Brum, Graduate Assistant Dylan Gallacher, Student Coordinator Joel Doerer, Student Coordinator Natalie Lakey, Student Coordinator Michele Frick, Accountant Diana Saylor, Accountant

5 Classes - Presidents Leadership Program (PLP) Volunteer Programs & Special Events – RAM Serve, Involvement Expo, Cans Around the Oval, Alternative Breaks, CSU Serves, Special Needs Swim, TGIF, & CSUnity Leadership Development Conferences & Retreats – Campus Step up, Student of Color Leadership Retreat, LeaderShape Institute, Student Organizations Officer Retreat Leadership Certificate Program: Rams Engaging in Active Leadership (REAL) Experience. We also offer…AmeriCorps grants, PRAXIS grants, and working closely with ASCSU! SLiCE also offers…

6 Cans Around the Oval Be a part of a 24-year CSU tradition! 90,000lbs of food and $27,000 raised last year! Visit: to register for Cans! Key events and dates: Distribution Day: Pick up canvassing materials and information packets on 9/16 from 9am-5pm in the ASCSU Senate Chamber Stone Soup - Purchase a ticket for $8 from SLiCE to redeem for a quart of Stone Soup between 10/1-10/20 at any Spoons location! Canstruction – 10/13/10 from 10am-2pm on the LSC Plaza OxFam Hunger Banquet – 10/14/10 from 6-8pm in Parmelee Hall Cans Collection Day – 10/20/10 from 10am-4pm on the CSU Oval

7 Registration & Recognition Student Organizations Financial Accounts (SOFAs) Leadership Resources Fundraising Resources Canopy, Snow Cone and Cotton Candy Rentals Free Mailboxes One-on-One Staff Support Resource Room Work & Storage Space Opportunities What events does SLiCE host for Student Organizations? Student Involvement Fair Officer Orientations Student Organizations & Advisors Recognition (SOAR) Officer Retreat Advisor Retreat What services do student organizations receive? Resource Room Student Involvement Fair

8 Whats new for 2010-2011? Registration Process ! All done on Ram Link Upload Your Constitution on- line! Manage Group Emails Save documents and records for next years officer Retreats! Officer Retreat Advisor Retreat

9 ANNUAL REGISTRATION PROCESS Benefits of Registration Annual Registration Process Completing a Registration Form Completing a Constitution Where to find resources on-line Why Register?

10 Registration Deadline Is there a registration deadline? No… Its recommended that you register by Sept. 30 each year to ensure no lapse in registration Why must I register each year? To update contact information To let us know your group is active To hear about new resources, policies, opportunities made available to RSOs. To have access to funding, discounts, rooms and resources

11 Minimum Standards for Recognition 1) Have a clearly stated lawful purpose within the groups constitution 2) Maintain a minimum of 4 CSU student members; all membership must be 50% CSU students 3) Maintain a minimum of 2 executive officer positions held by different CSU students. 4) Each organization MUST have an advisor. Eligibility Requirements to be an Officer : All officers must be fee paying, fully matriculated students at CSU maintaining a cumulative GPA of a 2.25 or greater at time of election and while holding office.

12 Annual Registration Process All student organizations must complete registration annually. The Registration Process is 3 easy steps! 1)Submit a complete registration form on-line at: 2)Maintain an updated and approved constitution on Ram Link! 3)Two officers must complete the officer orientation. 1)Groups with an account in SLiCE should send their financial officer/treasurer. 2)The second officer can be the groups choice

13 Before you begin, know… 1. Student Organization Contact Info 2. Each officer position, name & email 3. Advisor name & email 4. A list of member emails 5. Electronic copy of your Constitution 6. Dates & names of the two officers attending orientation

14 To get started, go to RamLink:

15 RamLink Home Page

16 Organization List

17 The Registration Form…

18 Constitution

19 Things to know about the constitution… Please address all items in bold Items in red are tips & suggestion The model constitution can be found at: process.aspx under the maintain an updated constitution section. process.aspx

20 FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS Student Organization Financial Accounts (SOFA) Guidelines to Spending Money ASCSU – Student Funding Board Other Grants & Money Available to Student Organizations

21 Guidelines to Spend Money Student Organization Financial Accounts (SOFA) Types of Documents Tax Exemption & Sales Tax Personal Reimbursements Restricted Purchases Required Event Planning Form Contracts/Speakers Personal Liability Foreign National/Employee Payments Travel

22 Guidelines to Spend Money Groups wishing to spend money out of an on-campus account housed in SLiCE, must adhere to the guidelines to spend money, available at: forms.aspx forms.aspx Registered Student Organizations should also refer to the Source for additional policies and procedures regarding Student Organization Financial Accounts, otherwise known as SOFAs.Source

23 Financial Request Form

24 ASCSU Your Student Government Located in the Lory Student Center Cooper Anderson, President Jenny Babos, Vice President Jordan Von Bokern, Director of Finance 491-5931

25 ASCSU wants to help your student organization succeed in putting on programs & events. We are committed to ensuring the student body the best extra-curricular experience possible! If there is anything that we can do for you, please stop by!

26 What can ASCSU do for my student organization? RamRide Funding through RamRide Positive Impact Senator Representation Plaza Advertising – Whiteboards & Electronic Marquee Newspaper Readership Program Student Funding Board (SFB)

27 How do we become qualified to receive funding from ASCSU? Must be a registered student organization, recognized by the SLiCE Office Must have a student organizations financial account with a positive balance Its as easy as that!

28 What can be funded?

29 Where does my student organization begin? Send an E-mail to: Jordan will connect you with a SFB liaison to help your group prepare a funding request Plan at least 4 weeks in advance ~ the larger the program, the more time you need to prepare

30 Funding Board Meetings Funding Board meets Thursdays at 5:15 p.m. in the Lory Student Center President or Treasurer must be at the meeting in order to present the budget Come prepared with all documents and be ready to answer questions

31 How does the SFB decide to fund an event? 10 viewpoint neutral criteria ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to receive student fees ~ Effort should be shown in the form of funding from sources other than the SFB (self-generated, donations, grants)

32 What can I do to help my group get what it is asking for from the Funding Board? * Start planning early! * Visit the ASCSU office on the SE side of the LSC if you have any questions * Work closely with assigned liaison * Consult SFB Bylaws to make sure you are in compliance with all stipulations. Do not ask for anything that cannot be funded. * Secure at least 10% of the funds needed your program through grants, co-sponsorship, donations, or fundraising

33 Things to keep in mind… Student Organizations are eligible to obtain up to $20,000 each year Discounts ARE NOT a legitimate form of co- sponsorship

34 Are there items that ASCSU cannot fund? FOOD Capital Expenditures (items that can be reused: plastic silverware, decorations, office supplies) Awards, Trophies, Prizes Travel (Travel Grant) Contest Entries T-Shirts

35 Where can I find the ASCSU bylaws and funding request forms? All of this information is available on the ASCSU website: The website also includes : ASCSU Funding Board information, Forms and news, members and Senators, and the Student Course Survey results.

36 The following are some of the funding resources available to student organizations. We will review each of these next… ASCSU - Student Funding Board Diversity Grant Travel Grant Campus Activities Co-Programming Grant & Sponsorship Grants VPSA Parents Fund Free Pepsi Product Flea Market Funding Opportunities

37 PROGRAMMING & PUBLICITY Event Planning Form Insurance, Liability, TULIP Policy Free Event Marketing Resources Marketing guidelines, logos & printing

38 Event Planning at CSU

39 Risk Assessment/Insurance Review and make a risk assessment on each event. In some cases, it is automatically required by someone else that is not SLiCE We can issue insurance for on- campus events

40 Spaces on Campus Lory Student Center Reservations through Event Planning Services Groups can reserve a regular meeting room for free Larger rooms have discounted rates for organizations Classroom Facilities Reservations through Classroom Scheduling Office Groups can reserve a classroom for free with faculty/staff advisors signature Other spaces on campus, non-classroom Reservations through Facilities (Lori & Emilia) Unless supervisory staff is required, spaces are free to organizations

41 Marketing Your Group Three Crucial Elements All ads should have the essential information such as date, time, place, & sponsor Easy to Read – Eye catching Printed materials should be ready at least four weeks prior to the event

42 Campus Resources Residence Hall mail Print Advertising Poster Runs Collegian CTV University News Services For off-campus help in advertising KCSU Public Service Announcements Live Remote 2 weeks in advance Student Org Spotlight Managed by Public Affairs Director of station Display Cases in the LSC Whats Up @ CSU?

43 Campus Resources Chalking On Campus Water based chalk 10 feet from an entrance Please NO SPRAY chalk Table Tents LSC Residence Hall Residence Hall Posting Org Website @ advisors request Org Emails @ advisors request Presidents Weekly Email Student Org Suite Display Cases & LCD Panel TV

44 Dates To Note Upcoming Officer Orientations Wednesday, September 08, 2010 - 4:00 PM - LSC East Ballroom Tuesday, September 14, 2010 - 12:00 PM - LSC 228 Wednesday, September 29, 2010 - 4:00 PM - LSC North Ballroom Monday, October 11, 2010 - 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM - LSC 228 Thursday, October 21, 2010 - 12:00 PM - LSC 214-216 Tuesday, November 02, 2010 - 4:00 PM - LSC 214-216 Wednesday, November 17, 2010 - 12:00 PM - LSC 214-216 Student Involvement Fair Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2010 – Plaza - 10 am-3 pm Wednesday, January 26 – Ballrooms – 10 am – 3 pm Student Organizations & Advisors Recognition (SOAR) Thursday, April 28, 2011 5 pm to 7 pm – LSC Main Ballroom Thank you!


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