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Overview of Leading a Trip Purpose. Outreach. Adventure. Wartburg Service Trips.

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1 Overview of Leading a Trip Purpose. Outreach. Adventure. Wartburg Service Trips

2 Mission/Vision Wartburg College Service Trips are dedicated to providing opportunities that actively engage participants with communities through service, reflection and learning. Our vision is to inspire participants to create social change by leading lives of continual learning and service.

3 8 Components Strong Direct Service Alcohol and Other Drug-Free Diversity Orientation Education Training Reflection Reorientation

4 MEMBER VOLUNTEER CONSCIENTIOUS CITIZEN Not concerned with her/his role in social problems. Well-intentioned but not well-educated about social issues. Concerned with discovering root causes; asks why? Community becomes a priority in values and life choices Pre-Break Transformation Prepare students for on-site experience and provide basic education about site-specific social issues. ~ Education, Orientation and Training ~ Pre-break service projects ~ Icebreakers and groupbuilding activities ~ Preflection: Goals and Expectations On-Break Transformation Encourage participants to look critically at the root causes of social issues and challenge participants to evaluate the role that they can play in the community. ~ Strong Direct Service ~ Ongoing education ~ Community Involvement ~ Daily reflection linked to service activities and education Post-Break Transformation Help participants find avenues for continued community involvement and support participants’ efforts to take the next “action steps.” ~ Reorientation ~ Continued education ~ Reflection about reentry process ~ Post-break service project ~ Challenge to make changes in life choices to benefit the community ACTIVE CITIZEN The Active Citizen Continuum

5 Benefits of Leading a Trip Learn how to create and manage budget Gain skills in:  Fundraising  Planning  Group facilitation  Conflict resolution $25 towards deposit Lead fellow students through unforgettable experience!

6 How will the E-Board assist One-on-one meetings to check progress and be of assistance Help find a site & housing that works for you Fundraising and budgeting assistance Help you find an advisor

7 Application Purpose. Outreach. Adventure. Wartburg Service Trips

8 Potential Breaks Fall Break – October 24–October 27 Thanksgiving Break – November 22- November 27 (pre-Thanksgiving) Winter Break – March 7–March 16 Tour Week - April 21-April 27 (post-Easter) Please rank on application

9 Choosing an Issue/Site Reflect on your interests/what you are passionate about (Ex: Disaster relief, poverty, affordable housing, etc.) Diverse opportunity Pick a site or program to work with  CCE has past trips  BreakAway Site Bank Location  Fall Break Trips will be within a 6 hour radius of Wartburg  Thanksgiving Break & Tour Week Trips will be within a 12 hour radius of Wartburg*  Winter Break Trips will be within an 18 hour radius of Wartburg* Keep in mind potential cost of trip - avg. $3000-$5000

10 Characteristics of a Quality Site Sufficient amount of work (32-40 HOURS) Safe and affordable housing close to work site Provide an educational component to the week Strong community bond Provide an available supervisor to assign jobs and help with problems

11 Things to consider… Free housing? Free food? Cooking space? Working with or without an organization Organization worked with an alternative break trip before? How many participants?

12 Budget You will complete a budget for your trip. Things to include  Housing  Transportation  Food  Site fee  Emergency money You will need to fundraise  Letter writing, date auction, selling goods

13 Advisors You must have at least one advisor on your trip (faculty, staff, alumni) We have interested issue areas of faculty and staff Start finding an advisor for your trip now!

14 Proposal Process Step 1: Fill out Leader Application  Due Tuesday, September 17 th Step 2: Interview/Placement Process Step 3: Work on Trip Proposals  This will require you to contact your site, determine cost for housing, etc Step 4: Submit Final Proposal Packet before or on September 29 th ! The following slides contain important dates for 2013-2014

15 Upcoming Events/Deadlines: September 17 – Leader applications due September 18-22 – Leader Interviews September 24 – Leadership Teams Announced September 29 – Trip Proposals Due September 30 – Fall Break Trips Announced October 4 – Trips Confirmed October 10 – Fall Break participant placements announced October 12 – Homecoming Fundraiser October 14 – Thanksgiving Break trips announced October 18-19 – Mandatory Leader Retreat Option 1, OFF CAMPUS October 24- 27 – Fall Break November 4 – Thanksgiving Break trip placements announced November 8-9 – Mandatory Leader Retreat Option 2, OFF CAMPUS November 22-27 – Thanksgiving Break Service Trips

16 Upcoming Events/Deadlines: December 9 - Big Reveal: Winter Break trip placements announced 7:30pm, Lyceum January 27 - Tour Week trip placements announced January 30 – Date Auction 8pm, Lyceum March 7 – Service Trip Commissioning, 10:15am, Chapel March 7–16 – Winter Break April 21-April 27 – Tour Week Service Trips

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