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Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction in cooperation with WASA, AWSP, WEA, WSSDA, PSE and the ESD Networks Updated: September 28, 2011 1.

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1 Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction in cooperation with WASA, AWSP, WEA, WSSDA, PSE and the ESD Networks Updated: September 28, 2011 1

2 Provide: The history and background of the Legislation The specifics of the two bills: HB 1521 – Statewide Recognition of EXISTING Innovative Schools HB 1546 – Encourage the Creation of NEW Innovative Schools The approval criteria, the application and timelines Discuss why this effort is important Answer questions 2

3 Innovation and STEM are popular legislatively and in education policy circles Washington is seen as an innovation backwater by some: No Charter School law Did not get a Race-to-the-Top grant Perception that schools are hidebound by onerous state laws, district policies, and union contracts On the other hand, we have lots of innovative schools… 3

4 HB 1521: Recognize and celebrate the great Innovations that currently EXIST Sponsored by Representative Marcie Maxwell (D-Renton) State has long history of support for innovative programs Legal, financial, and political May be done under existing governance structure of local schools boards Provided examples of innovative schools Directed OSPI to develop a review process for identifying innovative public schools in Washington Purpose is to encourage and highlight the accomplishments of innovative schools 4

5 To what extent does the school: Implement bold, creative, and innovative educational ideas? Hold students and educators to high expectations and standards? Provide students with a diverse array of educational options that respond to their different learning styles? Have active and meaningful parent and community involvement and partnerships? Serve as a laboratory for educational experimentation and innovation? Has the school been successful? 5

6 Includes: Description of your school Student and teacher expectations and standards Description of addressing different learning styles Parent and community involvement How is it used as an innovation laboratory Indicators of success Did you get waivers? Other available useful documents Goal was to have a streamlined application Available online at: 6

7 Applications Due: October 17, 2011 Applications reviewed/decisions made: October 20 – 28 Schools/districts notified by October 31 Website and recognition Early November and beyond 7

8 Your school will be recognized for your successful innovations and hard work Statewide press release/website Logo for your letterhead Banner for your building Will be able to share your experiences with your colleagues Website Statewide conferences Other venues to be determined Will be a standards-based selection process 8

9 HB 1546: Encourage the creation of NEW Innovative Schools Sponsored by Representative Mark Hargrove (R-Covington) School Boards are encouraged to support the expansion of additional innovative schools and program models Priority on A-STEM schools and models, but others also eligible A-STEM schools to: Partner with community, business, industry, and higher education Use project based or hands-on learning. A group of schools that share common interests or locations may be designated as an Innovation Zone. Applications must be developed collaboratively by the school district, its unions, and industry, parent, business, and community partners. 9

10 Information requested: Activities and innovations to be carried out Expected improvement in student achievement A budget and sources of funding Technical resources needed & who will provide them Measures for evaluation and accountability Justifications for any requested waivers An agreement that school directors and local bargaining agents are willing to provide waivers -- or bargain appropriate contract sections--, as needed, of bargaining agreements Evidence that a majority of staff in an existing school have approved the plan. 10

11 SPI/SBE may waive specified statutes and rules Examples: Annual 180 school day requirement Restrictions on the commingling of state categorical funds Other rules that are needed to implement the school or zone 11

12 Applications Due: January 6, 2012, 5:00 pm Submit on ESD Boards recommend approval to the SPI SPI notify districts of selection by March 1, 2012 Implemented in the 2012-13 school year. 12

13 Educational Service District Total Number of Schools or Zones Authorized for each ESD Minimum # of A- STEM Schools or Zones Puget Sound ESD105 All other ESDs32 13

14 Washington STEM is seeking applications for Entrepreneurial Awards Up to $10,000 for one year Purpose is to try out innovative ideas and approaches that could lead to more effective STEM teaching and learning Applications Due: Friday, October 28 14

15 Includes: The legislation A summary of the two bills The approval criteria The online applications Short guides for completing the applications Will have technical resources and info on Existing innovative schools (early November) 15

16 Comments from representatives of statewide Education Organizations 16

17 If you are likely going to apply to become a NEW school, please send us your name/contact number: We are considering coordinating regional or statewide workshops for prospective applicants What else can we do to assist you? Questions?? 17

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