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Response to Intervention (RtI) One Common VoiceOne Plan Ingham ISD Countywide Initiative AESA Annual Conference December 1, 2011.

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1 Response to Intervention (RtI) One Common VoiceOne Plan Ingham ISD Countywide Initiative AESA Annual Conference December 1, 2011

2 Michigan Picture 57 ISDs/RESAs – 520+ school districts Ingham is 7 th largest – located in county of our capitol 48,000 students in local public schools, charter schools and parochial/private schools

3 Ingham ISD Service Area Current 12 local 4 rural 2 urban 6 suburban 7 PSAs 21 parochial/private schools Realities Economic strife 5 new superintendents Political pressures Poor state outcomes (MEAP) Changing demographics Reduction of ISD staff Higher needs Restructure of organization (SIS, SSS)

4 Challenges getting tougher

5 Collaboration Long history of working together However, generally only happened if local districts could not do it themselves With the downturn in the economy, all of the sudden collaboration is important



8 Zen Thought Always remember that youre unique. Just like everyone else.

9 Our Journey Looking at ways to ensure all students are successful Collaborating for success for all Developing close working relationships within ISD between and among superintendents, business officials, curriculum directors, special education directors, technology directors and human resources directors

10 Round Table of Superintendents 3 Goals Enhance the achievement and success of all learners To leverage school and community resources through cooperative initiatives and effective use of resources To influence public and legislative perception by telling the story of public education

11 Increasing Achievement and Success for all Learners School improvement was mainly focused on professional development Six years ago started to change Three years ago began to build consensus to all move together New Governor has come out and said all students need to be college and career ready Need to deliver instruction, any time, any place, any way, any pace

12 In the Spirit of the BCS Bowls No Child Left Behind–The High School Football Version All teams must make the state playoffs and all MUST win the championship. If a team does not win the championship, they will be on probation until they are the champions, and coaches will be held accountable. If after two years they have not won the championship, their footballs and equipment will be taken away UNTIL they do win the championship

13 AS LED BY THE SUPERINTENDENTS ROUND TABLE MAY 16, 2009 Future of Education in the Ingham Service Area

14 Scale, Opportunity, Challenge $100 billion in additional funds for education Considerable flexibility for some funds Challenges Making thoughtful decisions quickly Demonstrating accomplishments Investing to support long-term change Robert Floden Michigan State University

15 Bitter Medicine

16 We cant be complacent

17 Opportunity

18 Our Journey Focused work on mission, vision, values and goals Professional Learning Community with local district special education and curriculum directors Failure is Not An Option Courageous Leadership Academy

19 Zen Thought If at first you dont succeed, skydiving is not for you.

20 What Should be our Main Areas of Focus? Student Achievement – Success for all Technology infused in delivery of curriculum Individualized opportunities available to meet all students learning needs

21 Student Achievement Early and ongoing intervention to guarantee success for students at all levels Significant reductions Special education referrals Special education eligibility rates

22 Student Achievement Use of acceptable intervention model: Failure Is Not An Option, Ingham Student Achievement Framework, MiBLSi, RtI, etc. Dramatically reduce dropout rates Keep Learning…Our Future Depends On It

23 Where will the money come from? Comes from willingness to be focused on student achievement and not administrative independence (if going to create a strategy for all to succeed we also need to pool assets) Stimulus money – will not get second year of dollars if not show used all in first year Reimagining money from MDE

24 Needed Funding ARRA dollars came along 11 million for county Needed to get everyone to agree to keep dollars in same pot

25 ARRA Opportunity Collective agreement Consolidation of funds Consolidation of effort Standardized the practice Customized the implementation Intense and focused trainings across all districts Created common goals Narrowed our focus Increase our intensity Districts purchased RTI coaches ISD trained coaches

26 In the Beginning… We developed an RtI Action Plan at the beginning of the ARRA Project 3 SMART Goals Consensus Infrastructure Implementation 52 Indicators Its hard to improve something if youre not measuring it.

27 Consensus Accomplishments RtI Leadership Teams were Established All districts have District Leadership Teams All districts have School-Based Leadership Teams

28 Components of RtI All students receive… High quality, research-based instruction and interventions Universal screening to establish their academic and behavioral baseline data three to four times a year to identify learners who need additional support Increasingly intensive intervention with frequent monitoring to determine student progress Data based decision making by collaborative team that use of a problem solving method to increase student achievement

29 Infrastructure Accomplishments Structures and educator skills necessary to support RtI increased All districts completed their second or third universal screening data collection in May 2010 All districts have used their DIBELS or AIMSweb data and other data sources to identify students who need interventions Many districts are utilizing data days or grade-level meetings to facilitate organized problem-solving regarding students RtI coaches … Worked with teachers to administer universal screening assessments and use the data to identify student needs Provided information and training to teachers and supported teachers as they implement new practices

30 Infrastructure Accomplishments Instruction and Interventions All districts have restructured time and schedules to support research-based literacy instruction and interventions All districts and one public school academy participated in training on specific interventions to strengthen core reading instruction A majority of the districts are moving toward implementation of a 90-minute literacy block at the elementary grade levels

31 Implementation Accomplishments Use of an RtI model in schools increased Schools are developing implementation plans School based leadership teams met continuously to review data and implementation issues District leadership teams met throughout the year to review data and existing resources to support implementation

32 Data + Research = ISD Literacy Collaboration 2009-2010 – Research-based core reading program review led by ISD IISD negotiates and supports consortium pricing for Reading Street 67% of our local districts are using a research-based core reading program 2009-2010 – 4 Ingham service area schools purchase Reading Street as their core reading program, with Ingham ISD financial support 2010-2011 – 3 more Ingham service area schools purchase Reading Street as their core reading program, with Ingham ISD financial support

33 Professional Development 2010-2011 Literacy Approximately 5,000 unit hours of training Positive Behavior Intervention Support Approximately 1,000 unit hours of training Leadership Approximately 500 staff trained in RtI/MiBLSi Thanks to the Michigan Behavior Learning Support Initiative, Anita Archer, George Batsche and Kevin Feldman

34 Where are we going? Using data to guide and enhance teacher practices Using data to inform student success Ensure all students are successf ul

35 Professional Development 2011-2012 Continued Focus Literacy (over 90 buildings now implementing) Positive Behavior Intervention Support – almost all buildings in our service area involved one way or another Emerging Areas Math - Data collection, instruction and intervention Early Warning Signs (EWS) - Continuing work with high schools - Adding middle schools Family/Community Involvement Marketing and Training Schools Cannot Do It Alone by Jamie Vollmer






41 Oral Reading Fluency Grade 1

42 Any Time, Any Place, Any Way, Any Pace Deep Drivers Data-based decision making Use of research-based instruction, curriculum and assessment Family/community involvement Standardizing Practice and Customizing Implementation Consolidation of resources Indicators for accountability Frequent review by countywide superintendent group

43 Where are we now? All districts and one PSA in the county involved Close partnership with MiBLSi Early childhood grant – ReImagine Building capacity for when ARRA dollars are gone Regular agenda item of Superintendents Round Table, Curriculum Directors and Special Education Directors meetings

44 How do we sustain RTI in the future? Building systems of technical skills Targeted professional development based on data Skill-based leadership Shared leadership Liaison model Focusing on adaptability Selection and recruitment Redeployment of resources Priorities Braiding of initiatives

45 Final Comments Momentum has been created (Tipping Point ) Planned for sustainability all along All districts and Ingham ISD have been trained in the Implementation Science 70% of districts maintaining some or all of their RTI coaches The ISD created a Communication Plan for each district The ISD created an Implementation Plan for each district Ingham ISD restructured the ISD services to support this initiative

46 For more information… Stan Kogut Superintendent Ingham ISD 517.244.1214 Roberta Perconti Director Student Instructional Services Ingham ISD 517.244.1213

47 Further Resources Ingham Intermediate School district Michigans Integrated Behavior and Learning Support Initiative (MiBLSi)

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