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Welcome!. Guiding Questions “Alberta Education has set the direction – each district must now set the course…..” (Special Education Conference, 2010)

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1 Welcome!

2 Guiding Questions “Alberta Education has set the direction – each district must now set the course…..” (Special Education Conference, 2010) What does this look like for the CBE and its service units? What does this mean for schools?

3 Alberta Education’s Setting the Direction Proposed Framework of Support 1.Responsibility for ALL students – collaborative model advocates a collective responsibility for the success of each student. 2.Emphasis on achieving outcomes for ALL students – inclusive education funding and accountability model. 3.Continuum of support – where classrooms, schools, school authorities and specialists are equipped to make it possible for all students to have their needs met. 4.Asset-based approach – emphasis on strengths and making changes so students can be more successful. 5.Data – using data gathered at all levels of the system. 6.Early Learning – quality early learning is the foundation for a successful school journey. 7.Working together – supports delivered collaboratively in a “wrap around” model to ensure the supports students need. Every Student, Every Day, No Exceptions

4 What does “inclusive” education mean? Vision One inclusive education system* where each student is successful. *Inclusive education system: a way of thinking and acting that demonstrates universal acceptance of, and belonging for, all students. Inclusive education in Alberta means a value based approach to accepting responsibility for all students. It also means that all students will have equitable opportunity to be included in the typical learning environment or program of choice. Mission To work with all education system partners and stakeholders to build an inclusive education system, which is based on integrity, best practices, and respect for difference. Every Student, Every Day, No Exceptions

5 Important Shifts: Changing Student Behaviour Changing Teacher Behaviour Changing the StudentChanging the Environment Individual GoalsProgram of Studies Medical DiagnosisImplications for Instruction

6 The Learning Support framework: aligns with CBE priorities and personalizes supports and services with a direct ‘through-line’ to all students and their success in learning. focuses on the instructional core, increasing capacity to work with students in the classroom. sets system standards of practice and supports their implementation. uses a Response To Intervention (RTI) model. reflects the expectations embedded in Setting the Direction – access for all students to differentiated instruction, curriculum, personalized and individualized programming including tailored, wrap-around supports. offers a continuum of timely and responsive supports and services. respects that direct work with the students is the responsibility and accountability of principals and staff. Every Student, Every Day, No Exceptions

7 School Learning Support Team The School Learning Support Team supports school staff in: understanding and addressing the needs and strengths of students. ensuring that common collaboration practices are determined and consistently implemented. planning and implementing interventions to assist all students in being successful. analyzing student strengths and requirements. discussing a range of support strategies and/or alternative interventions or supports. assigning staff responsibilities and setting timelines. monitoring and evaluating recommended interventions and follow-up. communicating between school and home. sharing expertise and a sense of ownership for meeting the needs of their own students. making a referral to the Area Learning Support Team if necessary. School Learning Support Team Attendance Learning Support Coaching Inclusionary practice Assessment Explicit Instructional Programming (EIP) ParentsCommunity Program Monitoring & Evaluation

8 Area Learning Support Team The Area Learning Support Team supports school staff in: implementing inclusionary practices so that all students can be successful. understanding the unique needs of students. developing and implementing instructional practices that enhance student access to learning through the curriculum. designing instruction and selecting programming accommodations and modifications so that all students can access their learning. collaborating on referrals for specialized programming placements available in their areas. reviewing student attendance referrals. making a referral to the System Learning Support Team if necessary. Area Learning Support Team Attendance Identification, Placement & Review Professional Learning Support School Supports System Supports Inclusion facilitation

9 System Learning Support Team The System Learning Support Team Supports: English Language Learning Cultural competency Aboriginal education Early learning Chinook Learning Services Inclusionary practices Ability/disability programming Student attendance Suspensions & expulsions Restorative justice Transitional programming Develops and maintains: System Standards of Practice Research & innovation Coordination of professional services Evaluation of programming and service delivery System Learning Support Team Internal Stakeholders External Stakeholders Specialized program placements (unique settings, low incidence programs, L.E.A.D.) Delivery of professional services System suspensions & expulsions Gr. 7-12 Policy & Administrative Regulation Development Admissions System attendance monitoring Risk, resiliency & transition supports Development & monitoring of Standards of Practice System specialized programming development, monitoring & evaluation Research & Innovation Resource allocation Inter-Ministerial Collaborative Partnerships Continuing Education programming

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