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Using Data to Support Statewide initiatives centered on Student Achievement A look at publically available data for use by RSA’s, Districts, and schools.

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1 Using Data to Support Statewide initiatives centered on Student Achievement A look at publically available data for use by RSA’s, Districts, and schools Sed Keller San Juan BOCES (Integration Project Data Coach)

2 Using Data to Support Districts School view overview of Districts – Ability to look at Schools in RSA – School Performance Framework Colorado Tell Survey – State Level Report – District data SB 191 and the evaluation -- 50% data piece Data Support – Common Course Code Mapping – Teacher/Student Data Link District Data Governance / Outline

3 Map Of BOCES and RSA in colorado


5 Sort Performance Data by Regional Service Area

6 All Districts in a BOCES

7 All Schools in a BOCES

8 Tell Colorado Survey 2011/2009 Teacher Perception Survey – Time – Facilities and Resources – Community Support and Involvement – Student Conduct – Teacher Leadership – School Leadership – Professional Development – Instructional Practices and Support


10 Tell Survey Data Use Share results with all stakeholders Treat it as a dynamic snapshot of teacher perception/reality Use to Inform strategy and planning at school, district and state level Look for growth / change based on strategic initiatives Making Effective and Appropriate Use of Your TELLColorado Survey Data

11 2011 Tell Survey Response

12 Time The Non-Instructional Time Provided for Teachers in My School is Sufficient

13 Teachers Have Sufficient Access to Instructional Technology, Including Computers, Printers, Software and Internet Access

14 This School Maintains Clear, Two- Way Communication With Parents/Guardians and the Community

15 The Administration Consistently Enforces Rules for Student Conduct

16 In This School We Take Steps to Solve Problems

17 Aspect of Teaching Conditions Affecting Teachers' Willingness to Keep Teaching

18 The School Leadership Communicates with the Faculty Adequately

19 Tell Survey Data Online for Districts and Schools

20 How can a BOCES use survey data to make strategic decisions? Survey Data Instructional Coaching Induction Leadership Training Special Education Training Professional Learning Communities Cross District Collaboration

21 50% of Principal and Teacher Evaluation Based on Data CSAP growth Data Local Bench Marks NWEA / Maps (local option) Common Assessments

22 SB 191 & Growth Data 50% Growth Data Body of Evidence Benchmarked Assessments Content Collaborative & Common Assessments CSAP BOCES

23 What has to happen in order to provide growth data for teachers? Common Course Code Numbering Teacher Student Data Link State Provides Average Growth for Teacher BOCES Facilitates implementation in all districts BOCES Facilitates implementation in all districts

24 San Juan BOCES hosting Data Summit to support Data Usage/ Reporting/ Collaboration Review of SIS systems used in BOCES districts Data Governance Common Course Code mapping. Teacher Student Data link. Surveys Potential Research

25 Data governance and integration goals Link all actionable data sets for decision makers – HR Data – Student Data – Budget and resources Report “clean” Data that can be used for research and decision making Establish Clear Data Coaching / Communication Outline

26 Collaboration with Harvard Strategic Data Project

27 BOCES Data Coach Director of assessment Teacher/PLC Principal Instructional Coach Sample Data Coaching / Communication Chart

28 Superintendent BOCES Data Coach Teacher/PLC Principal Instructional Coach Sample Data Coaching / Communication Chart

29 Data resources available to teachers CSAP (tested annually) NWEA (fall, winter, spring) Regional group discount DIBEL’s (multiple times throughout the year) Common assessments (varies by school)

30 San Juan BOCES Data Warehouse Third Party Paid Data Warehouse Serves as Data Warehouse for all districts Produces customized reports at the district, school, teacher, and student level

31 NWEA / MAPS Tests San Juan BOCES acts as MAPs test consortium Ensure that all districts have ability to collect base line growth data Provide coaching on analysis and usage at district and school level Ability to work directly with NWEA to research data sets specific to the BOCES as a whole

32 NWEA Student Level Report

33 Regional Data Coaching / Data Analysis Body of evidence reports created for each school district Data coaching / research analysis available to all districts BOCES wide participation in Harvard Strategic Data Project analysis (CLF)

34 Body of Evidence Report Combines all available historical data at the student level Can be sorted and filtered by Individual student Teacher / Class Assessment / Proficiency level

35 Body of Evidence Power Sort and Filter

36 Body of Evidence District Evaluate Curriculum Evaluate principalsIdentify subgroups School Evaluate Teachers Evaluate Curriculum Set School wide goals Teacher Self evaluation Set Target Goals Individualize instruction for each student RTI Student Set goals based on individual learning objectives. Monitor progress How Body of Evidence Reports Are Used

37 How do you get all the districts to share? Memorandum of Understanding District information sharing Cedar Access – BOCES has Local Access Manager (LAM) access to all student specific data in all districts. – BOCES can assign user access based on LAM. BOCES employees can get student level data in cedar systems

38 How data work supports legislation SB 191 Pilot and Test Evaluation Rubrics HB 165 Educator Identifier Common Course Code Teacher Student Data Link SB 212-CAP4K CAS Item analysis and Body of Evidence

39 “The purpose of the Colorado Integration Project is to implement recent legislation regarding standards, assessments, and evaluations in a select group of school districts – or Integration Districts – in a thoughtful and collaborative way.”

40 College-Ready Education PSWR What does it look like to be college ready Effective teaching Strategic Use of Education Data (SDP) Standards, curriculum and assessments Educator Effectiveness Implement performance evaluation systems. Provide support directly aligned to the performance evaluations. Use evaluation information to inform human resources decisions Teacher Supports and Formative Instructional Tools Support aligned instruction to the Colorado Academic Standards Build capacity of educators to use: LDC MDC Implement strong formative assessment practices Integration Demonstrate the impact of educator effectiveness aligned to the new Colorado Academic Standards Scaling Leverage work from pilot districts for state wide use. SB 191-Educator Effectiveness Principal/Assistant Principal Rubric pilot Teacher Rubric pilot SB 212-CAP4K Clearer, fewer, higher standards (CAS) PSWR Aligned assessments HB 165-Educator Identifier Common Course Numbering Teacher/Student Data Link SB-163-Education Accountability Statewide accountability system to promote academic growth Improve performance through root cause analysis Race to the Top RSA work: STEM Unified Improvement Plan

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