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OVIEDO Famous people Food Geographical part Celebrations Economic resources Monuments Important builds Now you can chose one of these places and you.

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3 Famous people Food Geographical part Celebrations Economic resources Monuments Important builds Now you can chose one of these places and you Are going to learn... A lot of things about OVIEDO

4 FAMOUS PEOPLE FERNANDO ALONSO (pilot) MELENDI (singer) RAMÓN PÉREZ DE AYALA (writer) LETICIA ORTIZ (princess) ALEJANDRO MON (politician) In Oviedo a lot of famous people were born: singers, sport players, writers, a princess,politician... But we are going to speak about:

5 FERNANDO ALONSO Fernando Alonso Díaz (1981) is a F1 pilot that was born in Oviedo. He started driving a mini car when he was 6 years old. In 996 he was the Spanish champion.And in the next year he won in Spain, Italy and Europe. He started in F1 with Renault and his first race was in Australia. He won twice the world championship with Renaul in 2005 and 2006. After that, in 2007 he went to Mclaren. But in this team he didn´t win the world championship.

6 MELENDI He was born the 21 of January de 1979 in Oviedo (Asturias).He is a famous singer.He went to school with Fernando Alonso. In 2001 he recorded three songs:Sin noticias de Holanda, El informe del forense y Vuelvo a traficar. In 2003, Melendi recorded his first CD: Sin noticias de Holanda.In 2005 he recorded his second CD: Que el cielo espere sentao. He composed the song Volveremos to the football team of Oviego (Real Oviedo) and El Nano to his old classmate Fernando Alonso. Links to some of his songs:Links to some of his songs: 5ew&feature=related

7 RAMÓN PÉREZ DE AYALA Ramón Pérez de Ayala was a Spanish writer. He studied law in Oviedo under the protection of Leopoldo Alas, "Clarin". In 1902 El Progreso de Asturias deliveries printed by his first novel,Trece dioses In 1927 won the National Prize for Literature. 1928 was elected a member of the Real Academia de la Lengua. The Government of the Republic named him director of the Prado Museum and in 1932, ambassador in London. He died in Madrid a few days before when he was 82 years. » Novels: ·Sonreía - 1909 ·Tinieblas de las cumbres – 1907 ·El ombligo del mundo - 1924 · Belarnino y Apolino – 1921 ·A. M. D. G. - 1910

8 ALEJANDRO MON He was born in Oviedo in 1882. He was a politician, minister of finance in several occassions (1837-38, 1844-46, 1846-47, 1848-49 y 1857-58), after that he was ambassador in Roma and Paris too and at the final he was the president of the Council of Ministers in 1864. He studied law at the Univiersity of Oviedo.

9 GEOGRAPHICAL PART Now in this part we are going to speak about the geography of the capital of Asturies, Oviedo. We think we will divide this space in two parts: (*Wait a moment please) Mountains Rivers and lakes

10 In Oviedo we can find two important rivers: Nora and Pote, but there aren´t any lakes. Nora: Its source is in Loma de Sariego and runs about 67 kilometers. This river passes through El Monte Naranco in Oviedo, Siero and Noreña.El Monte Naranco Pote: This river passes through the suburbs of Oviedo and is smaller than the river Nora. Nora Pote

11 Mountains The most important mountain in Oviedo is El Monte Naranco. The town of Oviedo is built at the bottom of this mountain. In the north and the east of El Naranco is the river Nora. In the middle part of the mountain are important monuments : Santa Maria del Naranco and San Miguel de Lillo. At the top of the mountain is a very big monument, el sagrado corazón de Jesús,and in this sculpture is La Cruz de la Victoria. Oviedo Monte Naranco

12 Typycal food In Oviedo there is a lot of typical food but we are going to speak about the desserts. We think that the most important desserts in Oviedo are: Carbayones Moscovitas

13 CARBAYONES Ingredients: 1 / 4 kilo of beans 8 eggs 1 / 2 kilo of sugar Lemon Sweet Wine Tan The Carbayón, which in recent years have achieved great fame and popularity across the well-known confectionery Oviedo, Camilo de Blas are, to some extent, a sophisticated version of the old bartolillos almond being made in Asturias, and Spain, since time immemorial. In the tearoom of Camilo Blas de Leon, which also makes these cakes, bathing yolk is much higher than the employee in Asturias. Carbayones Camilo de Blas

14 MOSCOVITAS Moscovitas are of almond and chocolate but sometimes they haven´t got chocolate. They are original of a shop in Oviedo Rialto if you want prove them, buy them in this shop. There are two shops Rialto one in the most important street of Oviedo, Uría. * Here you have the web of this shop: ctos.htm ctos.htm Moscovitas Rialto

15 Cathedral of Oviedo This cathedral was built for the king Fruela I but Alfonso II built: Camara Santa. San Miguel tower. It is of gothic style. The cathedral only has one tower becuase there wasn´t money for the second. This tower is very famous because it is one of the protagonist of La Regenta (Leopoldo Alas Clarín). The door is devoted to Santa Eulalia de Mérida and San Salvador. There are some kings buried in the cathedral like: Fruela I, Alfonso II, Ordoño I, Alfoso III, Ramiro I...

16 Sculptures Woody Allen Vendedoras Del Fontán Maternidad Culis

17 MONUMENTS Cathedral of Oviedo Sculptures

18 Celebrations The most important celebration in Oviedo is San Mateo.This celebration goes on for about 15 days now. There are two important concerts. There are very good groups like El Canto del Loco. In the San Francisco´s park there are a lot of activities for children and in the theatre Campoamor there are a lo t of operas but the big day is the 21 of September and in this day there are a lot of fireworks. But there are more celebrations like: San Juan, the day of America...

19 Economic resources In oviedo the most important resource is the tourism. The tourists visit the theatre Campoamor, San Francisco´s park,the cathedral but there are a lot in the days of Los Premios Principe de Asturias because there are a lot of famous people because they are very important.

20 Monuments Now we are going to speak about the monuments. But in Oviedo there are a lot monuments and for this we only chose two of them. Santa Cristina de Lena San Miguel de Lillo

21 SANTA CRISTINA DE LENA Santa Cristina de Lena is a pre- Romanesque church Asturian, built in the mid-ninth century and located in the council of Lena, in the Principality of Asturias. This small building with a plane of a Greek cross, unusual in the Asturian architecture, follows the traditional parameters: consists of five segments quadrilateral, as defined by the arches Fag hag who rely on a blind archery that runs through the side walls, one of them, the largest, which forms the main hall of the temple. The floor is two heights with the lowest entry regard to the altar. The type of vault used is the barrel vault that rests on Fag hag arches reinforced by buttresses on the outside.

22 SAN MIGUEL DE LILLO Pre-Romanesque church dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel to build the 842 sent by King Ramiro I in Monte Naranco, in the outskirts of Oviedo. It lies a few metres from Santa Maria del Naranco. Perhaps that is as chronic Albeldense, the monarch sent together to build their palaces, according to church palate. In principle could be dedicated to Santa Maria and San Miguel. The roof is vaulted through a complex system of half a barrel vaults. The ships are separated by arches resting on columns, made unusual because it customary in the Asturian art is the use as a pillar of support. These columns are supported by high Basa square hosting sculptural decoration of arches that fall figures. The windows have blinds beautiful carved in stone. The construction is slender and shows some interest of its author by the proportions since its height is three times the width of their craft.

23 THE END Paula Iglesias Oscar Gómez Raquel Lillo 1º A

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