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What do these have in common? Looking over a fellow students shoulder during an exam Telling a police officer your speedometer is broken Omitting some.

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1 What do these have in common? Looking over a fellow students shoulder during an exam Telling a police officer your speedometer is broken Omitting some income on IRS forms Claiming that you didnt touch the ball before it went out of bounds, when you did Submitting a term paper that someone else wrote Using your grandmothers death as a reason for a late homework assignment,... for the 5 th time Using a ball/bat/racquet/etc that isnt approved

2 Integrity in Sports....... & beyond

3 Integrity Definition The quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles or professional standards

4 Panel Members Dr. Tommy Burnett Coach Jeni Hopkins Coach Brian Pyck Dr. Karl Kunkel Moderator this evening Mr. Ned Reynolds

5 Format for the Discussion Series of scenarios depicting a situation in a sporting event where a difficult decision has to be made. Most of these could be made to fit almost any sport. What would YOU do? 1.audience participation 2.panelists perspective Other Integrity issues (if time)

6 You are a coach of a football team and your starting lineup of athletes is ahead 46 – 0 at halftime. That starting lineup consists of a group of students whose parents will definitely confront you if you dont play their children in the second half. They feel their children have earned playing time based on grades and performance and its not their problem that the other team isnt very good. They also dominate the teams booster club and donate lots of time and money to the club What do you do?

7 In a recent football contest, with team A up 46-0, team Bs coach sought out team As coach with a question: Would you mind if our special needs player got a chance to compete? The opportunity was the culmination of months of work for this student, a 15-year-old freshman who is mainstreamed at the school with a modified education plan. The young man, just 5-3 and 105 pounds, participates in all non-contact drills in practice. The school has even practiced the play before in an intra-squad scrimmage earlier this season. If you were the coach for team A – would you let him play, and score? What if your team was only up 46-36 with 1 minutes left?

8 You are a high school quarterback, with an outstanding career and many school records. One record getting lots of press is the conferences all- time passing record of 5001 yards, set by your schools legendary, Jimmy The Rifle Ramsey in 1976. Jimmy played QB at LSU and spent 6 years with the New Orleans Saints. Hes now a highly respected businessman in the community, and is still considered a local hero. Entering the last game of your senior year against traditional cross-town rival, you have amassed 4922 yards of passing. Its a rainy and soggy night, and passing has been difficult. With 12 seconds left in the game, your coach calls time out and converses with the opposing coach at midfield. He then calls a pass play for what may be the games last play. You complete a 37 yard pass for a touchdown, giving you a total of 5009 yards, and a new conference record. But there was something odd about the play…the defense did not really try hard to stop your play. You learn after the game that the two coaches had orchestrated the play during the timeout to give you the record. What would be your reaction?

9 You are a wrestler who needs to get practice on takedowns. You have been told by your coach to take down and let up an opponent several times to get practice on takedowns before pinning them. You know that you could pin your opponent at will and that he or she would be embarrassed and discouraged if you listen to your coach. What do you do?

10 The head coach of one team in a high school basketball game continually uses profanity when addressing her players. The game officials clearly hear these profanity-laden tirades. Should the game officials assess a penalty against the head coach? Should this officials actions be different if this were a college or professional game? Should the officials be different if the profanity were directed at the officials or the other team? What if the officials notice young children seated within the vicinity of this coach?

11 One of your varsity-level athletes continues to degrade a JV athlete at the water fountain during practice. The JV athlete does not retaliate and tries to ignore the more talented player. After several episodes of this, another varsity player comes and tells you (the coach) of the possible harassment of this player. How do you handle this situation?

12 In a football game, an offensive lineman is holding a defensive player. However, the hold does not affect the play in any way and on that play, the running back runs for a 60 yard touchdown. This is the last play of the game and gives the offensive team a 21-20 victory. Should the covering official have made a holding call in this situation? What if the touchdown had no effect on the outcome of the game?

13 Your leading scorer talks back to a teacher and is sent to the office the day before the semi-finals against one of your biggest rivals. Another player from the class says that the teacher was out of line and provoked the student-athlete. The teacher comes to you and says that the student needs consequences for defying her authority. The office gave the student-athlete a formal warning. How do you handle this situation?

14 You are a high school basketball coach, in your 35th year of coaching, and you have never won a state championship. However, you have an senior forward who averages over 20 points per game and junior point guard who averages over 15 points a game. Your team has had a great season and is playing tomorrow in the State Championship game. Since you beat your opponent earlier in the season by 16 points, you are the favorite to win your first high school state championship. Your team, along with busloads of hometown fans, is staying in a large motel in Columbia. As you are walking down the hallway with your principal at 10 pm, you hear a familiar voice in one of the cheerleaders room. The door is propped open slightly, so you push open the door just in time to see your junior point guard drinking a beer. At the beginning of the season, the captains met with the team and established the Rules of Behavior for all team members. Under Drinking Alcoholic Beverages During Season, it clearly states that a first offense will result in the player being suspended from the next game. This is your junior point guards first offense. What will you do?

15 You are a middle school coach of a football team. On the same night you had a game, a parent from your team went to your next opponents game and videotaped the game for you to watch. Their football player brings you the game the next day. You are worried that if you accept the tape your middle school players might look at that information like you are cheating. What do you do?

16 Other Integrity Issues Dealing with parents –Starting line-up –Playing time –Favoritism –Preventing negative parental influence Internet use in sportsInternet use in sports –Sports cyber bullies –Anonymous negative blogging –Parent-to-athlete internet communication

17 Integrity & Sportsmanship Treating Officials With RespectTreating Officials With Respect Sportsmanship in AthletesSportsmanship in Athletes –Unsportsmanlike Conduct –Consequences

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