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2 RESPONSIBILITY – BEAT THE BELL This year [YOUR HIGH SCHOOL NAME] is focusing on increasing positive behaviors across our campus and in our communities. To help us incorporate this into our daily lives we have created our [SCHOOL CODE / PBIS MOTTO: Be ____, Be ____, and Be ____]. It is important to remember the [SCHOOL CODE/PBIS MOTTO] because you never know when you will be called on to say it! The first part of the code that we will be focusing on is – RESPONSIBILITY – which includes – BEAT THE BELL.  INSERT SCHOOL LOGO

3  Who plays on a team or has a job?  Have you ever come late?  What has happened?  What are the consequences?  Have you ever heard someone (or have you ever) give(n) an excuse for coming late?  What is the best or worst excuse you ever heard or gave?  Do you think that your coach or boss would accept any of those excuses?

4 What are our school’s hallway and tardy expectations?  INSERT SCHOOL HALLWAY OR TARDY EXPECTATIONS INSERT IMAGE OF SCHOOL / MASCOT

5  What happens to your classmates and teacher when a student (or you) arrive late to class?  What are some of the reasons that you think students might be late to class?  What is the best, worst or most realistic excuse you have ever heard a classmate give to a teacher?

6  Why do you think your coaches, bosses, and teachers want you to arrive on time?  How does arriving on time – or Beating the Bell – show that you are a responsible person?

7 Opportunity to enrich/enhance lesson Take a moment to reinforce the importance of being RESPONSIBLE and BEATING THE BELL by conducting these Role-Playing Scenarios

8 Scenario: Football Practice  Actors: 1 coach and 1 player  Scenario: The Quarterback is late for practice because his girlfriend (the Head Cheerleader) is mad at him for talking to the Drill Team Captain. Coach is clearly upset because practice started 15 minutes ago and they needed a quarterback to start the drills. ACT IT OUT!

9 Scenario: Fast Food Restaurant  Actors: 1 boss and 2 workers  Scenario: A worker is late for their shift at a fast food restaurant and as a result another worker had to stay late and cover their shift until they arrived. The worker who had to stay late is angry. The boss is also concerned that the late- worker might not be a good employee. ACT IT OUT!

10 Scenario: Chemistry Class  Actors: 1 Science Teacher and 1 student  Scenario: A student arrives late to Chemistry because they were in the hallway talking to their friends and didn’t hear the bell. The Chemistry Class is conducting a special experiment that requires gloves, a lab coat, and goggles; and they have already reviewed all of the safety procedures. Their teacher has warned the class that this experiment could be dangerous if they are not safe and followed the directions. The teacher is concerned that if the late student comes in that they will not be able to review the safety/lab expectations with them and help all of the other students with their lab. ACT IT OUT!

11 RESPONSIBILITY – BEAT THE BELL INSERT SCHOOL LOGO At [HIGH SCHOOL] it is important that all of our students demonstrate that they are responsible by BEATING THE BELL. BEAT THE BELL means that you arrive to class before the bell rings, that you are seated in your assigned seat, and that you have all of your required materials – before the bell rings. Just like your coach would want you on the field, with your equipment, and your uniform on before practice starts - OR - your boss would want you in your uniform, checked in, and at your assigned location before your shift starts. Show that you are a responsible student by BEATING THE BELL and honoring our [SCHOOL CODE].

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