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Multiple Pressing Defenses

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1 Multiple Pressing Defenses
Mark Harming Chamberlain High School Girls Basketball

2 General Overview 2-2-1 Zone Press (box) 1-2-1-1 Zone Press (diamond)
Full-court Man to Man (jump and run) ½ Court Zone Trap 2-2-1 1-3-1

3 Personal History First year - 1996 McLaughlin
Second Year - add Box press 3rd Year - Wessington add Diamond Byron Hand – Half court trap Troy Wanner- DRSM – FC Man to Man Currently we use all four types

4 Reasons for multiple presses
Keep your opponent guessing Dictate to them Different presses are successful against different teams Helpful in late game situations Additional benefit – since you run them all, you practice against them all, and will help you in running your press break.

5 2-2-1 Zone Press Advantages Disadvantages Easiest to learn Least risk
Don’t need to be super fast or athletic Disadvantages The middle is wide open You do need 2 quick guards Don’t always get a trap Not real aggressive

6 2-2-1 Zone Press x Teaching Points Make them inbounds to the corner
Force the ball to dribble to the sideline…overplay and do NOT allow them to dribble middle Halfcourt defender on ballside will come forward and trap. Opposite side will rotate to that spot, and take first pass ahead Opposite Guard Takes away anything to the middle. #5 plays the safety man –don’t get beat deep! 2 1 3 4 5

7 1-2-1-1 Zone Press Advantages Aggressive – affects team mindset
Should always get a trap Puts pressure on them to make something happen Disadvantages Vulnerable – if beaten You need the right personnel Need a good “safety”

8 1-2-1-1 Zone Press Teaching Points Pressure the inbounds
#4 must trap the ball on entry #3 (halfcourt) takes away first pass ahead Off-ball Guard takes first pass to the middle #5 Plays Safety Position 4 x 1 2 3

9 Full Court Man (Jump and Run)
Advantages Never know where the trap is coming from Very versatile – Can play many ways Intimidating Disadvantages You need to have the talent to run this well Vulnerable – if beaten Can be broken by a great ball handler Hardest to learn and teach

10 Full Court Man (Jump and Run)
Teaching Points Pressure the inbounds, but don’t give up the “homerun” “On-Ball” -make them put it on the floor, either direction. All players- must watch ball, and if ballhandler comes within 3 strides of them….leave their man and trap. Other players must rotate, and cover and recover…. Communication is key! If the ball is ahead of you… Sprint!

11 ½ Court Trap (1-3-1) Advantages Good for a “change of pace”
Can get some easy turnovers Don’t need too much team speed Disadvantages Tough to trap a good ball-handler Leaves open quick shot from the baseline Tough to rebound out of

12 ½ Court Trap (1-3-1) Teaching Points
Point (#1) Force the ball to a side. Wings (#3 & #4) Will trap on ballside, opposite will take first pass to the middle. Interceptor (#2) will take first pass ahead #5 will play safety x 1 x 3 4 2 x x x 5

13 Using Multiple Presses
Year to Year different teams will have different strengths…stronger in one press than another You can still use them all, just change up which one(s) you use the most It becomes easier to teach, and for them to learn if you use them all each year

14 Practicing Multiple Presses
We introduce at least 2 before the first game (usually the and another) Over Christmas Break, we add the third one. By the second half of the season, we have added the fourth one. District and Region opponents…will usually see only one or two in our games with them.

15 We work on a different pressing or press-breaking skill daily.
“Pressing Defense” Drill 10 minute drill The varsity will defend the jv. I make a lay-up and call out a defense The Varsity must set up that defense, if they get a steal, they try and score…if they score I may call a different defense Basically, they have no idea what defense will be run next, every time it goes through the hoop. We will rotate players in and out…but it will stay Varsity vs JV the whole time

16 Switching during a game
Out of a timeout, running the half-court trap just one time Late in the game, need a foul or a steal, run the , or the jump and run. Switch from one press to another while shooting a free throw (tell your “halfcourt” player) Run a different type of press each quarter.

17 Final Thoughts Not every team can be pressed. But the threat of it, will cost them some practice time, and the more they have to prepare for the better for your team. If your team has learned all of these, you can pull one out late in a game, and surprise an opponent.

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