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Girls Basketball Presented by: Adrianna W.

2 Basic Basketball Rules
Can’t take more then two steps. Can’t move your hand from under the ball and over the top of it. (Carry) Can‘t dribble stop and pick up the ball and start dribbling again or dribble with both hands. (Double Dribble) Can’t have more than 5 players out on a court. Can’t have more than 5 fouls per person. Can’t dribble for more than 5 seconds when closely guarded by the opponent. When taking the ball out of bounds you only have 5 seconds to take it out. You have 10 seconds to get it across half court or else it is a turnover and the ball goes to the other team. 4 quarters per game. 8 minutes per quarter. 2 minutes for the first overtime. You can have 5 time outs per game second time outs and 3-1 minute time outs.

3 Fouls A foul is an illegal action that can be committed by player from one team against a player from the opposing team. There are three types of fouls. Defensive, offensive, and technical fouls. Defensive fouls occur when the offensive player is being fouled by the defender. Offensive fouls occur when the offensive player commits a foul by charging into the defender. Technical fouls occur when either the coach, players, or the crowd get out of hand that the refs can’t handle to a point.

4 NOTE: To change images on this slide, select a picture and delete it. Then click the Insert Picture icon in the placeholder to insert your own image. Scoring A player scores when he or she manages to throw the ball into the basket with the ball passing through the basket from above the hoop. You can score 4,3,2, or 1 point(s) depending on the situation.

5 Ref Calls

6 Basketball Regulations For Newell Girls Basketball
MISSION STATEMENT: All members of Lady Irrigator Basketball will demonstrate supreme respect for the game, coaches, teammates, opponents, fans, and officials by selflessly playing with exceptional character and intensity while representing the team, themselves, Newell School, the community, and their family. Team First “We not Me” Communication 100% Effort Work hard in practice, games, and school Fundamentals “Attention to detail” –United States Navy

7 Continued… 1. All rules in the school handbook for school activities apply to all the participants on the team. Any conduct by players, managers, or anyone associated with the basketball team that is an embarrassment to the school, community, or team will be dealt with at the coaching staff’s discretion. 2. Attendance will be taken at practices and games. All practices and game day shoot-arounds will be mandatory, unless otherwise mentioned by the coaching staff. 3. Arrive to practices, buses, and games on time. On time is 5 minutes early. Any player, manager, or other member associated with the basketball team that is consistently late will be dealt with at the coaching staff’s discretion 4. Parents and guardians that would like to observe practice should attempt to call or set up a time for attendance at practice. This is enacted in an attempt to limit any possible disruptions and interruptions during practice. 5. All players will dress up on game day. Managers will also dress professionally. You may dress casually after the game. 6. All players and members of the team will put cell phones away when arriving at practice and the town of the game/activity. Cell phones will be allowed before and after games. If for some reason cell phones become an issue the coach’s will make a decision on changes that will be made. 7. It is a privilege to be a part of Lady Gator Basketball. Please, remember that you represent Newell in the classroom, on the court, and in public. The privilege is not to be taken lightly and it can be taken away.

8 Eligibility All grades must be higher than an F in order to be eligible to play basketball.

9 Who Can Join? The NBA you have to be recruited from college. In high school you either try out. There are also many little leagues that can be set up by a volunteer coach. They are usually not associated with school activities.

10 What Is the Purpose Of Playing?
Districts And State Teams get to compete against other competitive opponents to find out how they compare to other basketball teams in the state they are in. Then the team gets to find it’s ranking in Districts and if they move on from Districts they go to State. From there those teams will then get placed. Districts: Teams will compete to try to make it to state. You play 3 games to rank yourself in Districts and maybe go on to State. State: Teams who made it on from Districts go to State and will then compete to try to get ranked in the top 10.

11 When Do You Play Basketball?
You can play basketball anytime as long as you have a hoop to shoot it in, but the original competitive season would be after volleyball season which is usually during the Winter. It usually ends somewhere at the beginning of Spring. (December – March) This is the usually time for high school basketball. Middle school basketball is scheduled about a month before high school basketball.

12 Where Is It Played? Girls High School basketball is played on either the opposing team’s basketball court or their home basketball court.

13 These messages are from girl basketball players themselves.
Positive Message These messages are from girl basketball players themselves. Tori G.: “Is a very fun competitive sport, you get to spend time with your teammates also. And it is a great opportunity to be involved with your school.” Taurie C.: “It is good exercise and you get to know people better. Such as your teammates and it keeps you out of trouble. And it is also very fun to do.” Cheyenne M.: “You get to be involved with your school in extra-curricular activities. It’s fun to play even when you aren’t competing.”

14 Why Should A Person Join?
The sport may sound violent, but it is very fun. I, myself play basketball and I will admit it is very fun to play.

15 Coaches: ~ Main Coach: ~Assistant Coaches: Alicia Schrank
Cara Kratovil Steve Schoenfish

16 To Get More Information About Girls Basketball Go To…

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