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EDISON Project ( Prof. Ing. Dario Di Zenobio Fondazione Ugo Bordoni (FUB), Roma (I) Perugia Green Day 17_20.

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1 EDISON Project ( Prof. Ing. Dario Di Zenobio Fondazione Ugo Bordoni (FUB), Roma (I) E-mail: Perugia Green Day 17_20 Maggio 2012 1

2 2 EU Context Call EDISON PROJECT Perugia Green Days,17_20 maggio 2012 Call identifier: ICT PSP fifth Call for proposals 2011 Instrument: Pilot Type B Theme 1: ICT for a low carbon economy and smart Mobility Objective 1.2: ICT for energy efficiency in public buildings Total costs: 2,408.000.00

3 No-Profit Private Organisations Fondazione Ugo Bordoni (FUB) - Rome, Italy Fondazione IDIS & Città della Scienza - NA, Italy Municipalities Lettomanoppello (LMP) – PE, Italy Manoppello (MNP) - PE, Italy Roccamontepiano (RMP) - CH, Italy Joint stock Company ANCITEL part of ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities) - Italy Utility ENEL Sole (ENSO), Italy ICT Providers & Distribution network operators TSItalia, Freemind (TSI) - PE, Italy BK Telematics (BKT) – Athens, Greece Traffic Observation&Management (TOM) - Belfast, Northern Ireland (UK) Sample&McKillop (SMK) - Belfast, Northern Ireland (UK) SIELTE Romania SA (SIE), Bucarest, Romania Academia Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Belgium Building Manager The Southern Health and Social Care Trust (SHT), Belfast, Northern Ireland (UK) 3 The Consortium Perugia Green Days, 17_20 maggio 2012

4 Objective: Implement the Pilot Actions to improve, through ICT-based solutions, energy efficiency in European public buildings (e.g. schools, hospitals, administrative offices) Pilot Actions should: Demonstrate that advanced ICT components and systems (e.g. smart metering, smart lighting, power electronics, energy micro-generation, etc.) can contribute directly to reducing energy losses and consumption in public buildings; energy savings in peak and annual consumption of more than 15% should be presented; Validate the effectiveness of ICT-based solutions, serve as showcases, facilitate their wider uptake and replication; Use existing ICT (off-the-shelves or mature research results); Involve significant number of buildings in each pilot to ensure the proposed solution is relevant for a European wide market. 4 The Goals of the EU Call ICT-PSP Perugia Green Days, 17_20 maggio 2012

5 Create an innovative smart metering lighting system for European public buildings based on a DC power-supply to replace the actual AC systems Create a full value chain of interested actors: Public building holders and Administrators, Real Estate Cos; Municipalities, Universities, Expo centers, Shopping Malls, etc.; Electronic control and monitoring system market operators (HVAC, Lighting, Alarms, Smart Grids, etc.) ; Utilities offer, white and green certifications addressing the 20-20-20 EU targets of energy saving. 5 The EDISON project idea… Perugia Green Days, 17_20 maggio 2012

6 EDISON project will combine fine-grain sensor and control technologies with a low voltage DC-powered network of highly efficient LED lighting to realize a Smart Energy Platform (SEP) The synergy This combination can provide more than 60-70% reduction in ongoing electricity costs and facilities managers with the possibility to maximize energy conservation strategies such as dimming, daylight harvesting, demand response, peak reduction and activity sensing in controlling non-critical lighting without disturbing occupants (low impact Edison implementation). 6 … based on a technological innovation Perugia Green Days, 17_20 maggio 2012

7 7 The Technical Architecture Perugia Green Days, 17_20 maggio 2012

8 The General Objectives In other words: The implementation of an ad hoc lighting power supply (PowerLan), and its integration with a Smart Energy Platform (SEP), could represent a radical change to help small-medium public administrations reduce energy costs, by having evidence of the energy efficiency and production actions in real time; furthermore, the goal is to evaluate as final balance, through specific tools, the energy saving efficiency; Facilitate the energy retrofitting of buildings and the design of new buildings considering the cost savings resulting from the usage of the PoweLAN solution; Accelerate market acceptance and wide deployment of Smart Solid State Lamp (SSL) Systems for substantial energy saving policy and a better quality lighting; Increase European industry competitiveness in lighting and lighting control systems; Contribute to EU standardization in energy efficiency and lighting systems. 8 Perugia Green Days, 17_20 maggio 2012

9 Proposed Pilots PILOT LOCATIONCOUNTRY BUILDING TYPOLOGY RESPONSIBLE PARTNER SHORT NAME PARTNER BrusselBELGIUMRotule (two floors) Vrije Universitet Brussel VUB NaplesITALYMuseumFondazione IDISIDIS LettomanoppelloITALY Public School Public Theatre Municipality of Lettomanoppello LMP ManoppelloITALYPublic Schools Municipality of Manoppello MNP RoccamontepianoITALY Public Schools Museo Lisio Municipality of Roccamontepiano RMP BelfastUKHospitalSemple-McKillopSMK BelfastUK Healthcare Administrative Office The Southern Health and Social Care Trust SHT 9 Perugia Green Days, 17_20 maggio 2012

10 10 Perugia Green Days, 17_20 maggio 2012 PILOT LOCATIONPREMISES DESCRIPTION Manoppello - MNP - The Pilot involved the elementary school in the Manoppello Scalo Municipality. - The Building has two floors for about 800 m2 for a volume of about 5000 m3. In the building there are 13 class- rooms and 9 rooms dedicated to complementary functions, with 120 light points. - The outdoor lamps, located in surrounding area of the building are almost 10. Roccamontepiano - RMP - Pilots will involve three different public buildings: the first one dedicated to the main Municipality offices, the second one dedicated to the Civic Lisio Museum, and the last one is the seat of Elementary and Secondary School. - The Municipality building has two floors for a volume of about 1200 m3 with about 30 light points. - The Lisio Museum has a single floor for a volume of about 400 m3 with about 20 light points. -The school building has three floors for a volume of about 3500 m3, with 40 class-rooms, and a total of 150 light points. - As total, we have 200 indoor lamps and 15 outdoor lamps. Belfast –SMK/SHT - The EDISON trials in Northern Ireland will involve specific aspects of energy efficiency in public buildings that concern health provision. - Two trials will be carried out in the premises of a major local government healthcare provider. - Each trial will demonstrate the ongoing efficiency savings in two very different scenarios: (i) an operational hospital ward and (ii) a typical office environment. - The Pilot will involve about 200-300 lighting points. A Brief Description of the Pilot Locations/1

11 11 Perugia Green Days, 17_20 maggio 2012 A Brief Description of the Pilot Locations/2 PILOT LOCATIONPREMISES DESCRIPTION Brussels - VUB - The pilot will involve the VUB building which is equipped with 3 architectural structures called Rotules which locate the stairs, the elevator corridors and the sanitary facilities. - Moreover, the Computational Modelling Laboratory (COMO Lab) area on the 10th floor of VUB building G will be interested. - The COMO Lab area is a landscape office and a demonstration area for small robots for research in Artificial Intelligence. The Pilot will involve about 1200 lighting points. Naples - IDIS - The pilot will be implemented in the Science Center is made up of the two adjoining buildings and of the surrounding outdoor spaces. - The interior lighting of both buildings is made up of 150w metal halide lights, installed on the top of the pillars. - As concerns the outdoor lighting equipment, it is basically characterized by two types of lamps, metal halide and sodium vapor ones. - T he lamps are totally 167. Therefore, the estimated total annual consumption is 181 MWh. Lettomanoppello – LMP - The pilot involves two public buildings, the first one dedicated to the Municipality offices and a second one seat of the Municipality theatre. - The first building has three floors for about 1200 m2. In this first building there are about 100 of light points. - The second building is the seat of the municipality Theatre, for about 400 m2, with about 200 seating with about 100 light points and a light system dedicated to the back stage and to the service rooms. - The number of indoor lamps to be replaced is almost 250, and the outdoor/garage lamps sum 30.

12 12 Perugia Green Days 17_20 maggio 2012 Collection of logistics data Bureaucratic Aspects Relationship and agreement with utilities ICT network design and powerlan components : CPC, RSs, AC/DC convs, etc. Powerline modems, sensor and actuator devices, concentrators, micro-embedded systems, multimedia panels, etc. Smart metering indicators, monitoring and control systems, touch screen panels, etc. Software tools Wireless monitoring and control systems (optional) LED lamps and PV (not funded by EU) Implementation of the Pilot Issues

13 13 Perugia Green Days 17_20 maggio 2012 Exploitation of Results There is the possibility to extend this solution to all public/private administration buildings by requesting it to the EDISON Project Manager (Prof. Ing. Dario Di Zenobio, FUB) Join the project, as a pilot site, is possible for any public/private administration To be involved, the unique cost charged is the one necessary for replacing existing lamps with energy-efficient LED This implementation allows energy consumption savings, the adoption of an innovative energy efficiency solution and national and international visibility.

14 14 Perugia Green Days 17_20 maggio 2012 Contact person: Prof. Ing. Dario Di Zenobio (PM of the EDISON project) Fondazione Ugo Bordoni, Roma (I) E-mail: Tel: +39 06 5480 2120 WEB Site:

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