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2C | NEF Intermediate Comparatives Superlatives Travel VOCAB

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1 2C | NEF Intermediate Comparatives Superlatives Travel VOCAB

2 How did you travel? When was the last time you travelled?

3 How long did it take you? It TOOK me 1 hour by plane. How long did YOU take? I TOOK 1 hour by plane.

4 How long does it take you TO...?... get to work?... get home from work?... travel to Pirinópolis?... go to work by the underground?

5 How long do you take TO...?... get to work?... get home from work?... travel to Piracicaba?... go to work by the underground?

6 baggage reclaim check in desk (suit) case gate boarding card/pass land take off Luggage/baggage aisle Airport Vocabulary

7 coach motorway bike car van lorrytram helmet motorbike scooter Highway Vocabulary

8 ticket office(railway) station the undergroundplatformcarriage Train Station Vocabulary

9 areabeltcrashhour finejamlanelightslimitparkrankStation transportworks 1. petrol 2. traffic 3. seat 4. rush 5. car 6. parking 7. traffic 8. speed 9. public 10. pedestrian 11. cycle 12. road 13. taxi 14. car a place where you can get petrol, often with a shop or cafe.. the time of day when there is a lot of traffic. when two or more cars hit each other. when you have to pay for parking illegally. when there is so much traffic that cars cant move. buses, trams, trains, etc. a place where you cant drive. a narrow part of the road for bicycles only. a place where you can leave your car. where taxis park when they are waiting for customers. station jam belt hour area transport limit lane works rank park lights crash fine

10 seat belt petrol station parking fine car crashrush hour traffic lightstraffic jam

11 speed limit public transport car park pedestrian area cycle lane road works taxi rank

12 rush hour gate speed limit motorway check in platform station to take off buffet car aisle to land luggage boarding card carriage railway Page 148 CAR? TRAIN? PLANE?

13 FLIGHT JOURNEY TRIP TRAVEL What is the difference? Verb? Noun?

14 Flight Trip Travel Journey Cartoon TIME!

15 1. I always get nervous just before take-off and landing. 2. Passengers for London must use the first three carriages only. 3.I got a puncture on the way home and I didn't have a pump with me so I had to walk. Means of transport vocab

16 4. All the seats were taken and I didn't want to stand so I went and sat in a first-class compartment. 5. I had a seat right over one of the wings so I couldn't see much out of the window. 6. It isn't easy pedaling up that hill on the way into work, I can tell you. 7. Can you tell me which platform it leaves from, please? Means of transport vocab

17 Ship Bike Plane Train 1. ride 2. drive 3. fly 4. sail Remember! you get on or get off the bus train plane your bike but you get into or get out of a car.

18 Where do Brazilians go in the summer for a holiday / vacation? On Holiday / Vacation

19 Where do the British go in the summer for a holiday / vacation? On Holiday / Vacation

20 CAR?TRAIN?PLANE? Race to the sun

21 The funniest? The quickest? The cheapest?

22 The most expensive? The most comfortable? The most convenient?

23 Plane Train 1 D 2 A 3 C 4 G 1 E 2 H 3 B 4 F Read aloud! Attention to intonation and pronunciation!

24 Make up a story! 2.12 2.13 Set off

25 page 30 - 3a Comparative and Superlative

26 Whats your opinion?

27 U2 popular good interesting The Corrs -er or AS… AS ?

28 old romantic agressive Roberto Carlos -er or AS… AS ? Rappa

29 beautiful talentedfamous Ivete Sangalo Madonna -er or AS… AS ?

30 ClintonCollor intelligentrichcorrupt -er or AS… AS ?

31 RubinhoFelipe Massa fastnicesuccessful bad -er or AS… AS ?

32 Argentina Brazil big coldgood -er or AS… AS ?

33 AdjectiveComparative old older one-syllable adjectives: add -er cheapcheaper big bigger adjectives ending one vowel + one consonant: double consonant, add -er hot hotter healthy healthier one or two syllable adjectives ending consonant + y>-ier happy happier famous more famous Two or more syllable adjectives: more + adjective expensive more expensive goodbetter badworse farfurther

34 AdjectiveSuperlative old The oldest one-syllable adjectives: add -est cheapThe cheapest big The biggest adjectives ending one vowel + one consonant: double consonant, add -est hot The hottest healthy The healthiest one or two syllable adjectives ending consonant + y>-iest happy The happiest famous The most famous Two or more syllable adjectives: most + adjective expensive The most expensive goodThe best badThe worst farThe furthest

35 AdjectiveComparativeSuperlative Hard (adverb) harder Fast (adverb) faster the fastest farfarther thanthe farthest wellbetter thanthe best badlyworse thanthe worst serious more serious than the most serious narrow more narrow than narrower quiet more quiet than quieter clever more clever than cleverer simple more simple than simpler shallow more shallow thanshallower

36 LESS _____________ THAN Comparative

37 THE MOST ________ (noun) THE LEAST ________ (noun) Superlative

38 AS ________ AS The same AS Equality


40 The..., the better The sooner..., the better The less...., the better The bigger..., the better The warmer..., the better The more expensive..., the better Special Comparative

41 harder and harder more and more better and better more and more difficult Changing Constantly:

42 1 safe, exciting, healthy travelling by motorbike travelling by car travelling by bike

43 2 enjoyable, dangerous, relaxing travelling by yourself travelling with friends travelling with your family

44 3 difficult, expensive learning to drive learning to ride a bike learning to ride a horse

45 Have you ever?

46 Which of these things is the most dangerous when youre driving a car? Making a call on your mobile Listening to your favourite music Listening to music you dont know Opening a packet of crisps or a can of drink Picking up a specific CD from the passenger seat Talking to other passengers A car magazine tested car drivers in a driving simulator. The drivers had to drive in the simulator and at the same time do the things in the list above. The results of the test were surprising (and worrying). 2.15

47 Time to talk!

48 I think..... In my opinion.... I believe.... I guess..... As far as Im concerned... I suspect that... Im convinced that... Im pretty sure that... I honestly feel that... Without a doubt... I suppose The way I see it... I strongly believe that... Its fairly certain that... Opinion Agree I think so, too Its true Youre right Im all for it. You have a point. I couldnt agree more. Thats what I think. Disagree I guess not I dont think so Im afraid I dont agree Lets face it! Frankly,... But what about... I doubt if... The problem is that... The truth of the matter is.... Give Reason and explanation The reason why... Many people think.... Considering... For this reason,... To start with, Based on the fact The fact is...

49 Drivers should not use any kind of phone when they are driving

50 The minimum age for riding a motorbike should be 25.

51 People who drink and drive should lose their licence for life.

52 The speed limit on motorways should be 100 kilometres an hour.

53 Cyclists are just as dangerous as car drivers.

54 Speed cameras do not stop accidents.

55 People over 70 are more dangerous drivers than young people.

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