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Thursday, June 12, 2014Thread Marketing Group1 Marketing Strategy and Support Mobile Meals of Toledo March 21, 2012.

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1 Thursday, June 12, 2014Thread Marketing Group1 Marketing Strategy and Support Mobile Meals of Toledo March 21, 2012

2 Who? A full service, customer-focused marketing communications agency offering strategic, integrated solutions. 25+ years experience, staff of nearly 20, strong company belief in helping our community succeed through volunteerism/community service.

3 What? Integrated MarCom Agency

4 How? We think strategically. Were creative. And we understand technology… Were that rare breed that combines left and right brain thinking! Strategic solutions. Measurable results.

5 Thread Approach…Plan the Work and then Work the Plan Our process ensures that we understand and address the big picture before delving into tactical solutions.

6 The Plan for Mobile Meals Discover: Discuss your marketing priorities and unique brand challenges Plan: Develop recommendations for a strategic brand and integrated marketing communications Produce: Create tactical solutions for brand identity and marketing communications Manage: Measure and evaluate success on an ongoing basis

7 Development Plan Benefits Aligns the agency and client with a focused, unified mission Offers custom solutions developed for your unique organization Connects great strategy with great creativity – not just cool graphics Provides an effective solution for less cost

8 Thursday, June 12, 2014Thread Marketing Group8 Brand Strategy

9 Brand Strategy - Situation Analysis Mobile Meals is the leading provider of home delivery meals in our region – helping clients sustain independence/improve quality of life Nearly 50 years of positive equity behind your organization Yet, the brand suffers on both a recognition and awareness level

10 Brand Strategy: More than a Logo/Identity Brand is the point of truth between: –What you really are –What you want to become –How you are perceived Brand is an accurate reflection of your personality

11 Brand Strategy: Getting it Right From the Beginning… Brand is reinforced every time there is an interaction with your organization –Important to understand organizations core values/benefits to the customer –Important to plan, build, and manage how youre perceived in marketplace –Important to effectively communicate key benefits to your target audience

12 Strong Brands are not Complicated Begins with Brand Identity – how you visually represent yourself Continues with Brand Awareness – how you consistently tell your story Resonates with Brand Promise – how you live your brand Strong brands keep existing customers coming back with minimal marketing expenditure

13 Mobile Meals Brand: Why isnt it resonating with the public? Brand confusion with Meals on Wheels –Not enough differentiation/explanation of providers Visually unappealing to your prime target –Women make 80% of healthcare decisions for family –Need stronger connection - Softer, friendlier, value-driven Mark supports negative perceptions in the market: –Limited service – not available in my area –Only serves the elderly or physically disabled –Meals are neither nutritional or palatable –Not viewed as a resource – instead as a last resort

14 Mobile Meals Brand: The Opportunity New or enhanced logo mark can serve as an education/communication tool – dispel myths Emotional & intellectual connection – helps me understand value and choice becomes easy Branding is tribal in nature – people want to be associated with quality, popularity, cause-marketing

15 Mobile Meals Brand: The Opportunity Create a recognizable, highly-regarded brand in the community Make Mobile Meals the provider of choice for home delivery of meals – use emotional & intellectual connection – helps me understand your value and my choice becomes easy Improve communication channels and reach Increase revenue streams

16 Brand Enhancements Build your brand from the inside out – not outside in Misuse of color and harsh graphics – cold and unwelcoming New ID represents what they do – serving people and animals Interaction, color and whimsy nonverbally communicate their message – where happy endings begin

17 Brand Enhancements Accurately display your brand personality and consistently apply it Logo mark no longer represents resorts image/offerings Complete renovation with added amenities New ownership – no longer just a waterpark Trying to attract a more upscale family as well as couples, friends getaways

18 Brand Enhancements Brand perception/impressions build over time Similar to issues facing Mobile Meals Outdated typeface and graphic treatment New logo is stylish, more upscale Appropriate color, but weak execution

19 Brand Enhancements Decision is not whether or not to brand – decision is to have a strong or weak brand

20 Brand Strategy Development

21 Next Steps/Recommendations Discover Session Brand Strategy/Identity Development Identity Development Key Messaging Comprehensive Communications Plan Internal Plan (brand communication to key constituents) External Plan (brand communication to public)

22 Comprehensive Communications Plan Consistently communicate thru all materials/venues Equally important to take your message to where people are consuming content

23 Thursday, June 12, 2014Thread Marketing Group23 Digital Communications

24 Todays consumer is savvy to digital communications, and uses it almost exclusively to research information, gauge opinion and make decisions Facebook Google AdWords Banner Ads QR Codes Mobile Geo-targeting Pre-roll video Ads

25 Needs: - Updated Design - Directional Content - Optimized - Promotion Mobile Meals Current Website

26 Needs: - Integrated Branding - Robust Content - Engagement - Promotion Mobile Meals Current Facebook Page

27 Influencing Visitor Satisfaction Brand Identity and Messaging: Visual design and tone Content: Current, accurate and relevant Site Architecture: Concise, logical and easy-to-use navigation Site Accessibility: Based on accepted usability standards Reliable and secure programming that is search engine friendly

28 Optimizing Your Site with SEO On-going analysis site structure for potential issues that would block SEO Title meta tag analysis On-going analysis of page description relevancy to keywords Content/Keyword research Content/Keyword density analysis On-going evaluation of Robots Meta tag On-going site submission and indexing On-going cross linking research and analysis PR Optimization

29 Promoting Your Site with SEM Pay Per Click Program (PPC) Google AdWords, Yahoo, etc. Permission Based Email Program (PBE) Behavioral Targeting Program Blogs, Forums, etc. Online Goal Measurement Facebook Ads

30 Thursday, June 12, 2014Thread Marketing Group30 Public Relations

31 Telling the Story PR is much more than a Press Release Media Relations/News Community Event Presence Internal Activities Social Media Digital Media Content Grass Roots Efforts Collaboration

32 Integrating Public Relations To be recognized as thought leaders in the industry Become top-of-mind as experts for resource quote, or content for a feature story Build relationships with media, targeted groups beyond the media, directly with your customer Educate the public on your services Integrated into all activities that comprise and convey your brand (traditional, digital, and social media)

33 Share the Message - Spread the News Beyond news, events, items of interest –Reacquaint the media with Mobile Meals –Community event presence/promotion –Internal promotion (volunteers, staff & board) –Integrated key messages/cross promotion –Grass roots efforts (guest speaking, testimonials) –Community collaboration (sponsors)

34 Thursday, June 12, 2014Thread Marketing Group34 Social Media

35 Communication (Blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, Pinterest) Collaboration & Authority building (Wikipedia, Digg) Multimedia (Flickr, YouTube) Reviews/opinions (Blogs, TripAdvisor, eHow) Entertainment (Online gaming, The Sims online) Brand monitoring (Radian 6) Social Media Categories

36 Selecting the best channel(s) for your message Set expectations for engagement (determine your goals for ROE) Have an editorial plan for content Cross promote with other traditional marketing and promotional tactics Keep current, be relevant, stay engaged Monitor activity Social Media Best Practices

37 Editorial calendar development (a content plan) Foster engagement (links to video, online content) Create awareness (FB ad campaigns) Integrated promotion (brand building across all marketing tactics) Viral promotion (pass along the MM vision) Online contests Video tells a powerful story Reputation management (monitoring) Creating a Presence Through Engagement

38 Thursday, June 12, 2014Thread Marketing Group38 Conclusion

39 By integrating all of the tools available to build your brand strategy – visual design, digital communications, public relations, and social media– we help you create and manage a highly-focused marketing communications plan to enhance your current brand reputation. Thats how we tie it all together.

40 Questions ?

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