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1 San Francisco Innovation and Cloud Journey Jon Walton Chief Information Officer

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1 1 San Francisco Innovation and Cloud Journey Jon Walton Chief Information Officer

2 San Francisco Government Combined City and County Government Structure Elected Mayor and 11 Supervisors Over 800,000 residents Annual Budget of $7.4 billion Over 25,000 city and county staff 60 departments Highly decentralized and independent….

3 San Francisco Drivers for Change and Adoption of IT Cloud Services Culture Shift Leadership Public Perception Changing work force Budget Shortfalls! IT Benefits Cost Speed to Implement Scalability Disaster Readiness! I want us to ask ourselves every day, how are we using technology to make a real difference in peoples lives. – President Barack Obama The Australian government has issued its finalized guide for government agencies looking to move to the cloud. - Josh Taylor, ZDNet NIST Issues Cloud Computing Guidelines for Managing Security and Privacy. - NIST Tech Beat, 2012 EU policy-makers roll out red carpet for cloud adoption. - The Channel, David McLeman

4 Email WCM System Permit System Private Cloud VMs Social Media Having Less can Lead to Innovation 4 Reduce staff expense through position reductions Reduce expenses through deferred hardware replacement Budget Savings Decisions Result in Cloud First Policy & Operations

5 Mobile Adoption Growing

6 Mobile Government Objectives. Deliver service and common experience across multiple platforms at lowest possible cost. Leverage hybrid (open/prop.) technologies (HTML5, javascript frameworks, etc) to build cross platform solution. Lay flexible foundations to accommodate changes in fast evolving mobile technology space.

7 Government Services on Mobile Platforms Cloud based video streaming services have been integrated with the SFGov mobile app to enable citizens to watch or listen video of public meetings anytime anywhere just by using their smartphone (IOS & Android). 7 IT professionals and CIOs must understand the nexus forces of mobile and cloud, which are closely related, because many mobile apps and solutions will exploit cloud services. - Gartner, The Future of Mobile Cloud, Sept. 2012 CIO 100 Award – 2012 Hermes Creative Award – 2012 Horizon Interactive Award – 2012 PTI Solutions Award – 2012 Sunny Transparency Award - 2012


9 New Government IT Approach Old Approach 1.Problem(s) Identified 2.Funding requested or projects prioritized 3.Progress limited by process or resources available 4.Frustration due to lack of progress or missed opportunities New Approach 1.Data made available to everyone 2.Needs identified or challenges issued 3.Events coordinated 4.Solutions generated 5.Progress linked to public interest or demand 9 Less funding, less staff, more community interest

10 Open Data Launch of in Aug 2009 Over 280 datasets published Over 60 applications developed Open data legislation issued in Nov 2010

11 DataSF Webiste 11

12 Community Collaboration to Build Applications

13 Consumer and Private Business Developed Applications

14 More Data = More Applications

15 Joint Data Sharing Platforms CIOs from 7 large cities working together to normalize 1,500 datasets on a common platform for multi-city application development. 15

16 Challenges & Ideas Challenge City silo affect - the political invisible boundary. Long term sustainability of application ecosystem. User adoption and use Ideas Joint Sharing Sites. Easy to use APIs. Data Standardization and normalization. Joint G7+ collaboration to innovate will create national / global solutions Good Mobile apps will be more widely used and adopted.

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