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© RH Environmental Limited Future Solutions for Delivering Regulatory Services.

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1 © RH Environmental Limited Future Solutions for Delivering Regulatory Services

2 © RH Environmental Limited Objectives Support practitioners… and managers Facilitate consistency Secure 24/7 access Support for flexible working & contingencies Enable change – restructuring, efficiency & shared services

3 © RH Environmental Limited Integrated Resource Developed Content Module for each service area Procedures Standard documents Letters Forms Public information leaflets Third Party Content ‘ Knowledge Base’ National policy and guidance Regional datasets Legislation British Standards National agencies User Content Local Policy & Guidance Statutory Notices

4 © RH Environmental Limited Developed Content Procedures and Standard Documents One size doesn’t fit all… User driven iterations  programmed development Content peer review includes Universities, Barristers Chambers, specialists ‘Free’ additional content request facility 

5 © RH Environmental Limited The Challenges “More From Less” = cost and productivity pressure Need to get more out of existing systems/resources Need to maintain service quality as experience lost, services restructured Consistency (internal, professional & geographical) Requirement for flexible working practices Increased need for information ‘on the move’

6 © RH Environmental Limited Improving The Way You Work Middle Office Savings Development Maintenance Information Instructions Process flows Improves front line staff productivity Case handling Support when remote Drives Back Office Efficiency Utilising the web

7 How Ceredigion CC Came To Use The System Geographic nature of County Rural authority, area 180,500 hectares, population 78,000 Lack of written procedures Small EHP base 2 teams headed by EHP Consistency

8 Implementation Access Internet based procedures, national guidance, available from area offices, allows home working Consistency Standard documents, letters, guidance Process Integration with service request database

9 Integration With Civica/Flare Templates created within Flare database Guides Officers through procedures with scheduled timescales for action Each template references relevant procedure on EHMS Standard documents generated from Flare database, allows indexing of documents

10 Benefits Increased confidence of technical staff Consistency Cost savings Time savings Improved performance against targets

11 EHMS Has Delivered: 50% improvement in officer Confidence 90% improvement in Consistency (internally) in service delivery Delivered an estimated notional £2,000/year saving in less mal- administration/failed cases and more efficient case handling.

12 Efficiency Because it is online EHMS has immediately enabled joined up working across 2 offices and working from home, reducing unnecessary travel. By providing an online presence, there is more confidence in case handling without management supervision thus making it easier to work remotely

13 Productivity Gain By delivering the knowledge resources to support managers and officers delivering the service it freed up officer time to focus on the job. This has resulted in an Annual productivity gain of £14,616/year and the ability to use resources more flexibly.

14 Improved Performance Against Targets

15 Managing The Future Enable more efficient collaborative working Shared services (internal & cross boundary) Enable more extensive flexible working reducing the need to travel

16 © RH Environmental Limited Feasibility Study Confirms Savings Feasibility Study: Metropolitan Borough, 226,000 population, feasibility study prior to purchase Review with Managers/Front Line Officers Extracted data from expected process improvements Identified areas of resource usage impacted by EHMS implementation Assessed resource and expenditure savings from implementation Identified time and money deltas versus base case Reviewed impact on front line capability Client now moved into procurement process

17 © RH Environmental Limited EHMS Cumulative 3 Year Benefit v. Cost £K

18 © RH Environmental Limited ItemAnnual Saving (£’000s) Productivity Gain26 Mobile Working Efficiency16 Direct Savings2 Quality/process gains5 CPD3 Total52 Feasibility Study: Urban LA Savings

19 © RH Environmental Limited Environmental Health Trading Standards Fire Safety Highways Planning Options Ready made platform to support shared services/collaboration E-learning potential Streaming data to other websites/ communities Evolving solutions Where Next – with increasing mobility..

20 © RH Environmental Limited Online

21 © RH Environmental Limited Thank You Robert Halford RH Environmental Limited 0844 801 0733

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