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You can’t manage what you can’t measure

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1 You can’t manage what you can’t measure
Lewis Lenssen - Commercial Director

2 Measurement

3 Background Lewis Lenssen 5 years leading and building search agency
1 year consulting on social media and online PR for retail brands (focusing on measurement and valuation) 3 years Commercial Director of DC Storm DC Storm Over 2,000 tracked websites with configured attribution 30M tracked events per day related to £25M daily revenue 5M non-tracking events per day

4 Agenda Marketing performance measurement – A big data challenge?
Characteristics of Digital Marketing Measurement Measured Success - Keys to Success The future and the politics Summary Q&A

5 Digital Marketing Measurement A Perfect Big Data Challenge?

6 Digital Marketing Measurement
Digital Marketing Attributes Large volumes of automatic collected, relevant data Clear opportunity to optimise marketing Significant costs and benefits Problem Solved? Marketing channel silos Sales channel silos Device silos Channel specific measurement Un-reconciled data Low trust in data Last click wins

7 Bad Measurement too…

8 Digital Marketing Measurement

9 Characteristics of the Challenge

10 Marketing Measurement Characteristics
Multiple diverse data sources Near real time requirements Multiple audiences with diverse requirements Multiple automation tools Not a point in time solution (continuous feedback loop)

11 Measured Success

12 Measured Success Marketing & Sales Channel Tracking Budget Planning
Unified Data Resource Trading Analytics Multi-Channel Attribution Actionable Insights

13 Unified Data Resource

14 Digital Data Ecosystem
DM CRM Activity Mobile Tablet ‘acme fashion’ ‘D&G satin dress’ IMP Online Picking Dispatch Register Order

15 Unified Data Resource Flexible, scalable database designed to support diverse data sources Ability to reflect evolving channel connections Technology that supports easy data import and export Sophisticated access and security control Specialist requirements and central to success

16 Configurable User Tracking

17 Tracking Track and join multiple channels and devices
Website Online display Mobile Apps Support for multiple device users Track the events that matter Consider media and partner independence Audit and validate data

18 Attribution in Action

19 Evolution of Attribution
Last click wins (within channel) Last click wins – across channel Winning click Multi-channel sharing Rules based attribution Statistical attribution

20 Attribution Analysis Attribution model must reflect your users journeys Implement the model(s) that your business needs Provide continuity as well as the new measurement Continue to deliver ‘last click wins’ Continue to deliver the old reports Must deliver the analysis on an on-going basis

21 Actionable Reporting and Automation

22 Reporting Share the data love! Automate production and distribution
Query tools Reporting and templating tools Dashboard and visualisation tools Data cubes Automate production and distribution Focus on answering questions, not delivering numbers

23 Power Automation PPC bid management
Stock powered advertising and creative Display buying platforms (DSPs)

24 Trading Analytics

25 Trading Analytics Beyond website and marketing analytics:-
Margin reporting and attribution Offer analysis Product demand Impact of availability Stock availability in relation to demand Order processing performance

26 Future - Budget Planning

27 The Political Challenges

28 Summary Big data challenge waiting to be solved
Specific characteristics – Diverse data, near real-time, many audiences, not point in time Measured Success framework for delivering solutions Measurement Hub – Specialist requirements and central to success Tracking – Audit and validate Attribution – On-going delivery Actionable Insights – Answer questions Trading Analytics – Beyond marketing Budget planning – The future Political challenges

29 Thanks for listening Questions?
Lewis Lenssen- Commercial Director

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