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Technology as Strategy Trends, Impact and Insight Tom Lehman Lehman Associates, LLC Lehman Reports June 6, 2013.

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1 Technology as Strategy Trends, Impact and Insight Tom Lehman Lehman Associates, LLC Lehman Reports June 6, 2013

2 Working at the confluence of Strategy, Information, and Technology

3 AMS Use and Satisfaction 2006-2013 AMS International: CA, AU, UK 2010, 2013 Association Technology Study 2011, 12, 13 Donor Management Systems, NTEN, 2013


5 With rapid change, technology-independent planning is critical.

6 Agenda Technology trends at 10,000 feet Rise of third-party applications with AMS and CMS / website as the hub, integration Big topics and implications CRMBig Data Analytics MobileSocialCloud Implications and the changing role of IT Technology Strategy Plans

7 Trends: At a broad level Interactivity, not just information access Engagement, not just communications Community, not just networking Mobile, anywhere / anytime on steroids Configurability replacing customization Cloud-based, online rather than in-house Technology as strategy, innovation, success

8 Third-party Applications Integrated Suites Best of Breed Applications CMS Social Email marketing Event registration eLearning Mobile Smaller Organizations Larger Organizations

9 Third-party Services Adoption Lehman Reports Association Technology, 2012

10 Deep Application Integration AMS – CMS as the hub Greater application value Bi-directional Critical for 360° view - member CRM Enhanced reporting Seamless user experience CMS Web AMS Integration Layer Deep two-way interactions will be a future requirement

11 The Promise of CRM Greater knowledge / insight about members Alignment between products and services, and member needs / expectations In-depth understanding of trends, patterns, and variable interactions Market segmentation and targeted services Prediction and forecasting, anticipate needs and interests

12 CRM – Limiting Factors Data Analytics Expertise

13 CRM Big Data 360 view of constituents, operations, marketing, advocacy Deep data, multi-stream Critical for CRM and other functions, but not actionable in its raw form A driver of integration to capture increasing levels of digital interactions

14 Analytics Turn data into actionable intelligence Multivariate, longitudinal Underlying drivers, trends, patterns Decision information Advanced reporting, dashboards, decision systems

15 Challenging, Early Stage Big Data in Commercial Firms Only one quarter collecting the data required While fewer than half of those say they have sufficient resources to make use of it

16 Advanced Reporting / BI Lehman Reports AMS, Association Technology, 2011-2012

17 Dashboards in Associations Use projected to double within 2 years Lehman Reports AMS, 2012

18 The Social Web Community Using Third-party Providers Preliminary Findings: 2012 Lehman Reports Technology Study

19 Implications for Social Strategy Redefines the relationship between members and associations Center of gravity shifts towards users Opportunities beyond members Opportunities beyond networking – research, policy development, planning, marketing Technology is maturing, social strategy is increasingly the key variable

20 Mobile Another channel of access … …. Or something more?

21 Mobile Internet

22 Tablet as Primary Computer Business Insider Survey, 2012

23 More than another Internet device Significant differences in access models –More transactional, bursts rather than sessions –More immediate with more explicit triggers –Overlay of location and time Midst of multi-tasking Tablets and phones offer different access models Marketing / promotion models change Apps as browser replacements Apps versus HTML5 Associations are largely unprepared and need help

24 The Cloud Symbolizes a broader move away from operating to leveraging technology Supports users expectations of 24x7 Networks enable economies of scale for all aspects of the services including security Payment models shifts toward use and services Offers options for best of breed, but integration challenges remain

25 Attitudes: Cloud-based Services Lehman Reports Association Technology, 2012

26 Email: As A Leading Indicator Lehman Reports Association Technology, 2012

27 Technology Alignment Organization goals driving technology Strategic investment vs. cost center Organization outcomes, not IT results –Tactical and strategic –Innovation and operational results Renewed emphasis on management reporting / BI decision information Changing role for the CIO and IT

28 Technology-independent IT Strategy Planning Resilient to rapid tech changes Flexibility to adopt new models / tech Importance of adoption cycles in technology decisions Investment in platform, direction, capacity – positions for future needs Specific Technology All organizations should have a strategic IT plan, a vision and framework to guide technology investment

29 Questions and Discussion Tom Lehman President Lehman Associates, LLC / Lehman Reports Alexandria, VA 703-373-7550 888-221-0081

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