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Tools and Trust building a citizen engagement-savvy public service Paul Crookall Toby Fyfe, UNDESA & ITU, 14 May 2010.

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1 Tools and Trust building a citizen engagement-savvy public service Paul Crookall Toby Fyfe, UNDESA & ITU, 14 May 2010

2 Governments are reacting to social media… Personal laptop to access IPAC Connect 2

3 Issue: User controlled technologies in command and control organisations DM Office 3

4 Issue: Decision-making Why should I need permission from you to ? 4

5 Questions How can government take advantage of the social media to engage citizens? What internal barriers must be overcome? How do we build a public service that is both ABLE to engage and WANTS to engage? How can the UN be supportive? 5

6 Drivers Trust Courage, de- claying Antidotes to risk aversion Making the right mistakes Guidelines and guidance Old problems in new clothes 6

7 What’s needed Governments should continue and expand collaboration through shared research and shared experiences. – Identify leaders to make sure benefits are realized Policy centres in the area of privacy, official languages, security, and information management need to understand the new paradigm and promote updated legislation and guidelines as required. Leaders need to build a climate and behaviour patterns within their work units and organizations that support: collaboration, building trust, respecting privacy/security/language/IM needs, and making "the right mistakes" while improving service delivery and efficiency. 7

8 Recommendations for further action Build engagement within your organization first – clearly identified, sustained and accountable leadership. – trust your staff – make the right mistakes – use often updated guidelines, supported by periodic legislative change – do the business case -- cost/benefit analyses, measures of success, change management plan Learn from others: collaboration within govt, across govt, through the UN Engage Citizens – requires that govt value citizens, trust them, and has both the tools to engage and the will to engage 8

9 Getting there: suggestions Diagram of highway – Risk – 2 sets of rules – Leadership – Policy response – Information management – Privacy – security Change management model No “HiPPOs” Be the change you want to see Technology support Share good practice Communication channels Collaborative events 9

10 Paul Crookall Toby Fyfe 10

11 Issue: Policy challenges Leading by Example: Key Developments in the First Seven Years of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) Access to Information Act “The Official Languages Act is celebrating its 40th anniversary. So much has changed since 1969!” “When collecting foreign intelligence, CSEC may incidentally acquire information about Canadians. …When receiving a subsequent request for disclosure of the details of the suppressed information, CSEC requires federal departments and agencies to explain their authority to request and use this information under their respective mandates and to provide an operational justification of their need to know this information. Only after these conditions have been met will CSEC release the suppressed information.” 2008-09 Annual Report of the Office of the Communications Establishment Security Commissioner TORONTO – The future of privacy will require a paradigm shift: regulation alone will be unsustainable for ensuring privacy going forward in to the world of the cloud, says Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner, Dr. Ann Cavoukian. “…the overwhelming growth in the production of digital material, which has created an overabundance of information in a variety of formats, as well as changing user behaviors and expectations about information, have created considerable challenges for all documentary memory institutions.” Modernization @ LAC… 11

12 Methodology 12

13 A culture of trust The boss You 13

14 United States Case Study Need for smart approach to derive value – Challenge in federated system Seen as channel for delivering information & services, interacting with citizens, strengthening collaboration Policy: both social and communications issues Legal, security & performance issues Natalie Helbig and Jana Hrdinová Center for Technology in Government 14

15 Australian Case Study Innovation Agenda Engage: Getting on with Government 2.0 calls for – Declaration of Open Government – Using technology to increase public service/citizen collaboration – Reform management – Open access to government Public information a resource that creates value Make government information free & accessible – Leadership with new post of Information Commissioner 15

16 UK Case Study A tool to be managed in order to promote relationships, share information “We have moved decisively away from the idea that the State alone can decide how public services will be designed and delivered” – The Power of Information Task Force Organized approach – Guidelines for use of social media by public servants prepared New paradigm for public servants: no longer faceless bureaucrats – Implies trust 16

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