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Text Message Marketing On Target Marketing SM. Get a Customer’s Attention INSTANTLY! 2 U.S. cell phone users sent roughly 5.1 billion text messages EVERY.

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1 Text Message Marketing On Target Marketing SM

2 Get a Customer’s Attention INSTANTLY! 2 U.S. cell phone users sent roughly 5.1 billion text messages EVERY DAY in 2010. That equates to 20 messages per day for everyone with a phone. Trends: Everybody loves a bargain. Mobile couponing delivers it. While the format may have morphed from pieces of paper snipped from the weekly circular to digital texts that people store in their trusty smartphones, the popularity of couponing continues to grow. Chew on this stat: 20% of smartphone users redeem mobile coupons and that number is expected to increase to 30% in 2013. Source:; Jackie Micucci

3 TAP into a Rapidly Growing Media 3 Now you can tap into this low-cost & highly effective form of advertising. On Target Marketing turns a slow night into a busy night… average sales days into AMAZING sales days by text messaging instant promotions. Unlike email, text messaging can offer instant results. Text messages are read in less than one minute on average. Trends:

4 Setting Up Campaigns 1.Call On Target at our toll free number and a Customer Service representative will assist you in arranging your campaign messaging. 4 Businesses have two choices for setting up messaging: 2.Log into the On Target web portal and develop your advertising campaign at your leisure. On Target provides online tutorials and printed user guides for learning how easy it is to control your campaign from any computer.

5 Simple Steps to SUCCESS 5 1.We assign you a keyword; your own code for people to join your club. By texting this word to our number (Short Code), a customer is instantly added to your VIP list. 2.The customer is immediately sent back a welcome message thanking them for joining your list. 3.The number is now stored and you can market to this customer. 4.Login to our web-based system, type your message, set a time to send and click done. Or, use one of our ‘set & forget’ features. 5.Within seconds of the designated time, your customers are notified of your event, specials or announcement via text. 6.Set & forget messages can be arranged to deliver automatically, enabling your text marketing program to practically run itself. More than 72% of cell phone users send & receive text messages. This is up 7% from 2010. Trends: Our system has been designed with simplicity in mind:

6 Enrolling in Your Mobile Club is Easy 1.Customer texts a keyword to your designated number 2.Enter the customer’s mobile number into our application on your credit card terminal 3.Call the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system 4.Complete a web form – FREE with each account 5.Scan a QR code (pilot) 6.Customer enters their mobile number at an ATM (pilot) 6 Customers have six ways to enroll: 1.2. 5.6. 4.3.

7 Mobile Coupon Messages 7 Create a welcome message to thank customers for joining your mobile VIP community. Add a coupon offer to your welcome so that customers can see the value immediately. Schedule weekly text messages to keep your business top-of- mind. Encourage customers to visit on your slowest day. Too busy to create Instant Offers, ‘set & forget’ up to four messages monthly. Business slower than expected? Want to promote a discounted offer or a special event? Let your VIPs know they are special – provide unique offers to this group. Set up an Instant Offer and get the word out quickly. Welcome!Instant OfferMSG of the Week BUSINESS NAME & PHONE NUMBER: Thanks for joining our mobile VIP program. Show this msg for a free specialty coffee. BUSINESS NAME & PHONE NUMBER: Join us tonight for dinner & get a free appetizer. Show msg to redeem. Today only. BUSINESS NAME & PHONE NUMBER: Stop by Tuesday and enjoy 2-for-1 drinks between 6-8 p.m. Show msg to redeem.

8 Mobile Coupon Messages 8 BUSINESS NAME & PHONE NUMBER: Would your friends like to get special deals? Just forward the next message to them. Thanks! BUSINESS NAME & PHONE NUMBER: Hot? Escape the heat with us. Enjoy a FREE iced tea with any lunch entrée. Show this msg to redeem. We’ve created a text message that’s easy for your customers to forward to friends. The friend simply texts your unique code to On Target and automatically receives your Welcome Message and corresponding offers. It’s a great way to build your business and your VIP list. Refer a FriendWeather-Triggered You can ‘Set & Forget’ messages automatically triggered when the temperature goes above or below a certain degree. Get customers to think of buying your product if it’s particularly hot or cold outside. This innovative call to action will grab attention.

9 Mobile Marketing… Today’s Media 9  Popular technology Major retailers, American Idol and American Red Cross have used this technology for years. Now small business’s can too.  Separate yourself from the competition Keep in touch with your customers better than anyone else  Drive traffic to your location quickly with instant offers Impulse visits at the times when consumers may be ready to purchase  Eliminate paper coupons, text message shown to redeem  Track redemption with our loyalty program feature  Easy to use With 'Set and Forget' messages, your mobile marketing campaigns practically run themselves

10 Add Horsepower to Your Marketing 10 Do You Use?... Print Ads Print ads make an impression, but On Target text messages put your advertising right on your customer’s mobile phones. Add your ‘text to join’ code to your print advertising campaigns. Customers opt-in and you are guaranteed an impression. Paper Coupons Consumers redeem text message coupons 10 times more often than paper coupons. They never lose them either! Unlike paper coupons, you can track a text message campaign using your credit card terminal or POS system. Groupon Groupon is great for bringing new customers in. On Target text messages give you a way to keep marketing to those new customers long after they redeem their group deal.

11 Add Horsepower to Your Marketing 11 Do You Use?... Facebook “Likes” are gold. Add them to your mobile program, too, with a ‘text to join’ message or link to your mobile sign –up page. With On Target, you can track your text message campaign's success and modify further to drive results. Twitter Texting is more popular than Tweeting. 2.7 billion text messages are sent each day in the U.S. Unlike Tweets, texts always reach your target. Tweet a ‘text to join’ invitation or a link to your mobile sign-up page. Encourage “followers” to opt-in and track exactly how many sales were driven by your text offer. Google Use the power of Google Search and Google Places to add more sign ups to your mobile VIP club. Include your ‘text to join’ call-to-action in search results that market your business.

12 Marketing Material 12 On Target offers in-store marketing kits and marketing support services to help you jump start your mobile marketing campaign

13 Pricing for Text Message Marketing PackageMonthly Text Cap Monthly Price Mobile Messaging 1500$55.00 Mobile Messaging 2*1000*$75.00* Mobile Messaging 31500$100.00 Mobile Messaging 42500$145.00 Mobile Messaging 55000$225.00 13 *Special limited time offer on Mobile Messaging 2 * *Buy 2 months and get the 3 rd month free *

14 On Target Start-up & Monthly Fees Other feesPrice Monthly Statement Fee$5.95 WAIVED Set Up Fee$59.95 WAIVED Annual Fee$59.95 WAIVED Jump Start Kit (Basic) 50 business cards 1 – 8 x 11 Flyer $100 FREE ($4.95 S & H) Jump Start Kit (Logo Boost) 50 business cards with LOGO 3 – 8 x 11 Flyers $200 $50 14

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