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Making money out of mobile David Sear – CEO, Weve.

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2 Making money out of mobile David Sear – CEO, Weve

3 Making money out of mobile Data, Messaging, Display, Loyalty and Payments David Sear March 2014

4 7am9am Times on iPad Email offers HomeCommuteOffice SMS targeting (location) Display on apps and maps Research on work PC Twitter feed 8am

5 Spotify ad as you listen to music on the go Commute 6pm Netflix box set of House of Cards Home PC to complete actual purchase at home 11pm Zzzzzz Facebook “Like” Makes dinner Lunch Shop Buy food

6 What happens when data moves to mobile 6 g ? ? ?

7 Weve reaches 80% of UK mobile customers Backed by three major shareholders 22 million permission based consumers

8 Weve and the value of first party data Demographics Behaviour Location Weather Handset Anonymised and powerfully segmented


10 Messaging as a new broadcast channel Awareness Direct Response Drive Footfall Engagement Drive to m-site App Download Data Capture

11 Guaranteed engagement Targeting at scale Effect The power of messaging 97.5% of text messages are read within the first 5 seconds of receipt 57% is the average recall of Push campaigns

12 Awareness Action Weve Analytics: A udience A ction A ffinity 1 in 5 sales came from Push CTR over 14% 1,157 customers have changed to a Windows device 94% incremental awareness of offer Awareness of The Bear and The Hare campaign

13 Display Advertising: The Weve Mobile Audience Platform Access to scaled verified audiences Unique capabilities of measurement across web and app Actionable post campaign analytics Optimised through obesus-digiti ™ technology

14 In summary, our mobile display advertising allows you to: Reach your actual audience through unique first party data Reduce wasted ad spend and drive relevance Learn how audiences are engaging with brands Receive actionable post campaign analytics

15 Weve and Loyalty There are 8 trillion air trips unclaimed 4x as many airmiles were earned as were redeemed and it would take 23 years to clear the backlog

16 Today’s consumer 53% Source: Mercator Advisory Group, May 2012 are interested in replacing loyalty cards with mobile apps – 4% have already done so expect to use their mobile to check product details and reviews in store in the next 12 months expect to pay for items for their phone in the next 12 month 24% 17%

17 Make it simpler for everybody & unlock the market Retailer Acceptance Retailer Coupons Loyalty Gift Card

18 Trials in Oxford Street and Barbican

19 Mobile Loyalty – The Benefits A rich consumer experience providing contextual data Mobile activates loyalty rather than just blindly collecting points Real time data makes everything relevant Cards always available ensuring data captured and offers redeemed Right offer, at the right time, to the right person

20 Weve and Payments

21 Mobile at the centre of the consumer journey SALE Point of Sale interaction In-store notification/ interaction Interaction is reported & measured Interaction linked to consumer Campaign created Communication delivered Drive in-store

22 Thank you


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