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1 The YL9100S HPLC All your needs for semi-preparative applications.

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1 1 The YL9100S HPLC All your needs for semi-preparative applications

2 2 YL9100S HPLC Overview Superior Performance Greater Reliability Excellent Usability Serviceability and Easy Maintenance

3 3 YL9100S HPLC – Features 1 Higher performance solvent delivery pump - New designed carrier assembly and CAM - Improvement of precision Better UV/Vis detector with new optic design - For better light intensity and higher sensitivity New Detector – Photo Diode Array with excellent sensitivity Semi-prep flow cell is available Superior Performance

4 4 YL9100S HPLC – Features 2 Greater Reliability Improvement of System components - New designed main parts of Pump, Detectors and Column compartment with very robust materials Innovative manufacturing process - Three step quality control and assurance system

5 5 YL9100S HPLC – Features 3 Excellent Usability Intuitive, intelligent and powerful software - Easy control window for instruments of YL9100S HPLC - Harmonization Microsofts standards for accessing flies, reviewing data and reports, and other tasks - System Suitability Test with USP, EP and JP - Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 - Diagnostics and Error detection Automation Perfectly of Analysis work - Startup, analysis operation, shut down, …, and to report generation

6 6 YL9100S HPLC – Features 4 Serviceability and Easy Maintenance Better long-life components - New designed the carrier, CAM, needle bearing, seals and belt (with polyurethane) for long-life time - New designed the Deuterium and Tungsten lamp guaranteed 2,000 hours - Semi-permanent peltier in the Column Compartment Easy Maintenance - Easy replacement and pre-alignment of lamps - Easy replacement of sample cell assembly - Diagnostics procedure by software

7 7 YL9100S HPLC – Modules List of Modules Degassing Module Pump Column Compartment UV/Vis Detector PDA Detector Refractive Index Detector Prep Autosampler Fraction Collector Chromatography Data System

8 8 YL9100S HPLC – Modules -HDVM YL9101S Vacuum Degasser - No fluctuationshorten warming up - No fluctuation, shorten warming up Number of channel : 2 CHs (option: 4 CHs) Maximum degassing range: 50ml/min High capacity of chamber: 62ml per channel Safety & maintenance : Vacuum Error detection Wide range of Line Voltage : 100-240VAC, ±10%, Wide range Line frequency : 50/60Hz, ±5% Power consumption : 50W YL9101S Vacuum Degasser will be available by June

9 9 YL9100S HPLC – Modules -HDVM Helium Degassing Valve Module Number of channel : 4 CHs Degassing type: Helium gas (This module is required a He gas cylinder) Wide range of Line Voltage : 100-240VAC Line frequency : 50/60Hz

10 10 YL9100S HPLC – Modules -VD Vacuum Degasser – Stand-alone type Number of channel : 2 CHs Maximum degassing range: 50ml/min Wide range of Line Voltage : 100-240VAC Line frequency : 50/60Hz Power consumption : 46W

11 11 YL9100S HPLC – Modules – Pump YL9110S Quaternary Pump YL9111S Binary Pump YL9112S Isocratic Pump New design of mechanical parts of pumps Compressibility Compensation technology Semi-automatic Prime/Purge Built-in Leak sensor Wide flow range by each check valve with two balls Ultra robust carrier, bearing, belt, etc For isolation and purification of preparative HPLC Flow rate: max. 50ml/min

12 12 YL9100S HPLC – Modules – BP YL9111S Binary Pump (Recommended for Semi-prep) A New Pump for higher throughput and reproducibility The best pump for High Pressure Gradient System Built-in Large capacity static mixer X2 Parallel dual-plunger Attractive price compared to QP Ideal pump for semi-prep application

13 13 YL9100S HPLC – Modules – QP/IP YL9110S Quaternary Pump Attached 4-way mixing valve to QP YL9112S Isocratic Pump Improved Isocratic Pump with parallel dual-plunger Easy upgraded from IP to QP

14 14 YL9100S HPLC – Modules -CC YL9130S Column Compartment - Powerful temperature control The best temperature precision: ±0.05°C Powerful Cooling is the standard: down to 4 °C Preheating available Semi-automatic injector/Switching valve: up to 1(option) Column capacity: 300mm – 2ea Leak sensor 40 steps programming Column OD: up to 28mm

15 15 YL9100S HPLC – Modules -UVD YL9120S UV/Vis Detector - Excellent sensitivity New designed Optic structure: Seya-Namioka New Blazed Holographic Concave Grating Excellent Data acquisition rate: up to 50 Hz Long-life D2 lamp, 2000 hours guarantee Advanced band width: 5.5 nm Excellent Sensitivity: <±0.5 x 10 -5 AU at 254nm Integrated cell and slit assembly Greater cooling of the lamps thermal environment Optimal cell volume and path length for semi-preparative purpose Leak sensor

16 16 YL9100S HPLC – Modules -UVD YL9120S UV/Vis Detector What is the Seya-Namioka monochromator - To attach New Blazed Holographic Concave Grating - Extremely low stray light - Highest light intensity - Reduced astigmatism - Very compact design and size - More serviceability - High performance beam splitter - New designed an integrated cell+slit assembly - Excellent band width, 5.5nm

17 17 YL9100S HPLC – Modules -PDA YL9160S PDA Detector Optimum wavelength resolution: 1,024 diodes Wide range from 190 to 950 nm Highest Sensitivity <±1.0 x 10 -5 AU at 254nm, 2 sec rise time <±2.0 x 10 -5 AU at 254nm, 1 sec rise time Fast data acquisition: 50 Hz Greatest drift level <2.0 x 10 -4 AU/h at 254nm, Baseline correction <1.0 x 10 -3 AU/h at 254nm - Highest Sensitivity

18 18 YL9100S HPLC – Modules -RID YL9170S RID - For universal detection RI Range : 1.00 ~ 1.75 RIU Noise : < ±1.0 x 10 -7 RIU Linear dynamic range : 0-20000 μRIU Flow rate range : 1 ~ 50.0 ml/min Cell pressure : 6 kg/cm 2 (84 psi)

19 19 YL9100S HPLC – Modules -AS YL9150 Autosampler – Prep Autosampler - Fully automated work Sample capacity: 24 vials(10ml for prep) Sample loop: 10ml Injection: partial loop RSD 1.0% for partial loopfill. Carry-over < 0.1% Option: Built-in Peltier cooling (4 o C ~ ambient –3 o C)

20 20 YL9100S HPLC – Modules -FC Fraction Collector – FC204/203B A stand-alone operation using time, drop or peak based collection Collect fractions by time, drop or peak with ease; manual collection is also available Simply set the time or number of drops, press START and walk away Drop counting: Up to 9,999 drops per fraction Maximum rate: 20 drops/sec HELP, YES, NO, 0-9 numeric hard keys/four soft keys 2-line, 24-character display on backlit LCD

21 21 YL9100S HPLC – Modules -CDS YL-Clarity CDS - Intelligent and Powerful Chromatography Data Station 1 Measuring Four Instruments up to 12 detectors. 2 Post-run Automatically displays, prints, exports and starts other programs

22 22 YL9100S HPLC – Modules -CDS 3 Column performance Method validation By USP, EP and JP 4 User accounts Sets up access rights and passwords 5 Audit trail Records selected events and operations into a special file. 6 Electronic signature Each chromatogram can be signed electronically. 7 Networked Solution Clarity files can be accessed from networked computers using Clarity Offline software. 8 Great Compatibility Window XP/2000. Window Me/98, and Window Vista (32bit) is available

23 23 YL9100S HPLC – Modules -CDS YL-Clarity CDS Perfectly compliance with 21CFR Part 11 GPC option available System Suitability Test option available(Method validation) PDA module option available: 3-D data analysis Software Validation option available: Software OQ S/W validation kit

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