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ERA SOLAR PRODUCTS ERA Renewable Energy. Solar energy is the ultimate source of energy from millions of years and it is a renewable energy. This energy.

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2 Solar energy is the ultimate source of energy from millions of years and it is a renewable energy. This energy consists of radiant light and heat energy from the sun. Out of all energy emitted by sun only a small fraction of energy is absorbed by the earth. Just this tiny fraction of the suns energy that hits the earth is enough to meet all our power needs. Using present solar techniques some of the solar energy reaching the earth is utilized for generating electricity etc…. Even then the energy demand met by using solar energy is very less. SOLAR ENERGY

3 We can use solar energy by converting it to electrical energy. So we must use a device called solar panels which can convert the light energy into electrical energy. Solar panel is a group of solar cells. Solar cells works on the principle of photoelectric effect. PHOTOELECTRIC EFFECT When a light of certain frequency falls on the surface of a metal, electrons will absorb the energy. If incident light energy is greater than the work function(minimum energy required to remove the loosely bound valence electrons)of the metal,then the photo electrons will be emitted and the excess energy is converted to the kinetic energy of electron. How solar energy is used


5 SOLAR HOME LIGHT SYSTEM Home lighting solar system are the fixed installation design for domestic application. The components of solar lighting system include solar pv module, charge controller, solar battery and lighting system.

6 ERA Renewable Energy ERA Renewable Energy SOLAR STREET LIGHT Solar street light is an ideal lighting system for the illumination of streets, squares and cross roads located in areas that are not connected to the power grid. The system provided with battery storage backup sufficient to operate the light for 9-10 hours. The system is provided with automatic on/off time switch for dusk to dawn operation.

7 ERA Renewable Energy ERA Renewable Energy SOLAR WATER PUMP A solar water pump system is essentially an electrical pump system in which the electricity is provided by one or several Photo-Voltaic (PV) panels. A typical solar powered pumping system consists of a solar panel array that powers an electric motor, which in turn powers a bore or surface pump. The water is often pumped from the ground or stream into a storage tank that provides a gravity feed, so energy storage is not needed for these systems.PV

8 SOLAR WATER HEATER Solar Water Heater is a device that helps in heating water by using the energy from the SUN. Solar energy (sun rays) is used for heating water. Water is easily heated to a temperature of 60- 80o C. It consist of Solar Collector( to collect solar energy), Insulated Tank (to store hot water), Supporting Stand, Connecting Pipes and Instrumentation etc.

9 SOLAR LANTERN A LANTERN is a lighting system consisting of lamp, battery and electronics all placed in a suitable housing. The battery is charged by solar photovoltaic modules, which in turn can be used for lighting at night. It has also mobile charging facility & AC Facility.

10 SOLAR BATTERY our batteries are approved by MNRE. Our batteries are designed to give long life in cyclic operations and extremely long intervals in topping up and even total freedom from maintenance. Similar to the tubular battery offerings, only difference being their capacity to withstand partial state of discharge (PSOC) operation

11 CHARGE CONTROLLER The charge controller is used to regulate the current flowing from the solar panels to the batteries. These solar controllers prevent the battery from the damages caused by overcharged and disconnect the battery in case of severe discharge by shutting of loads.

12 SOLAR PANELS A solar panel is a set of solar photovoltaic modules electrically connected and mounted on a supporting structure. A photovoltaic module is a packaged, connected assembly of solar cells. The solar module can be used as a component of a larger photovoltaic system to generate and supply electricity in commercial and residential applications. Each module is rated by its DC output power under standard test conditions (STC), and typically ranges from 100 to 320 watts.

13 LED BULB & DOWN LIGHT A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor light source. LEDs are used as indicator lamps in many devices and are increasingly used for general lighting. LED Downlight LED Bulb

14 Light Output Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) Incandescent Light Bulbs Compact Fluorescents (CFLs) LumensWatts 4504-5409-13 8006-86013-15 1,1009-137518-25 1,60016-2010023-30 2,60025-28150 30-55 Comparison Chart LED Lights vs. Incandescent Light Bulbs vs. CFLs


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