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CombiFlash Rf Torrent For Large Scale Purification.

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1 CombiFlash Rf Torrent For Large Scale Purification

2 CombiFlash Rf Torrent Capabilities Up to 1 L/min at 100 psi 300g purifications in an hour unattended Automatic solvent level sensing Customize for different laboratory needs All external tubing for easy loading Collect known compounds using Time Windows Compact design

3 Pumping System Level sensing on inlet and waste Makes it a walk away large scale system Pumps precisely from 0 to 100% Up to 1L/min accurately Up to 100psi consistently Accurately delivers DCM and MeOH Solvent can be located on the floor Up to 100 psi Large tubing creates minimal system backpressure Custom inlets for variety of sources

4 Binary Gradient 2 Solvent inlet B solvent auto prime for accurate gradients 50ml/min to 1 L/min 80 grams up to 3 kg columns purification 80 gram useful for method development and scale up Rapid equilibration function Fast air purge for column disposal

5 Customizable to Meet any Purification Need

6 Solvent Inlet Options Stainless steel braided* 5 (standard), 9 ft length Grounded flow path Pressurized solvent reservoirs* Custom connection Quick Connects *Ability to have level sensing

7 Stainless Steel Braided

8 Remote Solvent Source

9 Pressurized Solvent Reservoirs With Solvent Level Sensing

10 Optional Solvent Caps 100 mm 83B Available for both inlet and outlet Customize for your container

11 Injection Option 1 Solid load cartridges Cartridges available in 4 sizes 25, 65, 260, and 750 gram Available empty and prepacked Prepacked with silica, Celite or C18 Bulk silicas also available Use cartridges as a guard column to extend the life of reusable columns

12 Injection Option 2 Liquid Load pump Pull directly from a sample container Utilize an empty cartridge as a funnel, pull from the cartridge and load onto the column Load manually with a syringe

13 Automatic Operation Injection valve enables true walk- away automation Automatically equilibrates, loads the sample and purifies Post run - air purge, and clean the valve to ensure no cross contamination

14 Automatic Self Cleaning Injection Valve All external tubing Easy to access and clean Automatic wash sequence Wash injection valve with strong solvent after run Prevents buildup in valve Automatic operation Start and walk away Rapid auto air purge

15 Detector Options Select from either internal UV or UV-Vis PDA detector Peak collection via slope, threshold or time windows Perform All-Wavelength Collection Ability to detect small impurities in the sample Alternatively, connect to an external detector Teledyne Isco Model 340CF ELSD available December software release will add Spectral Capabilities December software release will add MS support/control

16 Torrent Collection Option 1 Foxy R2 High Flow Fraction Collector with RFID rack identification technology Chain up to 4 collectors together Collect in 16-25 mm test tubes or 450 ml bottles Use funnel rack to collect unlimited quantities in any container Collect based on Volume with triggers from detected Threshold, Slope and/or Time Windows

17 RFID Test Tubes Racks Greatest Collection Capacity – can be hot swapped (150) 16x125 mm (150) 16x150 mm (140) 18x150 mm (60) 25x150 mm Bottle Racks – 480 ml 480 ml bottles available Funnel Rack (36) RFID Rack Identification Identifies rack sizes Prevents overfilling or incorrect tube selection

18 Torrent Collection Option 2 Torrent Fraction Valve Collect up to 6 large volume fractions and a separate waste for defined protocols Collect based on Volume with triggers from detected Threshold, Slope and/or Time Windows Collect a given volume per container – up to 99 L

19 Torrent Collection Option 3 Manual collection – no collector necessary Collect by hand

20 RediSep Rf and RediSep Rf Gold Columns RFID sensors for fast setup Run 80 gram up to 3 kg columns Scale up from an 80 gram Scale up from the CombiFlash Rf+ 750g, 1.5 kg and 3 kg columns have large inlets and outlets to prevent flow restriction and crystallization GOLD Speed and GOLD Resolution methods on RediSep Rf Gold silica columns Save half the solvent

21 The Real Driver to Sell a Torrent Post Sales Revenue At the end of 2012 there were 70 Torrents in the field Annually each Torrent used an average of: 750G RediSep5 1500G RediSep4 3000G RediSep3 750G Gold1 1500G Gold2 3000G Gold2 Over $9K in columns/instrument/year Teledyne Isco Confidential 21

22 Safety Features Vapor Sensors Pressure Sensors Air purge for easy disposal of columns Audible alarm when user intervention is required Removable, washable drain tray Static-dissipative tubing throughout Patented level sensing ensures adequate solvent for purification and prevents waste flow Ability to network the system, watch progress, and make run adjustments from any location through either a PC or iPad

23 Key Markets Teledyne Isco Confidential 23

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