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Clarity Chromatography Software

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1 Clarity Chromatography Software
Clarity Introduction

2 Clarity Chromatography Software
Compatible with any chromatograph Multiple Instrument version 21 CFR Part 11 compliance Versatile Scalable Code P007 Date

3 Clarity Chromatography Software
Enables up to four Instruments An allowance of up to 12 signals on each Instrument Optional Extensions Optional Control modules Offline version for data processing Code P007 Date

4 Why Choose Clarity? Universal solution from a company that is focused solely on chromatography software 3rd generation of chromatography software Thousands of users around the world Extended user support Competitive pricing Code P007 Date

5 Control Modules and Extensions
GC, HPLC and AS control modules System Suitability Test Phote Diode Array Detectors Gel Permeation Chromatography Elemental Analysis Capillary Electrophoresis Code P007 Date

6 GC Control Module Agilent 6890 GC Agilent 5890 GC Agilent 4890 GC
Dani 1000 GC Shimadzu GC17A Shimadzu GC14C ... Code P007 Date

7 HPLC Control Module Agilent 1100 HPLC Knauer Smartline
LabAlliance pumps Waters pumps Shimadzu pumps ... Code P007 Date

8 AS Control Module Agilent CTC Spark Holland HTA Dani ...
Code P007 Date

9 Regulated Environment
CFR 21 Part 11 and GLP Compliance Validation Kit for Operational Qualification Installation Qualification Code P007 Date

10 GPC Extension Solution for Gel Permeation / Size Exclusion Chromatography Can be used as an extension of any chromatography software supporting AIA export Code P007 Date

11 PDA Extension Spectral library Peak Purity Isoplot 3D-view
Code P007 Date

12 CE Extension New options in System Configuration window
New device types supported (for SDK) Code P007 Date

13 EA Extension Elemental Analysis -determination of CHNOS elements
Solution for elemental analyzers based on combustion/gas chromatography Interface for analytical balances Code P007 Date

14 Solution for Amino Acid Analysis
New improved graphical Device monitor Post column derivatization Individual OEM Solutions available Code P007 Date

15 Solution for Sample Preparation
General purpose Fraction Collector driver Event table - Valve and Auxiliary pump control Code P007 Date

16 Validation Kit Designed for Clarity Chromatography SW with U-PAD 1/2, Net-PAD and INT7/9 converters Includes a validator, CD ROM with predefined methods, manual and cable SST module necessary for data evaluation Code P007 Date

17 Clarity Lite Dedicated low cost single instrument solution
Limitations against full Clarity version Compatible with INT7/9 PCI and U-PAD USB converters only Easily upgradable to full Clarity Code P007 Date

18 Hardware INT7 and INT9 PCI A/D 24 bit converters
U-PAD USB External converter Net-PAD TCP/IP External converter CB20 D/A converter Code P007 Date

19 INT7 and INT9 Internal 24 bit A/D converter Designed for PCI slot
Plug and Play Device Up to 4 channels on one board INT9: for fast chromatography Code P007 Date

20 U-PAD External USB 24 bit A/D converter 2 channels
Powered directly from PC Small size Solution for portable PCs Code P007 Date

21 Net-PAD External 24 bit A/D converter
Data acquisition from distant instruments Direct instrument control from any networked PC Communication viaTCP/IP protocol 2 channels External power supply Code P007 Date

22 CB20 Control card for pumps driven by voltage or frequency
4x voltage D/A + 4x frequency D/f converters PCI Plug and play device Standard cable- 2x D/A + 2x D/f Code P007 Date

23 Extended Support Online SW updates Online support for all users
Clarity conference Free of charge, no time limitation Fast response Code P007 Date

24 OEM Cooperation OEM versions on easy terms Flexibility
Control module development Clarity SDK Seven established OEM partners ISO 9001:2000 certification Code P007 Date

25 Software Development Kit
Easy development of custom control modules Primarily for OEM partners Code P007 Date

26 Clarity - localization
English version Chinese version Portuguese and German (under development) Code P007 Date

27 Marketing Tools Brochures Free demo CD ROMs Posters Web pages
Dealer DVD Code P007 Date

28 Special Offer for Universities
Clarity Offline SW licence free of charge for every purchased Clarity or Clarity Lite software Code P007 Date

29 DataApex – your contacts
Jan Hrubý – General Manager Barbora Prokešová – Sales/Marketing Manager Ivan Vinš – Product Manager Code P007 Date

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