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2 INTERVIEWS Job interviews are your opportunity to present your professional skill set and abilities. This is the one place where you need to assertively share your best qualities. Remember the interviewer is there to listen to you so do not hold back. Your goal is to present yourself well in the following three areas: Image, Knowledge, and Communication.

3 YOUR IMAGE The clothes you wear to your interview will enhance or detract from your first impression. Be sure you dress professionally. A suit or blazer is usually more acceptable for either male or female. Do not wear a shirt that is too revealing. Be conscious about how much skin is showing. Ensure what you wear is not dirty, stained, or ripped.

4 YOUR IMAGE If your interview outfit presents a challenge, consider working with an agency like Dress for Success to attain a business suit. Your Resident Services Coordinator will have several clothes resources for you to consider. Remember interviewers are looking for candidates that can represent their company in the best professional light.

5 YOUR KNOWLEDGE There are three areas of knowledge you should prepare before your interview. First - Know the job description of the position for which you are interviewing. Ensure your answers and experience shared during the interview correspond with the positions job description.

6 YOUR KNOWLEDGE Second – Know the company with which you are interviewing. Google search the company and familiarize yourself with their work, initiatives, and mission statement. Third – Prepare your answers to common questions. For example: What can you offer the company? What strengths will you bring to the position? See the Interview Questions Handout for additional common questions.

7 YOUR COMMUNICATION There are several things you can do to ensure good communication during your interview. Do not curse or use slang words during your interview. Demonstrate to your interviewer that you can communicate in a mature and professional manner. Ensure you share details about yourself and your work experience but do not ramble on with non-job related information.

8 YOUR COMMUNICATION Ensure you speak assertively and make eye contact with your interviewer. During your interview, do not; mumble or speak low speak to the floor or to the walls speak over the interviewer answer before the interviewer is finished asking a question Do not answer questions with just YES or NO; give examples and details

9 TEST 1.What three areas of presentation should you focus on before an interview? A.Colors, patterns, and stripes B.Image, knowledge, and communication C.Salary, vacation, and sick time 2.What should you do if you do not have a professional outfit for the interview? A.Work with an agency that can help B.Ask your RSC for help C.Both A and B 3.What is an example of a good outfit to wear for an interview? A.A shirt that falls off the shoulders B.A very nice short dress C.A pair of pants and a blazer

10 TEST 4.What three areas of knowledge should you research before the interview? A.Company information, job description, and prepare your answers B.The interviewers name, business hours, and contact information C.Job description, salary, and benefits 5.What are examples of good communication during an interview? A.Speak clearly B.Share details C.Make eye contact D.All of the above

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