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Keys for Interview Success

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1 Keys for Interview Success
Hingham High School School Counseling Department

2 Make a positive first impression
Arrive 15 minutes early Handshakes, eye contact Turn off cell phone

3 Have at least one extra copy of your resume
Know the names of the people you meet Have a notebook and pen to take notes

4 Dress appropriately Professional attire Details
Men: dark suit, light shirt and tie Women: conservative business, mid-heels Details No wrinkles or stains, shoes shined

5 Research the employer and position
What does the job entail? Current events Mission, values, vision

6 Know yourself Strengths Areas of development Interests/skills
Past work/volunteer experiences

7 Ask questions Demonstrates interest in the position
Hours, supervision, goals for employees Avoid asking about compensation


9 Follow up with interviewers
Thank you notes Express gratitude for meeting Reiterate interest in position

10 Questions to ask yourself about a position
Can I see myself in this position? Why is this position open? How are employees promoted? What is my career path? What is the policy on job training?

11 After the interview Respond in a timely manner to employers

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