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Preparation What to bring Appearance Traditional interview Phone interview Final notes.

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2 Preparation What to bring Appearance Traditional interview Phone interview Final notes

3 Know the interview location and how to get there Allow MORE than enough time to get there Check for construction or other delays Visit before hand Get plenty of rest the night before Find out the name of your interviewer before hand Reduce stressors Be positive, upbeat, energetic and confident

4 Research the organization Know how you are qualified for the job Look at the job description and functions Be ready to relate your experiences or skills to the prospective job Practice answering common questions Why should I hire you? Use the S.T.A.R. technique S ituation, T ask, A ction, R esult Have a friend or family member conduct a mach interview Schedule one with Career Services

5 Resume and references Bring extra copies Get permission from references prior to giving them out Application Or the information to be able to fill it out (i.e.- the dates of employment, company names, supervisors names and correct contact info) School transcripts Verify if they need to be official or unofficial Identification Social Security Number Drivers License Leave your cell phone in the car

6 It is better to be over-dressed than under-dressed Make sure hair is combed and neat, clothes are professional (not wrinkly), minimal makeup and perfume or cologne No bulky jewelry Do not chew gum, smoke, or drink coffee Be mindful of visible piercings or tattoos

7 Women Skirt or pant suit Make sure the skirt is long enough that you can sit comfortably Coordinated blouse Conservative shoes Neutral pantyhose Neatly manicured nails Men Solid colored suit Long-sleeved dress shirt (white or coordinated with suit) Belt Tie Dark socks Dress shoes Neatly trimmed nails

8 Be early Use good manners with everyone you meet- even in the parking lot Learn the name of your interviewer and greet them with a firm handshake Answer each question concisely It is ok to take a moment and gather your thoughts Do not spit out a prepared or scripted answer Be honest and sincere Use proper English Avoid slang, um, like, ah, ya know NO profanity

9 Ask questions about the organization and/or the position, but make sure the answers are not something easily found on the company website Make sure the questions are relevant Avoid asking questions about salary, vacation, time-off or other benefits until the job is offered

10 Prepare as though it were a normal interview Have your resume, a list of strengths and weaknesses, employment and education history, and the job description next to you Keep a pen and paper close by to take down notes or information Clear the room of distraction TV, radio, kids, computer Use a landline versus a cell phone unless you know there will be no disruption in your cell service

11 Remember they cannot see your facial expressions or body language Do not eat, drink, smoke, or chew gum Water would be ok to wet your mouth Speak slowly and annunciate Address the person with their title unless they say it is ok to use their first name Gather your thoughts before answering Keep your answers short Ask if you can set up a time to meet in person

12 Thank the interviewer for the opportunity Shake hands when you leave Send a follow up thank you note

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