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By V. Chisholm Terrell High School. Virginia Chisholm, M.Ed. Terrell High School Most important to me--I am saved by grace by Jesus, my LORD. 35 years.

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1 By V. Chisholm Terrell High School

2 Virginia Chisholm, M.Ed. Terrell High School Most important to me--I am saved by grace by Jesus, my LORD. 35 years teaching K-12 all subjects (private, public schools) Certified English high school and elementary, Spanish, ESL, bilingual generalist, elementary self-contained classroom Lived and worked for 24 years in Italy Ex-owner of Panterra American School in Italy and Texas Instruments Avezzano International School, returned to US in 95 Dept. Head of Fine Arts at Terrell High School Spanish teacher for 17 years Author of 3 books for elementary schools with Armando Editori of Italy and 2 books for MacGraw-Hill in the U.S. Free-lance writer for 11 publications Consultant for various editorial companies for ESL materials Ex-staff member for international ESL newspaper The Reporter; Florence, Italy Articles in professional journals Pilot Projects for TI for Study Cards for FL Daughter administrator and teacher in experimental bilingual Chinese school in Shanghai Daughter civil engineer in US Daughter and son-in-law Spanish teachers in Dubai Husband chemistry teacher My family has dual Italian/American citizenship I am knowledgeable of 7 languages

3 I have had this site since 2000, and I like to give on-line tests which Quia grades for me. Its great for games and vocabulary drill, too. You use various formats to present the tests to suit your purposes. You can give long tests which students can save, go back, and finish later. Good for modifying. Set site up weekly according to lesson plans. You can sign up students so that they can take tests at home securely. Spanish teacher Also Also make a wikispace for your class. Example:

4 Lists or sites on-line which I have seen that are good or that have been recommended to me have this symbol. h t t p : / / w w w. 1 2 3 t e a c h m e. c o m / k i d s / s p a n i s h _ f l a s h _ c a r d \ / l i s t Shows sites that I use in class. Sites featured on Feb. 16 for the first time. Just really good site!!!!

5 Type in VOCES9638 Wait for me to give you a student ID. Try VOCES, and on-line textbook, today as a student on my account. If you like it, see the next slide for a free trial until July! YOU MUST HAVE GOOGLE CHROME OR MOXILLA FIREFOX TO USE THIS PROGRAM.

6 S Buy it Now! Buy it Now! Once you buy Voces Exploratory Spanish eTextbook plus supplementals, you instantly receive an email with a link to access Voces online immediately! Call Donna at 1- 800-TEACHER ext. 218 if you have any questions or wish to place an order over the phone. Try it, love it and buy it for ALL of your students - at the unbelievably low price of $99. Yes, that includes ALL of your students for the whole year. Do you have 90 students? 150 students? More than 300 students? It's still only $99! That's less than $1 per student for an Exploratory Spanish eTextbook, hundreds of videos, presentations, interactive games, audio flash cards, cultural interviews... all accessible from home and school. Check it out today!

7 Free Trial of VOCES 1 Good Morning, 1) Have your students (conference attendees) call Donna H at 1-800-TEACHER ext. 218. 2) Have them mention that they are a member of REGION 10 LOTE Summit and want their FREE subscription for Voces 1 or Exploratory (Sp. II). 3) Donna will set them up by asking for their email and location. The teacher will then receive an email with a unique USER ID and PASSWORD. The Voces FREE subscription will include everything and last until July 1, 2013. Steve Giroux, Teacher's Discovery 248-340-7210 ext.230 2741 Paldan Drive, Auburn Hills, MI 48326 248-340-7210 ext.230

8 Be a BETA TESTER for Brainrush. If you want a chance to test Beta version of a new product, give advice to the owner, and be on the cutting edge of your profession, pay attention to the

9 This great site, created by Tom Butts, has been around for several years as a free site with mainly flashcards and games to teach Spanish I and II. It is now being upgraded to a site that teachers can not only use, but to which one can contribute and modify existing programs. It will still be free and renamed BRAINRUSH. Mr. Butts is allowing the teachers of Region 10 to have a SNEAK PREVIEW through a free trial to pilot the program which will come out later in 2013. You can give feedback to the techs, and be a part of a new, upgraded enterprise. See following slide for information about a free pilot opportunity!

10 Contact: Tina Hoover Wordplay Teacher Advocate FREE PILOT OPPORTUNITY FOR TEACHERS OF THIS SESSION.

11 Last school year I became Nationally Certified in Technology Integration, as part of that effort Donna M. and I worked on a project with an class of English learners in Spain and other classes learning Spanish. Here is a link to the digital stories her class produced (we were Chesapeake Bay or Arcadia depending on which site you are on). You'll see that the class over in Spain did a much better job of using English in their videos than we did with using Spanish in ours. If you pull down the "more" menu and go to the student wiki, you'll find links to some of the communication which went on between the students as they worked on their digital stories. Larry Blodgett --He is a former history teacher at CHS. Larry's schedule: Monday-AHS, Tuesday--CES, Wed.-AHS, Thursday-AES, Firday - CHS. You can contact him at: Blodgetts Spanish and French Multiple Resource Page age.htm

12 This page received the 2006 Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching World Languages Classics Award h t t p : / / w w w. 1 2 3 t e a c h m e. c o m / k i d s / s p a n i s h _ f l a s h _ c a r d \ / l i s t Associate ProfessorAssociate Professor of Romance Languages Bowdoin College Latin American Studies 8500 College Station Brunswick, ME 04011-8485 (207) 725-3217 Fax: (207) 725-3348 Office: Ed Pols House 205 (207) 725-3870 eyepes@bowdoin.eduRomance Languages Bowdoin College Latin American Studies BrunswickME

13 Contact Peter S. Crosby USA: 650.533.3313 This is a large company that deals with big companies to subtitle videos, but it has a free entity for educators who do not do large production, but use the videos for educational purposes only. The above contact is your voucher for this service. This is a huge resource for teachers who are able to get students to make videos for use in class, subtitle them, and engage these tecno- kids in an amazing way. Contact the help website on the above site, as well. Mention Mr. Crosby and the Region 10 session today. (SEE HANDOUT!)

14 See a video called Trial open to the public on Facebook on my Virginia Chisholm account. You can make short, free videos, or pay for full-length videos for $2.50 per month. If you use the free videos, they will expire within a years time and disappear from the site. Students participating in Blodgetts project in Spain used Animoto quite often. They did disappear, but for educational purposes, that is fine.

15 How to embed MP4s Gloria (Animoto Helpdesk)Feb 05 11:12 am (PST)Hi,You can embed MP4s in Powerpoint on Macs, but not on PCs. For PCs, the files have to be converted to AVI or WMV. Visit the "Downloads" section below your video to download your MP4 file.Visit our Blog and watch the video tutorial on how to embed your video into PowerPoint: video-powerpoint-slideshow-presentation/Our files are downloadable as MP4 files, but you can convert them if you need a different format with one of many free online media converters. Try one of these: ***Check out this video about creating Amazing Vaca videos- video-powerpoint-slideshow-presentation/

16 Click Spanish. There is a translator, dichos, words of the day. If you search, there are Spanish study guides: nish nish Look for Spanish stories at the following: nter:%22¡Encantada!%22 nter:%22¡Encantada!%22

17 Iphone APP Songify Get students to make a song of word endings and mail it to you with a free App. They will listen to it many times and learn it. Play it for the class. Assign endings to different groups to produce the best song. E-mail me at to hear it. Or, to hear this now, ask me to play it for you on my phone.

18 Iphone APP Translator Even the Iphone 3 can take speech and translate it into other languages. Try it. Let students make their own dictionary of words they can say, phrases they think are important, and let them write dialogues to use in paired activities. Then they video themselves and e-mail it to the teacher.

19 embedded&v=oQWmwJiMn3g This is a very easy way to make presentations. It is so easy that the YouTube presentation is made by a very small child. Check it out.

20 Google Chrome Microphone On tablets, even as cheap as a $200 Lenovo, you select Google. Com, click on the microphon3, choose Spanish as the language, speak into it in Spanish and ask questions. If the computer understands you, it takes you to a website to find an answer in Spanish. Students are asked to make a search of various subjects that interest them and find answers in Spanish. You can also assign photos of people, vocabulary words, etc., have students find images, cut and paste and label them for their own research and compositionsalways using Spanish for the search. They can also open another window and use Google translate to guide themselves.

21 Trent University Más Arriba Program Free site. It covers all subjects for Spanish I-III, college level. The activities are all printable, and they are easily projected for use in the classroom, voiced by speakers from various countries. I LOVE THIS SITE! ish/masarriba/lessonindex.html

22 Complete source for the greatest websites of all kinds composed by Webmaster / Professor Emeritus University of Northern Iowa Try one of the Webmasters ChoicesSpanish Flash Cards with beautiful pictures and children asking questions about the pictures in Spanish with English subtitles from s/list ! This site is for elementary or Spanish 1/ s/list

23 Free. Many textbook specific sets. Try 9000 words (Spanish)! Some teacher went WILD! Create sets, use teacher- and student-made sets to play matching, crosswords, hangman, scrambled word, or bug chase (8 games in all). Study flashcards anytime and anywhere by printing your flashcards or by using them with applications on your cell phone, PDA, or iPod.

24 Free site for basic quizzes. GREAT SITE!!!! This site has 104 grammar and free vocabulary drills and other kinds of practice opportunities. Spanish Pronunciation | Spanish Grammar | Spanish Vocabulary | Spanish Verbs | Travel Helper | Directory of Spanish Schools | Daily Word | Cultural Notes | Idioms Spanish PronunciationSpanish GrammarSpanish VocabularySpanish VerbsTravel HelperDirectory of Spanish SchoolsDaily WordCultural NotesIdioms It has podcasts, translator, and cultural information. Students can order a 15 CD oral course, downloadable online. The teacher can view student progress. Students can do work at home and print out a report card.

25 TEACHER-SPECIFIC FEATURES: CONTENT: Games and practice activities available for most major language textbooks... more added every month by other teachers! TEMPLATES: Create your own activities to fit your curriculum... share activities with other teachers in your school. GRADING: Easy-to-use gradebook, emailed grades, print-outs, timed practice activities... no more grading! CLASSROOM RESOURCES: All activities have printable worksheets and games.

26 Click above to learn how to type accents in Spanish on different computers. I prefer to memorize the Spanish Keyboard and use the dead key for accents and the :/; key for ñ. However, there are many ways. This is from Enrique Yepess site which is SO GOOD!!!!! pes/newgr/accsp.htm

27 _and_poems.htm Free resources in Spanish. See the Aesops Fables on the next slide.

28 1 Tres tristes tigres tragaban trigo en un trigal en tres tristes trastos. En tres tristes trastos tragaban trigo tres tristes tigres. 1 ¿Usted no nada nada? No, no traje traje.

29 350 Free Aesops Fables Esopo 335 El cuervo y la jarra Un cuervo que fallecía sediento vio una jarra, y esperando encontrar en ella agua, voló hacia allá con placer. Cuando la alcanzó, descubrió con pena que el nivel de su contenido no estaba a su alcance. Él intentó todo lo que podría pensar para poder llegar a donde se encontraba el nivel del agua, pero todos sus esfuerzos fueron en vano. Por fin descubrió que coleccionando tantas piedras como él pudiera llevar, y dejándolas caer una tras otra con su pico dentro de la jarra, el agua subiría hasta llegar a poner su nivel dentro de su alcance y así pudo salvar su vida. Los momentos de crisis son fuente para el ingenio.

30 4languages/spanish This is a google site with lists of favorite links. On this sites there are links for 73 modern languages and learning resources for each. This site actively asks for collaborators. Best of site=best verb conjugator ever!

31 affirmativenegative-tu-commands-flash- cards/ affirmativenegative-tu-commands-flash-cards/ affirmativenegative-tu-commands-flash-cards/ Many ready-made flashcards and tests for all subjects including Spanish, but ability to make and post on-line your own tests. Company owned by a gifted and talented college student who made it for his own needs in college. Try Una carta a Dios for an example. The disadvantage is you cannot see the grade unless the student shows you or prints it.

32 Free, non-profit organization, and open to teacher contributions Pictorial Vocabulary Guide Grammar section This site seeks collaborators. lang=es&target=es

33 Printable, very useful site from the University of Texas. Spanish Proficiency Exercises (same as above) Spanish Proficiency Exercises Spanish Proficiency Exercises is a compilation of video clips in which native speakers of Spanish from various locations throughout Latin America and Spain.

34 Free level one and two powerpoints, videos, games, etc. with good advice on downloading videos for school to save bandwidth from the webmaster L. Blodgett. Very useful site for Spanish and French. Includes links to the famous Paul Widergren Spanish powerpoints. Includes super websites like this Quia website for teachers who use La Catrina. /foreign_language.htm This slide is a repeat with more info from the previous Blodgett slide.

35 Northpark University powerpoints cover all subjects for Spanish I and II. Spanish Resource Page POWER POINT SLIDESHOWS FOR SPANISH 1010- 1020VERB-RELATED GRAMMAR TOPICSVOCABULARY> Gender & agreement> Meetings, greetings, expressions> Introduction to Spanish verbs> Some common words> To be, or not to be?> Classroom vocabulary> -AR verbs> Numbers 0-30> -ER & -IR verbs> Numbers 31-100> Tener (forms)> Numbers 101+> Tener (expressions)> Telling time> Adjectives> Days of the week> -GO verbs> Months> Stem-changing verbs (e > ie)> Family> Stem> Weather>>Gender & agreementMeetings, greetings, expressionsIntroduction to Spanish verbs Some common wordsTo be, or not to be?Classroom vocabulary-AR verbsNumbers 0-30-ER & -IR verbs Numbers 31-100Tener (forms)Numbers 101+Tener (expressions)Telling timeAdjectivesDays of the week -GO verbsMonthsStem-changing verbs (e > ie) FamilyStemWeather ColorsColors> Ser versus estar> Food>Ser versus estarFood

36 Preterite (regular)> Cities & pastimes> Preterite (irregular)> Travel > Reflexive verbs> Talking about emotions> Imperfect> Clothing & shopping> Preterite versus imperfect> Routines (with reflexive verbs)> Gusta + infinitives> Celebrations> Gusta + nouns> Health> Formal commands> Technology> Subjunctive> Homes > Environment Preterite (regular)Cities & pastimesPreterite (irregular)TravelReflexive verbsTalking about emotionsImperfectClothing & shoppingPreterite versus imperfectRoutines (with reflexive verbs)Gusta + infinitivesCelebrationsGusta + nounsHealthFormal commandsTechnologySubjunctiveHomes Environment OTHER GRAMMATICAL TOPICSCULTURE> Subject pronouns> Latinos in the USA> Prepositions of place> Spain> Question words> Ecuador> Direct object pronouns> Mexico> Indirect object pronouns> Puerto Rico> Indefinite/negative expressions> Cuba> Making comparisons> Peru> Por versus para> Guatemala> Stressed possessives> Chile > Costa RicaSubject pronounsLatinos in the USAPrepositions of place SpainQuestion wordsEcuadorDirect object pronounsMexicoIndirect object pronounsPuerto RicoIndefinite/negative expressionsCubaMaking comparisonsPeruPor versus paraGuatemalaStressed possessivesChileCosta Rica ¿QUIÉN QUIERE SER MILLIONARIO?> Argentinato review for the 1010 final exam:> Panama#1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5 | #6> Colombiato review for the 1020 final exam:> Venezuela#1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5 | #6 | #7 ArgentinaPanama#1 #2#3 #4 #5#6Colombia Venezuela#1#2#3#4#5 #6 #7

37 Great site for advanced students. Test Your Spanish Grammar Quizzes & Tests Exercises for Textbooks DictionariesTest Your Spanish Grammar Quizzes & Tests Exercises for Textbooks Dictionaries Read & Write Listen & Speak Why Study Spanish? The Language Classroom Key Pals/Mail Lists Study In-Country Study Online ReadWrite ListenSpeak Why Study Spanish? The Language Classroom Key Pals/Mail Lists Study In-Country Study Online Bunches of sources for testing levels!

38 Utah Education Network Learn Spanish Grammar Time Common Phrases Alphabet Common Nouns Dictionaries Numbers Culture Learn SpanishGrammarTimeCommon Phrases AlphabetCommon NounsDictionariesNumbers Culture Learn Spanish Learn Spanish Free Online Lessons, all levels Spanish Textbooks Spanish Dictionary Lesson Plans for Spanish

39 We have also created a page that conjugates over 10,000 Spanish Verbs. So if you want to conjugate any Spanish verb go to our new website at: Enjoy our Spanish Lessons and the Free Spanish Conjugator.Spanish LessonsFree Spanish Conjugator Antonio Prado - Director Spanish Institute of Puebla welcomes questions and this website has many helpful links. Try the 100 most frequently used http://www.spanishconjugat http://www.spanishconjugat http://www.spanishconjugat

40 Administered by American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese for about 65 years Free online practice. Technology by Costs about $5-6 per student to test and $65 per teacher for membership and professional journal per year. Vocabulary Practice Exercises - Level 1 Vocabulary Practice Exercises - Level 2 Vocabulary Practice Exercises - Level 3 Vocabulary Practice Exercises - Level 4 Grammar Practice Exercises - Level 1 Grammar Practice Exercises - Level 2 Grammar Practice Exercises - Level 3 Grammar Practice Exercises - Level 4 Vocabulary Practice Exercises - Level 1Vocabulary Practice Exercises - Level 2Vocabulary Practice Exercises - Level 3 Vocabulary Practice Exercises - Level 4Grammar Practice Exercises - Level 1Grammar Practice Exercises - Level 2 Grammar Practice Exercises - Level 3Grammar Practice Exercises - Level 4

41 ter/ 613 Free study cards for Spanish StudyCards for TI- 83/84 Plus and other versions Requires some softwear and training to write programs, but can use ready-made versions easily. Programs available for most textbooks. Texas Instruments Hand-held Calculators StudyCards for Holt, Rinehart and Winston Ven Conmigo (c) 2000, Level 1 117 StudyCards for Holt, Rinehart and Winston Ven Conmigo (c) 2000, Level 2 147 StudyCards for Holt, Rinehart and Winston Ven Conmigo (c) 2000, Level 3 StudyCards for Holt, Rinehart and Winston Ven Conmigo (c) 2000, Level 1 StudyCards for Holt, Rinehart and Winston Ven Conmigo (c) 2000, Level 2 StudyCards for Holt, Rinehart and Winston Ven Conmigo (c) 2000, Level 3

42 Free trial website for teachers. Free activities for students on site. Premium website only $50 per year. New features yearly. Tech service within 24 hours. Very useful for teachers to build own website with easy templates to create java matching, wordsearch, flashcards, tests, jeopardy, battleship, pop-ups, picture perfect activities, and many others. Assign work, then can also link to other websites from your quia website. Teacher-made activities can be downloaded and personalized.

43 Free newsletter with resources Complete actvities for use in labs and teaching in class. Will give trial periods for teachers.

44 British Broadcasting Company has wonderful resources, including a free soap opera to teach Spanish.

45 Go to Learning Center for examples. Comparable to Rosetta Stone, only costs much less for one person. Teachers/Schools can have premium version with only 20 students signed up at $49 per student, and all practice dialogues, verb drills, grammar drills, and number drills are then printable. Has a newsletter with free leveled readings, poems, jargon, games, recipes, jokes, websites, blog space, dichos, entymology, Latin customs, etc. Teachers can get a trial version for one year. This is level one Spanish. Level two is in preparation. It has 48 grammar lessons which are very well done, projectable for actual teaching. It has practice vocabulary with voiced matching flashcards with 5 at a time with 60 categories.

46 / K-12http:/ / Language Immersion Through Online Video The revolutionary way to immerse yourself in a foreign language is here! Only Yabla language immersion sites give you authentic television, music videos, drama, interviews, travel, and Yabla exclusive shoots from throughout the world. Our unique player technology is designed with language learners in mind: Slow Play, Integrated Dictionaries, Listening Game, Dual Language Subtitles, and more. Some free items, must subscribe for full use.

47 Free lessons and a great resource for the classroom for use with a Smartboard.

48 Crossword Puzzle Maker Download it Now Try it and see for yourself -- Crossword Weaver is the leading Crossword Puzzle Creator. This crossword puzzle maker, Crossword Weaver, is the leading crossword puzzle software. Type in your words to quickly create two styles of crossword puzzles. The freeform style uses only your words. Perfect for educators, home schoolers, parents, and anyone wanting their puzzle to use only their words. To get the crossword maker, click the following link. Free Crossword Puzzle Maker

49 / Activities: The Internet Picture Dictionary: Spanish Search: Activities: Flashcards Fill-in-the-blanks Word Scramble Stinky Spelling Straight Recall Other pdictionaries... Spanish pronunciation About this dictionary Browse by letter: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Browse by category: Animals Appliances Body Parts Clothing and Apparel Colors Fruits Garden and Yard Kitchen Musical Instruments Numbers School Sports Tools Transportation Vegetables Other pdictionaries... Spanish pronunciation About this dictionary ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Animals Appliances Body Parts Clothing and Apparel Colors Fruits Garden and Yard Kitchen Musical Instruments Numbers School Sports Tools Transportation Vegetables Flashcards Fill-in-the-blanks Word Scramble Stinky Spelling Straight Recall Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian Not voiced.

50 Free On-line translators/dictionaries Free Online Spanish Translator Translate Words & Phrases Into Many Languages On iGoogle. Fast & Easy. Search Results Online English to Spanish to English Dictionary Online English to Spanish to English Dictionary Search for word translations between English and Spanish. Approximately 20000 terms in each language. - Cached - SimilarCachedSimilar Yahoo! Babel Fish - Text Translation and Web Page Translation Yahoo! Babel Fish - Text Translation and Web Page Translation Babel Fish provides free online text and web page language translation tools!... English to Russian, English to Spanish, Dutch to English, Dutch to French... - Cached - SimilarCachedSimilar English-Spanish Online Dictionary. Free online English- Spanish... English-Spanish Online Dictionary. Free online English- Spanish...

51 Free on-line dictionaries/tranlators Ectaco, Inc. offer free Spanish-English-Spanish online dictionary, free online Spanish- English-Spanish translation service. - Cached – SimilarCachedSimilar - Cached - SimilaranishDict | Spanish to English Translation, Dictionar y... Cached SimilaranishDict | Spanish to English Translation, Dictionar y... SpanishDict offers the premier English to Spanish dictionary and Spanish to English dictionary on the web.

52 More free on-line translators Best-liked for verb translations

53 Existing sites for ready use and to make your own webpages. (Some schools block it.) Example podcasts available

54 html# Destino SeriesOnline,DVDs, and Video Series used by U.T. Example of a lesson with subtitles in Spanish used by the University of Texas at Austin. This is a free on-line series. To get scripts and DVDs, one must pay about $500.

55 spa.html Full Texts Online--Spanish Full Texts Online--Spanish Publisher and bookstore of e-books. Literary, biographical and historical books, in Spanish. Has free e-books available for download on PDF format.... Anthologies - Bibliography - Congresses - Criticism AnthologiesBibliographyCongresses Criticism l - Cached - SimilarCachedSimilar

56 du/activity/c/csa/www/documents/Spanish /Bible.html Read the Bible in Spanish

57 This is an inexpensive reference site with various useful features, many of which are free. Cost about $25, with Whizz Index to all Spanish concepts.

58 Association of Departments of Foreign Languages The brochure, Knowing Other Languages Brings Opportunities, is directed primarily to high school students. It is intended for distribution by faculty members, advisers, and career officers in secondary schools. It may be copied without permission. Copies of the brochure are available in quantity at no charge; send requests to Be sure to specify the number of brochures you need.

59 spanish.html Free on-line courses Free language assessment Higher level courses for enrollment

60 troller.jpf Practice Exams for the AP tests. Must use search engine on site.

61 Possible donations available here: Dear Virginia, Thank you for contacting Texas Instruments. I most certainly appreciate your support of our products! You may be interested in the TI-Nspire or TI-Nspire CAS. More information regarding these wonderful products can be found at the following website: Texas Instruments does donate items on a limited basis. Information regarding this process can be found by making a request in writing on organizational letterhead to the following address: Texas Instruments Donations ATTN: Victoria Rodrigues PO Box 650311 M/S 3962 Dallas, TX 75265 Request can be faxed if they are on letterhead.

62 Complete site-based on-line courses. Costly, but effective. Teacher can view progress of self-study students, and can add testing opportunities if students fail 3 times.

63 Discovery Lesson 19 Review Questions Requires district membership. Has incredible amounts of video resources.

64 Contact Information Virginia R. Chisholm Head of Foreign Language Dept. Terrell High School 400 Poetry Rd. Terrell, TX 65130 Tel. 972-563-7525 Ext. 115 Text me at 469-231-8403 Identify yourself Region 10

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