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SPANISH 1: 7th Grade SPANISH 2: 8th Grade

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1 SPANISH 1: 7th Grade SPANISH 2: 8th Grade

2 These courses are part of a first year Spanish course in high school which emphasize listening, writing, reading, and speaking.

3 These classes meet every other day for the entire school year
These classes meet every other day for the entire school year. This is a two-year commitment to complete the equivalent of the first year of Spanish instruction in high school.

4 The first semester of the high school course is taught in 7th grade
The first semester of the high school course is taught in 7th grade. The second semester of the high school course is taught in 8th grade. While high school credit is not given for courses taken in middle school, the successful student (earning a C- or above, and showing proficiency) may go directly to the second year of Spanish instruction in high school.

5 DISTRICT STANDARDS: In Spanish students will be able to…
state personal preferences and feelings. write and present a short narrative about themselves. understand familiar topics that have strong visual support. understand written materials on familiar topics with strong visual support. understand the concept of culture as they compare other cultures to their own.

Students progress will be evaluated and grades will be assigned based on the following: ASSIGMENTS: Practice assignments will receive points for completion. Showing skill assignments will be graded. QUIZZES: Vocabulary production Vocabulary recognition Grammar knowledge

PROJECTS: Unit projects TESTS: Listening Vocabulary and Grammar Culture Reading Speaking Writing

The quarter grade will show students progress towards meeting the standard. At the end of the year, students will received a final grade based on the progress from each quarter, plus their performance on a Final Exam. Good listening and speaking skills are essential to be successful at the end of 7th grade, and writing and reading proficiency is required to show at the end of 8th grade.

Students are expected to… attend class on time and be on task. be willing to work with classmates. turn in any requested assignment upon completion. participate in listening, speaking, writing, and reading forms of assessment. complete assignments on time. schedule a time to make up missed work when absent on the day of an assessment. be an active part of a “community of learners”. show respect for each other and instructor. make mistakes, correct them, and be involved in their own assessment.

10 TOPICS Spanish 7th grade:
VOCABULARY Greetings, introductions, alphabet, origin, numbers (1-10), days of week, weather, classroom After school activities, snack foods and beverages Describing oneself and others Daily schedules, telling time, numbers (11-100) Expressing feelings, describing classes, describing location Meals and food, asking questions Family, giving dates, numbers (200-1,000,000) Clothing, shopping Places and events, getting around town, in a restaurant

11 TOPICS Spanish 7th grade:
GRAMMAR Subject pronouns and SER; GUSTAR with an infinitive Definite and indefinite articles; noun-adjective agreement The verb TENER; present tense of -AR verbs The verb ESTAR; the verb IR GUSTAR with nouns; present tense of -ER and -IR verbs Possessive adjectives; comparatives Stem-changing verbs: EEI, direct object pronouns, stem-changing verbs: OUE, stem-changing verbs: EI

12 TOPICS Spanish 8th grade:
VOCABULARY: 1. Review and introduction of: likes and dislikes, classroom, food, family, clothing, and restaurant 2.Describing a house, household items, furniture 3. Planning a party, chores 4. Sports 5. Staying healthy, parts of the body 6. Sending s, talking about when events occur 7. Making a phone call, places of interest 8. Daily routine, vacation plans 9. Discuss vacation and leisure activities

13 TOPICS Spanish 8th grade:
GRAMMAR: Review and introduction of: subject pronouns; GUSTAR with nouns and infinitives; present tense of -AR, -ER, and -IR verbs; the verbs TENER, SER, ESTAR, and IR; direct object pronouns, stem-changing verbs SER or ESTAR, ordinal numbers More irregular verbs Affirmative TU commands The verb JUGAR, the verbs SABER y CONOCER Preterite of regular -AR verbs, preterite of -CAR, -GAR, -ZAR Preterite of regular -ER and -IR verbs, affirmative and negative words Preterite of IR, SER, and HACER, pronouns after prepositions Reflexive verbs, present progressive, indirect object pronouns, demonstrative adjectives

14 MATERIALS Students should bring to class the following…
Blank lined paper Three ring binder (2 inches) Five dividers Pencil or pen Good eraser Colored pencils 7. ”Cuaderno de práctica por niveles” (Practice notebook by level, provided by teacher) 8. Positive attitude

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