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T-Systems is present all around the world Europe Córdoba, Argentina Ciudad de México, México Jacksonville, USA Hong Kong Shanghai, China Tokyo, Japan.

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2 T-Systems is present all around the world Europe Córdoba, Argentina Ciudad de México, México Jacksonville, USA Hong Kong Shanghai, China Tokyo, Japan Selangor, Malaysia St-Petersburg, Russia Singapore Toronto, CanadaMontreal, Canada Pune, India Chicago, USA Houston, USA Reston, USA Red Bank, USA New York, USA São Paulo, Brazil Juiz de Fora, Brazil São José dos Pinhais, Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Blumenau, Brazil Porto Alegre, Brazil Midrand, South Africa Bellville, South Africa Puebla, México Detroit, USA Buenos Aires, Argentinia Beijing, China Moscow, Russia As of February 2011

3 Europe Powerful presence in Europe London, United Kingdom Hatfield, United Kingdom Paris, France Lille, France Toulouse, France Porto Salvo, Portugal Lisboa, Portugal Madrid, Spain Basel, Switzerland Vicenza, Italy Milano, Italy Napoli, Italy Budapest, Hungary Prag, Czech Republic Warszawa, Poland Malmö, Sweden Bromma, Sweden Farum, Denmark Grenoble, France Lyon, France Nantes, France Roma, Italy Vianen, Netherlands Den Haag, Netherlands Heerlen, Netherlands Oviedo, Spain Bilbao, Spain Zürich, Switzerland Palma de Mallorca, Spain Barcelona, Spain Sevilla, Spain Valencia, Spain Zollikofen, Switzerland Athena, Greece Košice, Slovakia Groot-Bijgaarden, Belgium Luxemburg, Luxemburg Gmünd, Austria Graz, Austria Wien, Austria Linz, Austria Ljubljana, Slovenia Istanbul, Turkey Debrecen, Hungary Sarajevo, Bosnia- Herzegovina Sofia, Bulgaria Kiev, Ukraine Bucharest, Romania Wroclaw, Poland Helsinki, Finland Oslo, Norway As of February 2011 Nearly 100 locations in Germany

4 TSI is a global player with global resources International presence: Offices in over 20 countries, global delivery capability Focus: Large corporations, multi- national companies, public sector and healthcare organizations Market position: No. 1 ICT Employees: Approx. 47,600 (25,100 in Germany, 22,500 outside Germany) (2010 figures) Revenues: 9.1 billion (2010 figures) provider in Germany provider for systems integration in Germany provider for the automotive industry in Western Europe 03/07/20124T-Systems intro

5 Enterprise Telco & IT Services Telco & ICT Operations Telco & ICT Operations Systems Integration Co-location Services Co-location Services Healthcare applications Healthcare applications Enterprise applications Enterprise applications Magyar Telekom Plc. T-Systems Hungary is the successor of the former subsidiaries

6 Building a growing business IT revenue of T-Systems Hungary Acquisitions of the past 6 years

7 The most powerful team in the local market * as of June 2012 * The total includes Finance, HR, Mgmt and Pro-M employees too In total 1607 employees*

8 Who we are T-Systems Magyarország Zrt. has been integrated as Hungarys leading full-scale ICT service provider we work to help you accomplish your business objectives. Integrated. Owned 100% by Magyar Telekom, the new company is brought to life through the merger of long-established industry stakeholders in the Hungarian market: IQSYS Informatikai és Tanácsadó Zrt, Dataplex Kft. and ISH Informatikai Kft. are set merge into the new, integrated company on 30 September 2012 with Daten-Kontor Kft. to follow suit sometime in Full-scale. Owing to the experiences and knowledge amassed by the predecessors, Hungary's one and only "360 degree" ICT company has been born to provide full-scale telecommunication and IT infrastructure and application development services, as well as system integration services. Single-channel, customizable. Through its integrated solutions and, not the least, its convenient, effective and customizable single-channel contact model, it is already serving more than 5500 large corporate and government public administration clients. This makes the company a leader not only in the Hungarian market, but also one of the most important information and ICT companies in Europe. 8

9 Who we are Has a secure hinterland. With nearly 2000 employees and through the synchronization of company competences and providing flexible solutions, it offers expert partnership and a safe info-communication hinterland to its clients, employees and partners – and thereby shaping the future of Hungarian companies and hence the economy of Hungary. Improves your competitiveness. More than simply providing service, T-Systems Magyarország helps you to secure a competitive edge. This is the only Hungarian ICT service provider that offers expert advice in the full range of information and communication technologies – all of them with global supply capacity, according to the method of international quality assurance standards, with supplier independence and integration capabilities. Powerful international background. As a member of the Deutsche Telekom Group and a co-operating partner of T-Systems International, the company has a massive international hinterland that makes it the most reliable and financially stable partner for Hungarian businesses. Smart and highly qualified. Thanks to its staff of highly qualified Hungarian specialists, engineering competence, and the nearly 1700 Hungarian suppliers, the new 360-degree ICT company has a predominant role in improving the competitiveness of the Hungarian economy and bringing it up to date. 9

10 System Integration Services: 1st position; 23,2% share Application Development Services: 1st position; 13,4% share IT Outsourcing: 1st position; 19,3% share Business Intelligence Services: 1st position; 20,4% share IT Security Services: 1st position; 15,0% share Data Center Services: 1st position; 43,2% share IT Services Total 2011: 1st position; 15,8% share We Are On the Podium in All Market Segments Where We Selected To Compete Source: IDC 10

11 T-Systems Hungary Healthcare Competence Center Viktor Zala, T-Systems Magyarország Zrt.

12 About T-Systems Hungary Shareholder: 100% Magyar Telekom, Hungary 5 sites: Budapest, Szeged, Debrecen, Pécs, Warsaw Our main product is represented in 4 Hungarian Medical Universities, as a total of 50 systems in place International resellers: T-Systems/Deutsche Telekom Natcos ISH Polska (Poland) C-System (Czech Rep.) SIVECO (Romania) Medit (Bosnia-Herzegovina) Viatell (Slovakia) Technical partners: IBM, SAP, MIPS (CliniSys Group), Progress, ORACLE Our Vision: To become a leading Healthcare ICT organization and to improve quality and accessibility of healthcare services across Europe. Our Mission: Increase safety, quality, efficiency and continuity through improvements of our information systems.

13 Background CCE Region: Poland Czech Rep. Slovakia Hungary Croatia Romania Slovenia Bosnia-Herczegovina Bulgaria Greece Serbia Montenegro Albania Kosovo With over 1800 employees T-Systems Magyarország Zrt. is one of the most dynamic companies within DT Group with partnerships across Central and Eastern Europe, but active also outside the region focusing on Hospital and Regional Healthcare IT sector.

14 Product portfolio T-Systems provides various software and solutions to the healthcare sector, including in-house developed products and third-party products In-house developed products: MedSolution e-MedSolution MedSolution Pharmacy MedSAPsol (SAP) HISCOM HISMobile e-HealthConnect (Telemedicine)

15 T-Systems healthcare IT flagship: e-MedSolution

16 Key features in brief Premium, integrated Hospital Information System (HIS) Originally developed by IBM Runs in WEB browser, ideal for thin client enviroment Available in 13 languages, 5 country specific version Database: Progress and ORACLE Data model (3 tiers: data, business logic, user interface) Development enviroment: WebSphere Application Developer Studio (JAVA) Release strategy: 1 per month supported by ClearCase Moderate license fees compared to WE competitors products

17 Key features in brief e-MedSolution is the foundation Health Information System (HIS). It is an on-line, interactive data base system which provides patient registration, admission, discharge, transfer and functions that support the processing of patient orders, the tracking of work to be performed, reporting of results, recording of patient medical data and communication within the healthcare facility. A key feature of the system is the on-line maintenance of support data, such as departments, clinics, wards, rooms, beds, diagnoses, doctor/room schedules, health user information, code tables and service items.

18 Key features in brief Positioned as a large complex product, for large and medium hospitals having simple or sophisticated needs in CEE. JAVA technology with thousands of functions from patient management to complex medical management. Functions take into consideration mainly the CEE regulations and environment.

19 Compatibility with other systems Diagnostic Sytems: PACS (AGFA, Siemens, eRad, Kodak etc.) Chemical laboratory (MIPS, Diagon, Meditcom, IntegraMed etc.) Patient monitor (Draeger) Speech recognition (Philips) External Systems: Patient queuing (Q-MATIC) Barcode solutions (Motorola) Individual intelligent devices (Siemens mammography)

20 e-MedSolution modules Gynecology Pediatry Cardiology Gastroenterology Nephrology Pulmonology Endocrinology Ophthalmology Ear-Nose-Throat Dermatology Surgery Traumathology Orthopediatry Neurology Oncology Pathology Cytology Radiology - RTG Radiology - US Radiology – MRI, CT Microbiology Central laboratory Emergency unit Intensive therapy Drug Aministration PACS, LAB and ERP via collaboration with third parties

21 Hospital Information Systems Communication (HISCOM) 26/11/2012 – András Decker, T-Systems Magyarország Zrt.

22 Current situation on the market Info systems exist Communication is essential Information flow is paper- based Patients have no access LIS RIS HIS GPs HIS RIS Population

23 Demands of inter-institutional communication Data access Patient centric data storage Cost optimization Preparation for decision making Care and capacity organization Telemedicine Data mining Regional data flow between care provider institutions International patient identification (epSOS) HIS

24 Conditions of inter-institutional communication Keeping the already existing systems Monolith systems with simple extensibility Standard communication channels Simple, cost effective operation Transmission the document is essential ?

25 HISCOM Policlinic Gateway Browser WEB Server HISCOM Centre Gateway HIS1 HIS2 Lab report X-ray report ER case file The HIS system is collecting the parameters of integration, which are cached at gateways Our answer - HISCOM

26 Introduction Project Company: Pan-Inform Kft. Sponsored by: T-Systems Magyarország Zrt. Realization: 31 October 2011 Primary target groups: Hospitals, clinics, national institutes Surgery and diagnostic centres Care & rehabilitation agencies Secondary target groups: Insurance, health insurance Pharmacies GPs, private doctors

27 Characteristics of HISCOM Hospital Information Systems COMmunication Complete integration between the already existing systems Robust operation Provides data and documents as well Real time data access Safe access Multiple channel access Flexible to extension and open to improvement Complies with the avarage European data protection law Compatibility to IHE and other relevant standards

28 Key features As mentioned before + HISCOM system is like a UTILITY for regional e-Health base Additional mobile services can be offered, like notification of action (do not forget to take the pill, scheduled visit) and real time authorization of doctor for a document access Surgery Hospital 2 Hospital 1 General Practitioner Patient HISCOM Health Insurance Companies Integration platform for real time services

29 One example for a Healthcare-Info-Portal HISCOM (B2B medical history & data, central database & data exchange between hospitals ) Data level Data: collecting, sharing publish, access, routing Portal (B2C patient private medical history access WEB2 patient private health data upload Authentication/ WEB, mobile, IPTV access) Basic service level Value added/ portal services online services for customers Screening services e- Registration Infarction register Cancer register E-prescription

30 Help for patients, doctors, directors and authorities Mobile authorization management Decision support Workflow management Telemedicine and consultancy Human resources management epSOS Scheduling, web and mobile services Patient history and document management

31 Hospital view of a case history

32 Personal page on the portal

33 HISMobile ® – Hospital in doctors pocket 26/11/2012 – András Decker, T-Systems Magyarország Zrt.

34 Background Market situation & demand: To use the widely spread smartphones in the everyday work of the doctors. Primary target groups: Doctors in Hospitals Secondary target groups: GPs, private doctors Patients Pharmacies Conception & Created by: T-Systems Hungary Sponsored by: Magyar Telekom Acceptance: successful trial in National Institution of Cardiology, Hungary

35 The main features of HISMobile (1) Secure, safe and quick data access Target devices used are smartphones/tablets (iOS or Android) Very easy to learn solution – no training is expected Read only mode for case history of patients in HIS examinations schedules of the doctor Lifelike communication from doctors side

36 More workplace/hospital access from one device Results (LAB) & messages are pushed to the mobile device online VIP Patients (or Favorites) access with one step/tap Able to access more type of hospital systems using free/published interface High Level data security & privacy protection: No data stored on mobile and HISMobile Center Secured communication (SSL) User rights of the doctor is originated from the HIS! Continous access tracking The main features of HISMobile (2)

37 Patient data access in HIS trough 3G/GSM or WIFI Search between patients by Name / Social Insurance ID / Hospital Case ID Immediate reach of scheduling data of the doctor Immediate reach of patient data Communication to the nurses in the department Recording of verbal commands, Picture taking, text message typing uploading the 3 types of messages to the HIS Receiving the answers and messages from HIS (Notification center) History News service (optional) Functions of HISMobile

38 Policlinic eMedSolution Hospital HM Center HISMobile solution for professionals Architecture

39 HISMobile Center Full transaction tracing Wide range of usage statistics Different systems can be interfaced Based on Java server platform Shall be operated as a separate service

40 Some pictures about the HISMobile SW

41 PoliclinicHIS1HIS2 HM Center HISMobile solution for professionals HISCOM HISCOM center HISMobile solution for patients Gateway Roadmap - Complex View

42 Thank you for your attention!

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