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Development of environmental companies in Hungary using different EU funds “Brussels meets Zagreb” Module 1, February 24-25, 2011.

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1 Development of environmental companies in Hungary using different EU funds “Brussels meets Zagreb” Module 1, February 24-25, 2011

2 Balazs Morvai Project developer and manager Environmental consultant Soil protection researcher Co-owner of Europe Universitas Ltd.

3 Projecting Innovative - creative Pro-active Communicative Engineering Financing Green Social sensitive

4 Managing Project development, planning Arranging financial sources, funding Coordination of activities Technical and financial supervision, problem solving Project maintenance

5 Who? Everyone needs (to be able) to manage (funding) projects!

6 EU member Pre-accession funds --- 2004 --- Strategic funds Cohesion funds Social funds Agricultural funds

7 Company development European innovation of an env. private small size company Complex development of env. partner companies using EU economy and regional dev. funds Sector development of env.export

8 Environmental Management, Research and Technology Development Ltd European innovation of an SME Private, established 1996 Staff around 25 Annual income around 2,000 k€

9 EU innovation 5-6-7th framework programs for research, technology development and demonstration – RTD projects, integrated projects, STREPs, etc. – training networks, concerted actions, networks of excellence, coordinated actions, etc.



12 EU networking Authority bodies Central-Eastern Europe Industry

13 EU networking Decision makers – environmental experts – investors – producers 51 participants from 20 countries Yearly plenary meetings Working group meetings 3 times a year Position Papers

14 EU inno-results 10 years experience and successful collaboration with the CAT Alliance network COWI from Denmark ENVIROS from UK TAUW from the Netherlands TETRA TECH Inc (USA) Phase I-II site investigation

15 EU inno-results Environmental biotechnology Department of Environmental Protection Institute of Environmental Management Szent István University

16 EU future Own offices: Agruniver Holding – Hungary Enviro East – Romania North Enviro – Slovakia Local partners: Serbia Croatia Bosnia-Herzegovina

17 EU future 40 site investigations in Croatia in 2010-11

18 Complex deve- lopment of partners Structural-social funds – specific operational programs (OP) – Economy OP – Regional development OP – Energy – environment OP – Social renewal OP

19 National development plans NFT 2004-2006 UMFT 2007-2010 USZT 2011-2013

20 Economy OP Innovation (mainly applied research, party machinery, infrastructure, etc.) Technology development (mainly machinery, know-how, partly infrastructure, IT, training, accreditation, etc.) Others: employment, management, IT, marketing, finance (credits)

21 Regional OP Complex development of industrial areas and parks Development of operation facilities (production sites) Business incubator centers Mainly: building – infrastructure, partly machinery, IT, others

22 Energy- Environment OP Use of alternative energy (solar, wind, waste - biomass, geothermic, water) Reconstruction of buildings, heating and lighting system, etc. for more efficient energy consumption

23 Social renewal OP Training of employee (general, specific, IT use, languages, etc.) Workplace health care programs and actions including recreation and sport activities

24 Conditions Requirement: maintenance or increase of employment and economical activity (annual income) Funding rate is around 40-60% (Budapest and its region 20-30%) Typical fund amount is around 40-400 k€

25 Complex deve- lopment of partner c. Around 10 small-medium size private partner companies Established early 1990’s Annual income around 3,000 - 5,000 k€ each Mainly waste management

26 PALOTA Environmental Ltd. Technology development Recycling of hazardous wastes, i.e. distillation of organic solvents 2 x 3 years ~ 2 x 370 k€ 50/70%

27 Technology development Composting technology and unit for treatment of organic solid wastes 3 years 150 k€ 50%

28 Technology development Iron separator from ash of hazardous waste incinerator plant 1 years 80 k€ 50%

29 PALOTA Environmental Ltd. Facility development Construction of 4 x 80 m3 tanks for liquid hazardous wastes 0.5 year ~ 90 k€ 25%

30 Facility development Construction of 2 warehouses and a truck repairing – washing unit 1 year ~ 290 k€ 50%

31 Business incubation centre Reconstruction of an old office- maintenance building Budapest, XV.distr.

32 Business incubation centre 9 offices, 4 repairing unit, 2 labs, management unit, meeting room

33 Business incubation centre Specially for environmental enterprises ~ 480 k€ 70%

34 Sector development Environmental export cluster Management organization: National Association of Environmental Companies

35 Environmental export cluster Export targets: Region of Hungary, South-East Europe, North Africa, Middle East and Far East, USA

36 Environmental export cluster Cluster services: database of tenders & local partners, common marketing and innovation, project generation, training, etc.

37 Environmental export cluster Around 15 members PALOTA Environmental Ltd.

38 So, projecting! Thank you!

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