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Improving the Efficiency and Quality of Care through Clinical Data Access ERIC MAURINCOMME VICE PRESIDENT MARKETING & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AGFA HEALTHCARE.

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1 Improving the Efficiency and Quality of Care through Clinical Data Access ERIC MAURINCOMME VICE PRESIDENT MARKETING & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AGFA HEALTHCARE

2 Agfa HealthCare – Who we are Agfa HealthCare, a part of the Agfa-Gevaert Group A leading provider of integrated IT solutions and state-of-the- art diagnostic imaging for hospitals and other healthcare Centres 5,600 employees Sales offices in over 100 markets worldwide 11 Global R&D Centres of Excellence

3 Agfa HealthCare’s integrated solution portfolio Integrated access Ability to access all necessary data about a patient, irrelevant of the systems that host it or the organization that owns it Integrated workflow Ability to coordinate and synchronize processes about a particular patient across boundaries: organizational (departmental and hospital) as well as clinical (patient having multiplicity of clinical conditions at a time) Integrated knowledge Ability to utilize the most up-to-date clinical content and practice information generated in any point of care QUALITYACCESS COST

4 Agfa’s Vision Store all clinically relevant data across the continuum of care Enable each institution to contribute agreed upon data elements so clinical collaboration, continuity of care and patient safety and privacy can be realized. Fully enable the EHR A unified, ubiquitous view of all patients’ encounters and episodes of care, enhancing the patient experience and promote better communication between clinicians and optimally support the clinical process.

5 Realities of Healthcare Today “The sheer number and size of images that have to be migrated has exploded.” “We need a new architecture to help our health organization keep up with imaging demands.” “ We have multi media and relevant data from all departments, specialties, and disciplines from different vendors across our healthcare enterprise.”

6 Enterprise Storage Needs Image and multimedia storage needs broadening and increasing Review Ultrasound Images & Measurements HistoryPhysical FindingsHemo-dynamics NuclearRadiologyMulti-slice CTLabCath Lab Images ECG Waveforms & Reports Consults & Notes

7 IMPAX Data Centre – Multimedia DICOM Storage For All Departments IMPAX Data Centre Radiology Internal medicine Orthopaedics Nuclear medicine Endoscopy Cardiology Pathology Post Processing ECG Waveforms & Reports Waveforms Sound Lab Results & Reports PDF documents Video MRI/CT Nuclear medicine Cath Lab Images CR Ultrasound Images & Measurements Radiology images Multi-facility DICOM PACS as primary, long term or disaster recovery archive Connecting Facilities Together IMPAX Data Centre Hospital/PACS 1Hospital/PACS 2 Ambulatory Care Facility 1 Ambulatory Care Facility 2

8 IMPAX Data Centre IMPAX Data Centre Bulgarian National EHR National, Regional & Local access to clinical patient data IMPAX Data Centre Solution

9 IMPAX Data Centre: Proven Agfa HealthCare awarded contract for two regions - North East / East & East Midland 30 Entities 75 Hospitals 10,000,000 exams/year –Growing to 25,000,000 by year five 300 Terabytes/year

10 Departmental workflow, unified infrastructure IMPAX Data Centre™ EMR Portal Viewer IMPAX for Radiology IMPAX Cardiovascular Suite IMPAX Women's Care 3rd Party PACS 21 May 21 2036 May RISPACSReporting CVISPACS publish retrieve presentation PACS

11 IMPAX Data Centre: Key benefits Clinical: Supports the reduction of medical errors Reduce order duplication Potentially lower the amount of radiation by eliminating redundant and medically un-needed procedures. consolidates and enables distribution of relevant clinical data to the clinician at the point of care. Operational: Leverages existing or disparate systems across the enterprise Connects key data elements at the point of care without modifications to the clinicians user interface. Financial: Saves money Fosters interoperability and reduces costly migrations Technical: Adherence to standards Transparency, integration, interoperability for data management Distribution and archiving for all DICOM data across the enterprise no matter the source.


13 Bioserveur : a Proven Solution Started as a regional project in France Connects Labs with GP’s Solves a real communication and inter-operability problem Figures: Operational since 1999 45 GP softwares 33 Lab softwares 600 labs 8500 GPs 300.000 files/month

14 Vision: Integrated access to relevant clinical data Agfa HealthCare Clinical Data Centre™ HIS EMR Portal Viewer Imaging Lab & Reference Lab Document Management 21 May 21 2036 May publish retrieve publish retrieve presentation Enterprise Clinical Repository retrieve publish retrieve publish retrieve Data Warehousing A central infrastructure enabling e-Health This can but doesn’t need to imply that data is physically persisted in a central storage The bottom line: a user should have a consolidated and complete view on the clinical data of the patient research and care should be able to “connect”

15 Thank you’ Vision eHealth Slide... Imaging Leveraging eHealth to provide a seamless & inter-operable continuity of Care

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