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Natalie Babbitt Literature Circle Group 1 Sydney, Alexis, & Will

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1 Natalie Babbitt Literature Circle Group 1 Sydney, Alexis, & Will
Tuck Everlasting Natalie Babbitt Literature Circle Group 1 Sydney, Alexis, & Will

2 Prologue In the prologue it gives you most of the main characters. The foreshadowing gives the prologue a mysterious feel. The foreshadowing says that Mae Tuck went out on her horse to meet her two sons. A stranger appeared at the Foster’s gate, and Winnie Foster thought about running away.

3 Chapter 1 This chapter talks about the Foster’s house and how it had a “touch-me-not” appearance. When you pass you get the feeling that that the house is saying, “Move on! We don’t want you here.” The grass here is cut to the quick and has a forest of trees. Only one child lives here. Her name is Winnie Foster. You often see her banging a stick at the gate that she longs to get out of.

4 Chapter 2 Mae wakes up and becomes extremely excited because her boys, Miles and Jesse are coming home today. She wakes her husband and tells him. Tuck has been having the same dream over and over and over again about them being in heaven happily. Mae chooses to meet the boys in Treegap. Tucks warns her to beware but she goes anyway. When putting her hair up, Mae doesn’t have to look in the mirror. All the Tucks and their horse have looked the same for 87 years.

5 Chapter 3 Winnie Foster was sitting on the grass in her yard and saw a toad. She began to talk to it. She told it how much she hated her life. Winnie told it that she disliked having all the attention on her, and she hated having to be perfect. The toad found out her biggest secret – that Winnie was going to run away. Winnie reached out to grab the toad for a pet, but the toad hopped away.

6 Chapter 4 The very next day, a stranger appeared at the Foster’s gate while Winnie was catching fireflies. The stranger began to talk to Winnie asking her strange questions like, “Have you ever seen anybody around here before?” Winnie’s grandma came out and saw the stranger and told him to go away. Before the man left, they all heard the “Elves music” in the forest. After that, they all left.

7 Chapter 5 In this chapter Winnie found the magic water spout, and wanted to drink it. Jessie Tuck told her “NO!” Winnie didn’t believe him. When Mae, Miles and Tuck came they kidnapped Winnie and took her to their home on the horse. On the ride they told Winnie the story of the fountain.

8 Chapter 6 Winnie began to get confused and started to sob. Mae showed her where the elf music came from, it came from Mae’s music box. It calmed Winnie down a lot.

9 Chapter 7 After the Tucks finished telling the story, Winnie suspected they had never told it before. Everyone drank the magic fountain water except the cat. When deadly things happened to them, they realized they were invincible when none of them got hurt.

10 Chapter 8 Winnie did not believe in fairy tails. She was scornful of her grandmother's “elves”, but what did she think of the Tucks’ story? Was this the truth? This couldn't possibly be the truth! Mae interrupted Winnie’s thoughts when she decided it was time to go. Although she wanted to go home, these people didn’t seem very dangerous- they seemed gentle.

11 Chapter 9 They continued their long trek with Miles carrying the exhausted Winnie most of the way. As they passed through the pine forest they saw the Tucks’ house! When Pa walked up to them he was so happy because Winnie was a “real child” and not one that was secretly older like Miles and Jesse.

12 Chapter 10 The Tucks welcomed Winnie into their house. Mae gave Winnie a tour of the house. Winnie noticed how messy their house was. Mae explained that they made things to sell. Winnie wondered why it was so dirty, but then she remembered that they had forever to clean it up.

13 Chapter 11 Winnie enjoyed meals at the Tuck’s house because they were so laid back, unlike her own house. Winnie began to remember her house and she began to become upset. They tried to calm her down. To explain things better to Winnie, Pa took Winnie out on his rowboat.

14 Chapter 12 Winnie and Pa were now on the rowboat in the water. They started to talk about the life cycle and the water cycle. “Winnie, if you drink that magic water, you’ll be left out of the life cycle just like us Tucks. “SO PELASE DO NOT DRINK THAT WATER WINNIE!!” When they went back to the house, their horse was gone. Someone had stolen it.

15 Chapter 13 The Man in The Yellow Suit appeared at the Foster’s gate once again, but now with a horse. He knocked on the door. Winnie’s grandmother opened the door. “I have good news’’ he began. “I know where they’ve taken your little girl, Winnie.”

16 Chapter 14 Mae makes Winnie a bed on the couch, when Winnie sleeps on it, it’s very uncomfortable. When everybody else was sleeping Jessie comes down to see Winnie. He says to Winnie that if she drinks the water when she is 17 they can go get married and run away together. Winnie says she will thinks about it.

17 Chapter 15 After The Man In The Yellow Suit appeared, he made a deal with the Fosters. The deal was: “If you give me some of your woods, I’ll return the little girl to you.” The Fosters agreed, because they missed Winnie A LOT.

18 Chapter 16 In this chapter The Man In The Yellow Suit goes to the sheriff’s office to tell him the Tucks “kidnapped” Winnie. The constable is pretty much forced to go arrest the Tucks. The Man In The Yellow Suit and the constable head out to find and arrest the Tucks.

19 Chapter 17 Miles and Winnie head out on the small and ugly boat to catch some fish for breakfast. There was a tug at Winnie’s line, but the fish let go and swam away. When Miles caught a fish, Winnie told him to put it back because she didn’t want it to die. In this chapter Winnie realizes that everything dies for a reason.

20 Chapter 18 When Winnie and Miles came home with no fish, Mae decided to have flapjacks for breakfast again. While in the middle of their breakfast and discussion, they heard someone knock at the door. It was a very old and super ugly man in a yellow suit.

21 Chapter 19 The Man In The Yellow Suit wants to take Winnie back to Treegap, and force her to drink some magic water so she can advertise for him. When Mae hears about it, she got Tuck’s double barrel shot gun and hits the Man In The Yellow Suit on the back of his head. The constable comes around the corner just in time to see all the action. If The Man In The Yellow Suit dies, Mae will go to the gallows he says.

22 Chapter 20 When the constable asked if Winnie was kidnapped, she told him, “ They didn’t kidnap me! I chose to come – their my friends.” The constable barely believed what Winnie said. He lifted her on to his fat horse to take her home. Mae gets on her fat horse because she is headed to jail.

23 Chapter 21 Winnie sits on her small, comforting rocking chair by her little window. While rocking back and forth to the beat of their Grandfather clock, the constable comes into the house to see the Fosters. “The Man In The Yellow Suit, that you sold your land to is dead.” The constable told them. When Winnie heard that she ran back into her room. Mae must not go to the gallows!

24 Chapter 22 It was one of the hottest days yet. Winnie went outside for a little bit and saw the toad (her toad). He looked extremely dry. Winnie saw Jessie across her gate and started talking to him. He handed her a magic bottle of spring water and said “Remember to drink it when your 17, then come and find me.”

25 Chapter 23 Winnie sat in bed waiting for 12:00 to come. She had nothing to do and she couldn’t stop thinking about her making a difference in the world. Out of boredom, she fell asleep around 11:00. When she awoke, it was 5 minutes until midnight. Winnie had not missed her chance.

26 Chapter 24 Winnie snuck outside to meet Jesse. Jesse and Winnie walked out to the jailhouse to meet Miles and Tuck where waiting. Miles almost finished opening the window so Mae could climb out. When the window was open they all helped Mae get out. Winnie stood up on the cot and looked out the window - the Tucks were gone.

27 Chapter 25 Winnie sits in her lawn recalling her adventure! While sitting there Winnie sees her little toad, a dog is trying to kill it. Winnie snatched up her toad and without thinking, she ran up to her room, grabbed the bottle of magic water, and ran downstairs and poured it on the toad. Now it was safe forever.

28 Epilogue The Tucks came back to Treegap and found out that Treegap had been burned down. They went to the cemetery and they saw a gravestone that had Winnie’s name on it. They became very sad. They saw a small toad on the road and picked it up and put it in the grass, then said, “That little guy must think he’ll live forever.”

29 Thank You! Thank you for watching our awesome Power Point Summary! We hoped you liked it! Our group had fun making it!

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