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Tuck Everlasting Ch summary By: Betsy & Bailley

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1 Tuck Everlasting Ch. 8-25 summary By: Betsy & Bailley

2 Chapter 8 Jesse told Winnie about the spring.
They took Winnie to their house to explain more about the spring. The man in the yellow suit was hiding behind the bushes and heard the entire conversation.

3 Chapter 9 Winnie and the Tucks arrived home. Winnie met Angus.
Angus said that Winnie was the best thing that had happened in 80 years. He also said that he was very happy because she was the first child that was actually going to grow up.

4 Chapter 10 The author was describing the Tucks dirty house (green plush sofa, shotgun in the corner, three armchairs, an old rocker… The boys slept in the loft. Winnie got a tour of the Tucks home.

5 Chapter 11 They had flapjacks, bacon, bread, and applesauce for breakfast. Winnie realizes that there are no rules to eating at the Tucks. Winnie realizes how uncomfortable she feels and wants to go home (she’s homesick.) Angus takes Winnie rowing on the pond to talk.

6 Chapter 12 Tuck and Winnie went rowing and a frog kept croaking.
Tuck was talking about how the pond is always different and is only the same for less than 2 seconds. Winnie was talking about the spring and said that she didn’t want to die. Miles was screaming about how the horse was stolen.

7 Chapter 13 Around midnight the man in the yellow suit got down from the saddle on the Tucks horse and tied it to the Foster’s gate. The man in the yellow suit invited himself in to the Foster’s home. The man in the yellow suit told Winnie’s Grandmother that he knew were they have taken her little girl.

8 Chapter 14 Winnie couldn’t go to sleep because her bed was lumpy and her pillow was hard. Jesse told Winnie to drink the spring when she was 17 so they could run away together and see the world. The Tucks kept asking if she was okay in the middle of the night. Jesse told Winnie in the middle of the night that she must keep the secret!!!

9 Chapter 15 The man in the yellow suit told the Fosters again that he knew where Winnie was. The man in the yellow suit said he would find Winnie if the Fosters gave him the property next door; the woods. Mr. Foster wanted to go with the man in the yellow suit, but the man in the yellow suit said that he wanted to do it his way.

10 Chapter 16 The constable was fat, and sleepy.
The constable thought that the man in the yellow suit was working with the kidnappers (the Tucks). The police officer was surprised that they would have to ride at least 20 miles. The man in the yellow suit was in a hurry to get to the Tucks house so he went ahead of the police officer.

11 Chapter 17 Winnie said that she loved the Tucks and that they were friends and hers alone. Winnie and Miles went fishing to get breakfast and to talk. Miles started talking about his daughter, Anna, and his son. Winnie asked Miles what he was going to do with his life, and he said something quite important but he doesn’t know yet.

12 Chapter 18 Winnie and Miles went fishing and Miles caught a fish but Winnie cried and asked him to through it back. The Tucks had flapjacks for breakfast again. Winnie thought that Angus Tuck was the dearest of them all. The man in the yellow suit knocked on the Tuck’s door.

13 Chapter 19 The man in the yellow suit told the Tuck’s that his grandmother had taught him the melody of the music box. The man in the yellow suit said that he was going to sell the spring water because he owns the woods including the magic spring. The man in the yellow suit took Winnie away against her will. Mae smacked the man in the yellow suit with the forgotten shotgun and the constable just came through the woods and saw it all.

14 Chapter 20 The constable questioned Mae about why she hit him. She told him that he was taking Winnie unwillingly, but he said that was what they did. Then Winnie said that she wanted to go with them. Winnie has to go home with the constable, and Mae must be locked up. Winnie was about to leave with the constable, when she told Angus that is was going to be okay. On the way to her home Winnie kept thinking that Mae couldn’t go to the gallows, because she can’t die.

15 Chapter 21 Winnie arrived home and her grandmother was babbling on, her mother was weeping, and her father was speechless. The Fosters were talking about if the man in the yellow suit died the woods would be theirs again. The constable came to the Foster’s house later that night and told the Fosters that the man In the yellow suit had died, and that Mae would have to go to the gallows.

16 Chapter 22 Winnie gripped the bars on the fence and immediately thought about Mae in the jailhouse. Winnie saw the toad that she threw rocks at across the road. She asked her grandmother if she could have a bowl of water for the toad, but by the time she came back it was gone. Jesse showed up crouching on the other side of the fence, and Jesse gave Winnie a bottle of the spring water.

17 Chapter 23 Winnie hid the bottle of water in her bureau drawer.
Winnie lay awake all night. Winnie was thinking about the conversation about the jail and if she was caught. Winnie went downstairs as the clock chimed five ‘til 12.

18 Chapter 24 Winnie crept outside and found it surprisingly easy.
Winnie kept thinking of an old poem; Stone do not a prison make, nor’ iron bars a cage. Winnie switched places with Mae in the jail cell. She wouldn’t go asleep, in fear that she would kick the blanket off of her.

19 Chapter 25 The constable found Winnie in the cell.
The constable told Winnie that she should be punished, but that she was to young. Winnie put the spring water on the toad and said," There! You are safe. Forever.” The gallows fell over in the wind.

20 Epilogue Mae and Angus Tuck returned to Treegap, and knew that is was different. There was an electrical storm in the woods about 3 years ago and it split a tree in half. Angus saw Winnie’s tombstone and said aloud, “Good girl.” Mae and Angus agreed that they didn’t need to return.

21 The End

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