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Learning about the Lebanon

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1 Learning about the Lebanon
Our literacy

2 Oranges in no man’s land

3 Freeze framing We really enjoyed reading the book, and it made us very interested in the people of Lebanon. We had to empathise with the characters and pretend to be them. The main character was Ayesha, she had a deaf friend called Samar. We have deaf children in our school because we have a sensory support unit attached to our school. We learn to sign, like Ayesha, to help us talk to our deaf friends.

4 Freeze framing Ayesha tried to get Medicine for her granny.
She had to go across no mans land. When she returned to her war torn flat her Granny was in bed and others were helping look after her.

5 Letter to a friend from Ayesha
Dear Friend I can’t decide where to begin, all the sad and exciting things I’ve been through on my latest adventure. I hope that you and your family are all right and that no one in your family has died, I’m missing you so much. Unfortunately my Gran had run out of medicine for her hip and Mum had died in this terrifying war. To find Granny’s medicine I had to cross the invisible Green Line! It was SO scary because I nearly got caught, the soldiers got me but, thinking of Samar, I pretended to be deaf so they couldn’t hear my accent. My heart was thumping like a giant thumping on the ground but a kind hearted man; Abu Butros, helped me escape. With a boys help I eventually found the house that I was looking for. Excitedly knocking on the blue door it was opened by an unfriendly old lady. I told the lady I was looking for Dr Leila, replying “NO, now go away!” she slammed the door in my face! Inconsolable I sat on the doorstep sobbing, not moving. Where could Dr Leila be?

6 Finally I heard a soft voice saying “let her in Auntie” Eventually I was somewhere safe after my journey. Asking if she knew me from somewhere Dr Leila showed me the way to her living room. Reminding her that my Granny used to work there Dr Leila smiled respectfully at me. Feeling embarrassed because of my tears I told her everything that had happened to me; Mum dying, me Nana , Latif and Ahmed living in an old flat that used to be a beautiful building and now me, travelling to try to get Granny’s medicine. “What a lot of things you have been through” said Dr Leila. I think she was amazed! Hearing about Granny’s pills she went to her store and came out with a large box full of medicine. They were all the medicines that Granny needed! Dr Leila said the drugs would last her more than a year, hopefully then she would be better and Dr Leila could visit her. Kindly she made dinner. We all sat down and ate her delicious dinner. While Dr Leila talked to a man about transporting me back across no mans land, there seemed to be a little argument. The man didn’t want to take me, but Dr Leila reminded him that she had treated his daughter so he finally agreed. While Dr Leila talked on the telephone her Auntie said really horrible things to me. I didn’t say anything, of course, but I hated her so much.

7 Smiling, Dr Leila came back into the room
Smiling, Dr Leila came back into the room. She told me that a man called Abu Bashir would collect me in a UN ambulance (United Nations). I had never been in an ambulance before; I suppose it was exciting although I didn’t want to leave Dr Leila. Finally the ambulance had arrived, I was just about to leave but then the selfish Auntie made me go and wash my hands, so I did. Their soap was lovely, all soft and scented. I rubbed some on my dress so that Samar could smell it. Before I left I hugged Dr Leila around the waist, I was sad to leave her but I knew I had to get the medicine back to Granny. Before I left she said to me “don’t grow up to hate anybody” I will always remember that, they are very important words and I think they will help me in my life. Once I got back I saw Samar (she loved the soap smell!) and ran to Granny, she took some medicine and is starting to look much better, so it was all worth it! Lots of love Ayesha Wtitten by Hattie year 5

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