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T UCK E VERLASTING By Natalie Babbitt PowerPoint by Cameron, Ashley, and Ben.

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1 T UCK E VERLASTING By Natalie Babbitt PowerPoint by Cameron, Ashley, and Ben

2 P ROLOGUE Three things happened with no common connection. At dawn, Mae Tuck rode her horse to the woods of Treegap. At noon, Winnie Foster thought about running away. At sunset, a stranger appeared at the Fosters’ gate.

3 C HAPTER O NE There was a little house with a “touch-me-not” appearance. The house had quick cut grass. The Fosters owned the Treegap wood. There was an Ash tree in the middle of the wood.

4 C HAPTER T WO Mae Tuck claims that her two sons, Jesse and Miles, will be home tomorrow. Tuck had a good dream again about being in heaven. Tuck knew how Mae looked when she was getting dressed. They have looked the same for eighty-seven years. Mae brings her music box wherever she goes.

5 C HAPTER T HREE Winnie talks to the toad. Winnie throws a pebble at a swarm of gnats. She talks to the toad about running away. She thinks about having a pet toad.

6 C HAPTER F OUR A stranger in a yellow suit came to the Fosters’ gate. “Elf” music from the wood of Treegap. Winnie Foster is outside catching fireflies. Winnie’s grandmother comes outside to get Winnie.

7 C HAPTER F IVE Winnie goes into the wood. She meets Jesse Tuck. She meets Mae and Miles after meeting Jesse. Mae sees Winnie knows their secret.

8 C HAPTER S IX Winnie was kidnapped. Mae, Jesse and Miles try to convince her that they are friends, not enemies. The “elf” music was Mae’s music box. Winnie is calmed by the music box.

9 C HAPTER S EVEN The Tucks told Winnie their story. Miles got married and had two children. The Tucks talked to Winnie about how they did things to hurt themselves but didn’t feel a thing. They said they were going to live forever.

10 C HAPTER E IGHT Winnie is the only person who knows the Tucks’ story. Jesse swings from tree branches to impress Winnie. Winnie goes home with the Tucks. She had found friendship with the Tucks.

11 C HAPTER N INE Winnie goes to the Tuck’s house. Miles and Jesse leaped into the pond in front of the Tucks house with their clothes on. Angus Tuck meets Winnie Foster. He is delighted to see a real child!

12 C HAPTER T EN Winnie was surprised at how dirty the Tucks’ house was. The Tucks ancient furniture. Mae tells Winnie what the boys are good at. Winnie gets a tour of the house.

13 C HAPTER E LEVEN Winnie talked at dinner time to break the silence. Miles and Jesse fight over who is going to take Winnie on the boat ride. They talk about T.M.I.T.Y.S. Winnie goes on the boat ride with Tuck.

14 C HAPTER T WELVE Winnie and Tuck are out on the boat in the pond. They talk about the life cycle. Winnie said she doesn’t want to die. Miles runs out of the house yelling that the horse is gone!

15 C HAPTER T HIRTEEN T.M.I.T.Y.S. stole the horse. Winnie’s grandmother opens the door for TMITYS.

16 C HAPTER F OURTEEN The Tucks have nothing to do but go to bed. Winnie sleeps on the couch. Mae talks to Winnie. Jesse talks to Winnie about marrying when she was seventeen.

17 C HAPTER F IFTEEN T.M.I.T.Y.S. persuades Winnie’s parents to sell the wood to him for Winnie. T.M.I.T.Y.S. told them that he and Winnie are already “friends.” T.M.I.T.Y.S. tells the Fosters that he will get Winnie. T.M.I.T.Y.S. says he is the only person in the world that knows where Winnie is.

18 C HAPTER S IXTEEN The man in the yellow suit goes to get the constable T.M.I.T.Y.S. is riding the Tucks’ horse Treegap has never had a kidnapper before The man in the yellow suit went ahead of the constable to the Tucks’ house

19 C HAPTER S EVENTEEN Winnie woke early for the second day in a row Miles asked Winnie if she wanted to go fishing Miles talked about his old life with a wife and two children Winnie yells at Miles to put the fish back

20 C HAPTER E IGHTEEN The Tucks, and Winnie, had flapjacks for breakfast again Miles and Winnie lied about catching fish Someone knocks on the door T.M.I.T.Y.S. is at the door of the Tucks cottage

21 C HAPTER N INETEEN The man in the yellow suit grabs Winnie’s arm The man in the yellow suitgrandma’s friend is Miles’ ex-wife T.M.I.T.Y.S.’ grandma had heard the music box before and knew it by heart The man in the yellow suit talks about his plan to sell the magic water from the magic spring Mae hits T.M.I.T.Y.S. with a shotgun

22 C HAPTER T WENTY T.M.I.T.Y.S. was lying on the ground unconscious Winnie went with them because she wanted to The constable said they would go to the gallows if T.M.I.T.Y.S. dies The constable takes Winnie home and Mae to jail

23 C HAPTER T WENTY - ONE Winnie’s family pampers her. T.M.I.T.Y.S. dies. Winnie sits in her rocking chair for comfort. Winnie decides to help save Mae from the gallows.

24 C HAPTER T WENTY - TWO Winnie went outside directly after breakfast. She saw her toad across the road and said hello. She tries to give water to the toad. Winnie receives magic water from Jesse in a bottle.

25 C HAPTER T WENTY - THREE Winnie is waiting for something to happen. Everyone went to bed early. Winnie fell asleep but she woke just in time to leave. Winnie was thinking about going away with Jesse when she was seventeen.

26 C HAPTER T WENTY - FOUR Leaving the house was so easy that Winnie was shocked. Winnie met Jesse outside. Winnie was spending time with Jesse. Winnie was reciting a poem in her head.

27 C HAPTER T WENTY - FIVE There was no trace of the Tucks. A dog tried to eat Winnies toad. Winnie poured Jesse’s magic water on her toad so it would live in peace forever. Winnie’s bottle lay empty in the grass beside her shoes while she gazed at the toad.

28 E PILOGUE It seemed like a long time since the Tucks had ridden their horse in Treegap. The wood had burned to the ground in a fire. The Tucks went to a breakfast diner and got some black coffee. The Tucks left and they rode down back to their home but stopped at a cemetery. Angus trudged into it and stood peering at a gravestone that was marked, R.I.P Winifred Foster Jackson, Loving Mother, Loving Wife.

29 T HANKS FOR WATCHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Special thanks to Natalie Babbitt for giving our class this great novel. Ben Griffin, Ashley Sellers, &Cameron Gravely ☺☻

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