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+ VP Communications Report Azra Avdagic November 4 th, 2012.

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1 + VP Communications Report Azra Avdagic November 4 th, 2012

2 + What have we been up to? New Website Cosmic Gate Access Copyright Terms of Reference Application Cover Sheet Review of Policies and Constitutions Regis Creating a Branding Strategy

3 + Social Media 1,124 1,057

4 + Updates… Distinguishing roles between the two Commissionersfor future reference More Social Media Promotions and Advertising from the Promo TeamKUCSC Accounts (centralizing flow of information) Discussed creating a new Commissioner position Change to Promo Commissioners

5 + Updates… Bri and I let them know about the possibility of a Switzer & Sullivan Scholarship Incredibly supportive Recommended an Expendable Account Will know life-span of scholarship It will be available for students next year Set amount of money each year Scholarship and Bursary Committee

6 + Communications Committee Social Media Commissioner (?) Decided on separating Promo Team Commissioner roles Website Release Video Release Cross-Campus Mixer in the New Year

7 + KUCSC Online Improvements: Book your events online! Take advantage of Advertising Form New Website: Launched Resource Centre=easier access and more user friendly format News Feed: submit news online, Reps take advantage of this if there is anything you want the Kings Community to know about Online Forumyet to be created: communication to wider Kings Community

8 + Creating a Branding Strategy Templates for future issues (one clear-cut appearancecreating a standard) To correlate with website Centralizationall material in one spot New issue November 16th Short-Story Competition starting soon!: e-mail Write for the Regis!

9 + Media! myKUCSC video release next week COSMIC GATE Advertising Buy tickets online, Kings Connection, Western Connections Look for contests on Facebook and on Twitter Contests begin Monday! For November: Regis, Gazette + CHRW Coverage 106.9 Phone Interview CHRW interview

10 + Platform Points Elections Policy Online Resource Centre Reaching out to Media Residence Council Improvement of Website Promoting Academic Events KUCSC Visibility

11 + Coming Up! Video Release New Regis issue! Kings Connection Website Releaseby Christmas? Your Council Shirts! COSMIC GATE! Awareness Weeks!

12 + Contact Me! /azra.avdagic @azraavd 519-933-8807

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