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Training for Nonprofits Part II of II: Using and Getting the Most out of Razoo Nevadas Big Give powered by.

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1 Training for Nonprofits Part II of II: Using and Getting the Most out of Razoo Nevadas Big Give powered by

2 Getting the Most out of Razoo 1. Create Projects, Fundraisers, and Teams. 2. Encourage Donations – be creative! 3. Plan a Fundraising Strategy. 2

3 Create: Projects From your nonprofit page, click the Fundraise button on the right hand side to create a page for a specific program or event, which we call Projects. Click Share to embed a Status Widget on your website or in your e-mail signature. The status widget updates as donations are made to your project and is hyperlinked to your project page. 3

4 Create: Fundraisers Direct supporters to click the Fundraise button on the right hand side of your organizations page. Fundraisers are customizable pages where supporters can use their own personality to raise funds on your behalf. When individuals share why they love your nonprofit through their fundraiser, your work gains more exposure and support. 4

5 Create: Teams A team page unites multiple people who are fundraising for the same cause or event. Overall progress is tracked and organized in one central location. Once the Fundraise link is clicked, click Set Up a Team and follow the prompts. 5

6 Encourage: Asking Personal: Send e-mails to individuals, or call them on the phone, rather than sending mass e- mails. Relevant: Help supporters relate by telling stories about ways your nonprofit has made a difference. Concrete: Provide examples of work your organization has done and ways that their donations will bring about future good. 6

7 Encourage: Creativity Associate your online fundraiser with an actual event. Have people donate to your fundraiser on a laptop, iPhone, or iPad: –host a party or happy hour –invite people into your office –start a competition Use photos and captions to tell a story or make a video highlighting the work of your nonprofit. 7

8 Examples of Creativity Tell a story with images and captions. Add suggested donation amounts to express the value of a donation. Connect your fundraiser with the actual work of your organization and help donors relate. 8

9 Examples of Creativity Use a matching grant to inspire generosity, generate enthusiasm, and double your donations. Tell the story of a specific way your organization has made a difference. 9

10 Plan: Getting Organized Go to http://nvbiggive.org Click on NP toolkit button Utilize email, Facebook and Twitter templates Use press release link Review FAQs for clarification 10

11 Plan: Pre-Giving Day –Promote the event in your newsletter & explain on your website that November 17 th is Nevadas Big Give day. –Ask for a matching grant. –Personally ask top donors, and talk about the day in regular conversation. –Update your Facebook status with a link to the Nevada landing page: 11

12 Plan: Pre-Giving Day Two weeks before: –E-mail supporters to remind them about the day. –Set up your matching grant on Razoo. One week before: –Update Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis. –Send supporters a link to your organizations Razoo page where they can donate. 12

13 Plan: Giving Day Send three e-mails throughout the day to supporters. –Update them on fundraising progress. –Remind them of your overall goal. –Provide a reason for them to give again. Promote your matching grant, $10 = $20, etc. Utilize Facebook and Twitter. –Cheer on donors with status updates. –Ask questions to generate conversation & community. 13

14 Plan: Giving Day Statistics show that prime giving times for past giving day events have been: –Before work (6 AM – 9 AM) –Lunchtime hours –After work (6 PM – 9 PM) Suggest that matching grants, if any, be restricted to these time periods. 14

15 Plan: Post-Giving Day Send thank you e-mails to donors 1-2 days after the event. –Tell them how their donation was put to good work and made a difference. –Provide updates about your nonprofit. –Make it easy for them to stay in touch. Send physical thank you notes to top donors. Build life-long supporters and friends of your nonprofit. 15

16 Contact We are excited to see you succeed. Please contact us with any questions or if there is any way we can better support your fundraising efforts. We are here to help! Technical questions General questions Or 866-437-1952 Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm EST 16

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