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Dr. Matt Varga Jonna Greer University of West Georgia

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1 Dr. Matt Varga Jonna Greer University of West Georgia
Assistant Professor of Counselor Education and College Student Affairs Jonna Greer University of West Georgia & Agnes Scott College Graduate Assistant

2 Why Technology? Astin (1984) – an institution’s policies contribute to student development. Levine and Dean (2012) – technology is a developing area inside and outside of the classroom Ellison, Steinfield and Lampe (2007) – students are more connected to campus and informed of campus activities Tinto (1993) – Increased engagement and connection contributes to student success.

3 Presentation Outcomes
Develop knowledge of the needs of multiple generations of students and the role of technology within the generations. Explore the importance of engaging students through technology Discuss the different types of technology available for free and for cost Gain understanding of best usage for your office and campus

4 Types of Technology Social Media Online learning tools
Online Storage Sites Polling software Online forms Assessment and Survey sites

5 Technology for Multiple Generations
What does this tell us? Source:

6 Factors to Consider when Implementing Technology
Amount Usage Branding Staffing Connecting How much technology is too much? How often to utlilize? How is technology better promoting your brand? Staffing – who will be in charge of the new technology How are your students connecting, if connecting at all with technology?

7 Research and Supporting Use
Social media Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Current Generation Tech-Savy Engagement Democratic Benefits Spatial Boundaries Temporal Boundaries Endless Information Facebook – 1.11 Billion users (1/7th of the world’s population) Twitter – 645 million users LinkedIn – 259 million users This current generation is tech-savy as they have grown up with iPad’s iPhones, and other means that directly connects them to their social world. Currently 95% of undergraduates utilize Facebook in some form. Additionally, this current generation want’s to feel connected to everything, they want to be involved and want to know what is going on. They also want to be heard. All of these things contribute to their need and desire for social media, because it fulfills that desire. The benefits of social media excludes the restrictions placed on classroom engagement and face-to-face interactions; We have access to endless amounts of information and can communicate. For example, students send me articles via facebook, I post articles via facebook; they begin to think about issues we discuss in class and review these articles with a critical eye all while doing somehting else thereby eliminating the temporal limitations of learning.

8 How often do you utilize social media in your profession?

9 Programming and Marketing with Social Media
Passive programming – post facts and statistics Photo competitions Directly invite students to events (must be friends first) Post daily information such as the weather to gain loyalty Promote your brand and show students what your office is all about

10 Example Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Vine:
Agnes Scott College Center for Student Engagement’s Instagram page University of West Georgia’s Weekend Programming Instagram page Twitter: @CSE_ASC @UWG_Weekends Facebook: Agnes Scott College Center for Student Engagement’s Facebook page Vine: @CSE_ASC Hyperlinks are now in the icons at the top and should probably be brought up before.

11 Facebook Page, Person or Group
Multiple managers Page analytics for posts Organization or business No direct updates on notifications Must invite students to events through your personal friends Only one login Some direct updates on notifications – goes through news feed Can invite all of your “friends” to an event No page analytics Multiple managers under personal account No analytics Organization or business Direct updates on notifications Create events and share files Must join group to have full access

12 Facebook Page

13 Facebook Person

14 Facebook Group

15 Twitter Hashtags: #NASPA2014 Questions to consider:
Use for “What to do?” at your campus. Organize tweets Tweet topics Questions to consider: How many hashtags are too much? What hash tags are my students using?

16 Online Learning Tools Blackboard Moodle
Leadership retreat resources (online storage) Safe Zone Training and materials Engage students through discussions Create online orientation module or leadership course

17 Online Applications and Forms
Google Drive Forms Wufoo Advantages: Clean interface, themes, online payment, export to pdf or excel Fee required for full service Can also be used for assessment Can only share with purchase of multiple users Advantages: Easy to share with other google users, automatically into excel No Fee required Can also be used for assessment Can also be used for storage and shared via gmail

18 Wufoo Application

19 Google Form

20 Surveys and Assessment Tools
Survey Gizmo Google Forms Survey Monkey Surveys can be duplicated Reports can be downloaded Share via and social media Costs for more advanced themes and analytics Can share forms with other users via Gmail Downloads into live excel format Data analysis sheet cuts off some responses Easy to use and pre-created templates Share via and social media Use one shared login No analytics Can be downloaded in multiple formats Share via and social media Costs for upgrades such as theme and analytics

21 Survey Gizmo

22 Google Form

23 Survey Monkey

24 Video Technology Engages visual learners
Pride assists with participation Dalton State College Road Runner Respect Video Project Source:

25 Technology Branding Activity
On a sheet of paper, write down three words that describe your office, or program, etc.


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