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Welcome everyone! Our presentation today is: Getting the word out about #ALW2015 Presenter: Adam Sawell Session time: 1.00 pm AEDT (Eastern Daylight Savings.

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1 Welcome everyone! Our presentation today is: Getting the word out about #ALW2015 Presenter: Adam Sawell Session time: 1.00 pm AEDT (Eastern Daylight Savings Time) While you wait, test your audio. From the top menu: Tools / Audio / Audio Setup Wizard Type in the Chat section and say “Hello”. Feel free to chat with fellow participants. Ask questions if you need to.

2 Getting the word out about Adult Learners’ Week 2015 Webinar Series

3 In Today’s Webinar We Will Look at the opportunity presented by Adult Learners’ Week for your organisation Look at different ways to engage with your local community Look at approaches to take with local media and how to go about it Look at social media engagement in and around Adult Learners’ Week The intention is to inspire you and show you what is possible!

4 Adult Learners’ Week – The Opportunity Adult Learners’ Week ‘big picture’ opportunities: Provides you with an opportunity to talk about your ‘core business’ – adult education Gives people (particularly the media) a reason to listen to you Presented in the right way it makes adult education newsworthy It presents you with an opportunity to develop ongoing relationships, be they with local media, local community organisations or individuals What resources will I need? Time & enthusiasm, but surprisingly little money Support materials to make your job easier Advice and guidance

5 What Do You Want To Achieve? Engagement, specifically engagement with your community Raise awareness of your centre and the adult education opportunities it offers Tell your story – who you are, what you do, even why you do it Position adult learning, and the role your centre or organisation plays in adult learning, as an important part of your local community Importantly, WHY do you want to do it? Show the thousands of opportunities available for everyone to learn something new Begin the process of establishing ongoing relationships with other community groups, local media, the local MP… Re-establish contact with former students / learners Develop new revenue streams? Unlocking learning. Lifelong learning for everyone

6 Some Community Engagement Ideas Take your centre out into the community during Adult Learners’ Week – but think about it… Bring the community into your centre during Adult Learners’ Week Get local people – your people – to tell your story Engage with local traders Community radio – not to be under estimated – Plug into the local online community Utilise your local MP for something good!

7 Approaching Your Local Media Where do I start? What will work with local media – the story angle… Human interest – adult education can change lives…do you have an example of this? Open day type event with an informed speaker or local celebrity Our local community’s best kept secret… New courses or prospectus launched during Adult Learners’ Week Celebrating an anniversary or special event during Adult Learners’ Week Creating your own news story 20 th anniversary of Adult Learners’ Week! Who What Where When How Why

8 Putting Together A News Release A news release template is available on the Adult Learners’ Week website What you need to do: Insert your details into the headline and adapt the headline to your story Ensure your news or event information is included in the first couple of paragraphs Try and include a case study – the human angle – story and quote Include your website, social media, email details Include contact details for media to follow up Get someone else to read it Get on the phone!

9 Social Media and Adult Learners’ Week Adult Learners’ Week resources available to you - easy content for you to share accessible via the Adult Learners’ Week website: Facebook page Twitter account YouTube channel Pinterest board Social media competition ‘I am #unlockinglearning…’ The basics: #unlockinglearning and #ALW2015 Combine your own content and share other people’s content – conversation Don’t be afraid to have an opinion!

10 Social Media Content Ideas You are looking to engage with people, make them think, make them smile… Don’t forget the theme – Unlocking Learning. Lifelong learning for everyone Shared content Pictures with quotes get shared! Behind the scenes… Statistics Make it local, make it personal – student stories Feature your traditional media content Also cover the big picture List your events on the Adult Learners’ Week event finder

11 Five Things To Do… We’ve covered a lot in a short space of time! 1.Access the resources toolkit on the Adult Learner’s Week website 2.Develop a short list of media and social media story ideas 3.Decide who you want to reach out to 4.Explore the Adult Learners’ Week social media platforms 5.Refine your own social media platforms – who you follow, who your message reaches

12 Until Tomorrow! Thank you for taking part and we hope that this session will help you tell your story over the next few weeks! How to run a successful Adult Learners’ Week event Wednesday 12 August, 1pm Showcasing your organisation, offering and people during Adult Learners’ Week

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