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Lesson 6: Messages in the Media

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1 Lesson 6: Messages in the Media

2 What is media? Media is the communication of information and messages to the public. What types of media do you view/access regularly? Newspapers Television Radio Internet Magazines Advertising/Billboards Flyers Social Media 2

3 What are the different types of media?
Media can be divided into three main types: Paid Media: Awareness gained through paid advertising, such as commercials or newspaper ads. Earned Media: Awareness gained through efforts that are not advertising, such as news coverage. Owned Media: Personal promotional sources, such as your own website, blog, Facebook page, YouTube channel and/or Twitter feed. Media can also be classified as Old media or New media.

4 Old Media Includes broadcast sources (TV and radio)
Includes print sources (newspaper, magazines and flyers). Mostly one way communication Released at a specific time each day/week/month Reaches a limited number of people in a specific area

5 New Media Is easily accessible, such as online sources and social media platforms. Usually two-way communication (interactive) User-driven Released in real-time (when something happens) The reach is usually limitless (no borders)

6 Facts vs. Opinions In most cases, the news media provides factual and informational coverage to inform the public without letting their opinions interfere. The news media also produces opinion pieces or editorials, where news organizations will share their opinions and analysis.

7 The Importance of News Media
The news media play an important role in creating a healthy and strong democracy. It is their job to inform citizens and make sure our elected representatives and governments are honest and open with information.

8 The Role of News Media in an Election
Report on the events of an election Provide a way for parties/candidates to get their message out Provide a way for citizens to communicate their concerns and opinions Promote debate between competing parties and candidates Advertise the election process to voters Share and report on the election results

9 P.E.I. Newspapers The Guardian –
The Journal Pioneer – The Eastern Graphic – The West Prince Graphic –

10 Final Thoughts What are the pros and cons to different types of media?
Why is it important to know the difference between opinion and fact? Why is media important?

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