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Welcome to our town Bielsk Podlaski POLAND. Come with us and walk around.

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1 Welcome to our town Bielsk Podlaski POLAND

2 Come with us and walk around.

3 Location 4 Bielsk Podlaski is a town in north-eastern Poland. It is situated on the Bielsk Plain, in the south of the Podlasie province. The town is located on the Biala river. It is a quite small river, but people like coming to the river bank for resting and fishing. 4 In our town there are about 28000 inhabitants

4 History 4 Bielsk Podlaski is one of the oldest towns in Podlasie. The first settlements came to Bielsk in the 10th century. 4 The town was presumably established in the 11th century by Kiev Prince Jarosław.  Bielsk became an important place when Władysław Jagiełło ascended the throne of Poland. 4 The town received the city laws from Witold – the Great Prince of Lithuania in 1430. 4 After this, Bielsk Podlaski developed very quickly until the "Swedish Deluge" when it was nearly completely destroyed.

5 Nowadays 4 Nowadays, without a doubt Bielsk Podlaski is a beautiful and exceptional town. There are a lot of old but lovely buildings. The old wooden houses and the modern buildings complete the richness of architecture of our town.

6 Kopernik Street 4 This is Kopernik Street. Let’s start our trip from here. This is our school. The school is between the Town Office (local Government is based there) and the Post Office. Next to the post Office there is the District Police Station. The park is opposite our school.

7 “Aquarius” 4A4And this is the town swimming pool “Wodnik”. In English the name of this object is “Aquarius”. Children and the youth skilled in sport find opportunity to improve their fitness there.

8 Main Street 4 The main street of our town is Mickiewicz Street. 4 There are a lot of shops, banks, restaurants, and blocks of flats.

9 The Town Hall 4 There you can see the late- baroque Town Hall. It was built in the 18th century, founded by Izabela Branicka. Nowadays, there is the Regional Museum. 4 At New Year a lot of people come there to ‘see the new year in’. At midnight they watch fireworks.

10 Churches 4T4The town of Bielsk Podlaski has several antique Churches. We are multicultural population, therefore in the landscape of Bielsk the towers of Catholic churches alternate with cupolas of Orthodox churches. The oldest Orthodox church in Bielsk Podlaski was built in 16th century. The Catholic Carmelitan Church, Church of Divine Mercy and the Church of Birth of Holy Virgin Mary and St. Nicolas are also worth seeing.


12 The green belt 4T4The green belt occupies about 14 hectares. People come here to have a rest, and walk, and parents take their children here to play with them.

13 Castle Hill 4 The biggest green belt area is the park near Castle Hill. As historians say, many years ago there was a castle on the hill. That castle was frequently visited by princes and kings. Nowadays there are not any remains. Near the Castle Hill there are the Railway Station and National Transport Company.

14 Monuments 4 In our town there are many monuments commemorating outstanding people and important events of Polish history.

15 Events January: 4 Carols Evening ; 4 Polish Nation-wide Festivals of Carols and Pastorals ‘Kantyczka’; March: 4 Recitation Competition ‘Verse about Homeland’; 4 Farewell to the Winter, Getting the Spring; April: 4 Recitation Competition for Secondary School Pupils; May: 4 Recitation Competition for Kindergarten Pupils ‘For Gold Wand’; June: 4 Days of Bielsk Podlaski; August: 4 Recitation Competition ‘Poetic Three-Voice’; October: 4 Festival ‘Bards Autumn’, November: 4 Festival of Ukrainian Culture; 4 Presentation of Artistic Output of Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary Schools; December: 4 New Year’s Eve Under the Stars;

16 All we love our town.

17 Authors Pupils from Primary School in Bielsk Podlaski, Poland under the supervision of Mrs Beata lenartowicz and Mrs Alicja Krystosiuk Uczniowie Szkoły Podstawowej Nr 5 im. Szarych Szeregów ul. Kopernika 3, 17-100 Bielsk Podlaski pod opieką Beaty Lenartowicz i Alicji Krystosiuk

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