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The City of Tours By Chae Won Park Giant Cedar Tree.

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1 The City of Tours By Chae Won Park Giant Cedar Tree

2 Tours Population: 140,000 Nickname: “Le Jardin de la France” (The Garden of France) Location: Indre-Loire department, on Loire river Touraine – famous for wines Largest city in Centre region Touraine – former province of France; region around Tours (its capital) Centre – one of 26 regions of France

3 Tours (cont.) Inhabitants (Tourangeaux) – known for speaking purest form of French Most standard pronunciation Battle of Tours – 732 A.D. Site of Paris-Tours cycling race Battle of Tours – one of most decisive battles in history; Christians vs. Muslims – stopped Islamic conquests and preserved Christianity in Europe Tours doesn’t have a major chateau because of World War II.

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5 Famous Sites The Old City (le Vieux Tours) – original medieval district Half-timbered buildings la Place Plumereau – town square ( /Le-Vieux-Tours- France) Half-timbering – method of building used in 13th-18th centuries

6 La Place Plumereau Source:

7 Famous Sites (cont.) Saint Gatien’s Cathedral (Cathédrale Saint- Gatien de Tours) Roman Catholic Romanesque and Gothic architecture Romanesque – tower buttresses Gothic – ornamentation

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10 Famous Sites (cont.) Musée des Beaux-Arts de Tours (Museum of Fine Arts of Tours) Palais des Archevêques (Archbishop’s Palace) – former building Classified as “monument historique” on 27 June 1983 Fairly large collection of paintings, including two by Andrea Mantegna ( Museum of Fine Arts of Tours – near St. Gatien’s Cathedral

11 Source: http://en. wikipedia

12 Jésus au jardin des oliviers by Andrea Mantegna, 1459
La Résurrection by Andrea Mantegna, 1459

13 Transportation TGV – one of main lines
Tours Loire Valley Airport - connects the Loire Valley to London Stansted Airport and Dublin Bus service Main central stop - Jean Jaures – next to the Hôtel de Ville and Rue Nationale, the main street of Tours Tours does not have a metro rail system. Hôtel de Ville – City Hall Hôtel de Ville

14 TGV Map Source:

15 References “Tours.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 30 January Web. 31 January <> “Site de la Ville de Tours.” <> Vieux-Tours-France guide/france/tours/index.html

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