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BAHASA INGGRIS Short Dialogs Questions Number 1 - 4 Part I

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2 Short Dialogs Questions Number 1 - 4 Part I

3 Man: Excuse me. Is there a grocery store around here? Woman : Yeah, there is one near here. Man: Can you tell me how to get there? Woman : Sure! Go straight down this street for two blocks. Turn left when you get to Maple street. Stay on Maple street for half a block. Its on the left- hand side. Narrator: What is the woman doing? Question 1

4 Woman : Why didnt you answer my call? Man : Did you call me? When? Woman : Around 18 in the evening. Man : Oh, I was already in bed. I felt very exhausted after working in the garden from morning till afternoon. Narrator: When did the woman call the man? Question 2

5 Dad: I heard you passed your exam with flying colors. Im very proud of you! Daughter: Thank you dad! I got 10 for Math and Biology. Narrator: What is the topic of the conversation? Question 3

6 Woman : Thank you very much for the beautiful book, Mr. Sugeng. It was very nice of you to remember my birthday. Man: It was the life I could give you. I hope you like it. Narrator: What is the dialogue about? Question 4

7 Questions & Responses Questions Number 5 - 7 Part II

8 Man: Hi, Debby! Thank you for the book you gave me. Woman : Dont mention it. Do you like it? Narrator: What is the man probably answer? A. Thanks Goodness. B. Yes. I image reading it. C. I like the way you treat me. D. Sure! Absolutely, you are right. Question 5

9 Man : I really made a mistake. Woman : What about? Man : I have broken your pen. Woman : That pen? Oh, no! Narrator: What is the man most likely reply? A. Id love that pen. B. Thank you. C. Im proud of you. D. Im very sorry. Question 6

10 Man : Do you want me to carry these books to your room? Woman : No, thanks. Man : Let me bring your bag, then. Narrator: What is the woman probably response? A. My bag is black and big. B. I will go to the teacher room. C. Thank you very much. D. Its a hand-made leather bag. Question 7

11 Pictures Questions Number 8 - 11 Part III

12 Woman : Did you come to our school reunion last night? Man: No. I had a surgery with some fellow doctors in the emergency room. Did you go? Woman : Yes. I met so many old friends there. Bill is a lawyer. He works for his own both firms. Edward is a Math teacher in Houston. John is in the Army, and his Brother, Jimmy, is a pilot. Narrator: Which picture shows the mans occupation? Question 8

13 Man: Have you cook the rice, honey? Woman : Not yet! I think we need a new gas stove. This old one is not work very well anymore. Man: Okay, then. Lets buy one, then. Narrator: Which picture shows what they want to buy? Question 9

14 This animal have a pair of wings. It is active at night. And its sleep during the day. People regards the animal as a manifestation of Dracula. It has broad-round eyes and sharp thing. This animal can be found in the cave hanging upside down. Narrator: Which picture goes to the monologue? Question 10

15 I love gardening. I have a small garden in my backyard. There are daffodils, Cambodian flowers, orchids, red roses and white lilies. My oldest daughter, Annisa, is crazy about red roses. She always help me watering the flowers in the afternoon. I love all my flowers. Narrator: Which flower does Annisa like? Question 11

16 Short Talks Questions Number 11 - 15 Part IV

17 (CNN) - A major snowstorm slammed the East Coast and foiled the busy holiday travel season as airports shut down the runways, rail services was slowed and bus routes were suspended on the last weekend before Christmas. Three deaths in Virginia were blamed on the storm, state officials said. One person was killed late Friday in a single-car crash. Two other deaths were reported Saturday as there was more heavy snow than expected. Question 12-13

18 12. Narrator: What is the monologue about? 13. Narrator: How many casualties were there in the incident? Question 12-13

19 Question 14-15

20 The anaconda is the largest snake in the world. Also known as the Water Boa, this giant, meat-eater lives in swampy areas of tropical South America. It spends a lot of time in shallow water, hidden from unsuspecting prey. Anacondas are related to boa constrictors. They give birth to 20 to 40 baby snakes at one time. Like all snakes, anacondas are cold-blooded; they have the same temperature as the environment. They continue to grow all their lives, getting bigger and bigger each year. The longest anaconda ever found was 11.4 m long, there are probably even bigger anacondas that have not been seen. Anacondas are greenish-brown with a double row of black oval spots on the back and smaller white markings on the sides. Question 14-15

21 14. Narrator: What is the monologue about? 15.Narrator: How many babies is an anaconda give birth at one time? Question 14-15

22 Thats the end of Listening Section.

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