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1.People in the office say that her bright red clothes do not__her age. A.match B.follow C.take D.go 2. Keep _____ for the milkman, I want to pay him.

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Presentation on theme: "1.People in the office say that her bright red clothes do not__her age. A.match B.follow C.take D.go 2. Keep _____ for the milkman, I want to pay him."— Presentation transcript:


2 1.People in the office say that her bright red clothes do not__her age. A.match B.follow C.take D.go 2. Keep _____ for the milkman, I want to pay him today. A.seeingB. look C. a lookD. watch

3 3.No one can match her__knowledge of classical music. A.with D.against 4.We agreed__here but so far she hasnt turned up yet. A.having meet B.meeting meet have met

4 5.---What do you think of the meal? ---Although some dishes dont agree__me, its a really a nice meal. A.on C.with D.for 6.A library with five thousand books ___ to the nation as a girl. offered B.has offered C.are offered D.have offered

5 7.In spite of the trouble, the workers __the work on time. A.tried to finish B.managed to finish C.tried finishing D.managed finishing 8.He always works hard. It is__that hell pass the exam. A.sure B.certain C.surely D.certainly

6 9.Quite a few people used to believe that disaster__if a mirror was broken A.was sure of striking B.was sure of having struck C.was sure to be struck D.was sure to strike

7 10.How can you avoid mistakes when Youre__? a such hurry such a hurry that way D.too quick 11.All the boys have geography books and they will be__me if I dont get one. A.before B.ahead of front of the front of

8 12.--Do you mind my smoking here? --____. A.Yes,you can smoke. B.Certainly not. Go ahead,please. C.Yes, go ahead please. D.No, you cant smoke.

9 13.I was too excited to__but to grasp his hands firmly. myself my thanks D.both A and B

10 14.In some parts of London, missing a bus means__for another hour. A.waiting wait C.wait be waiting 15---Why havent you bought any butter? ---I__to but I forgot about it. A.liked B.wished C.meant D.expected

11 16.The house__mine dates back to 1900. It is very old but strong enough to stay up. A.opposite B.opposite to opposite D.both A and B

12 17.The captain__an apology to the passengers for the delay caused by the bad weather. A.made B.sad C.put D.passed

13 18.They come to help us as soon as they got__their work. A.over B.on C.through D.across 19.Im sorry you were not satisfied with our service, madam. I will__this matter. A.look up B.look in C.look on D.look into

14 20. They came to help us as soon as they got ___ their work. A. over B. on C. through D. across 21. Please tell me the way you thought of _____ the garden. A.take care of B. to take care of C. taking care of D. how to cake care of

15 22. In western countries, knife and fork ____ the place of chopsticks. used to take B. are used to take C. is used to taking D. are used to taking 23. It was raining heavily. Little Mary felt cold, so she stood ____ to her mother. A. close B.closely C.closed D.closing

16 24. Wouldnt it be _____ wonderful world if all nations lived in ____ peace with one another? A.a; / B. the; / C. a; the D. the; the 25. –You are so lucky. - What do you mean ___ that? A. for B. in C. of D. by


18 1.It is said that the murderer escaped___the direction of Shenzhen. C.from D. in 2.Dont regret having said that any longer. Ill be firmly____. A.on the side B.on your side your side your side

19 3.____!he cried. Thats where the trouble is. A.Ive known it B.Ive seen it C.Ive got it D.Ive heard it 4.Do you know the way____the Disneyland? A.leads to B.led to C.leading to D.leading

20 5.Every one of us likes jokes, because they can____us. A.amuse amused amusing D.amusing 6.As time____, man becomes old. Which is wrong? A.goes on B.passes C.flies D.walks

21 7.Rather than____on a crowded bus, he always prefers___a bicycle. A.ride;ride B.riding;ride C.ride;to ride ride;riding

22 8.Its too late, besides, its raining hard outside. He is____to come. A.unlike B.unlikely D.likely 9.The clouds are gathering, it looks like___. rain B.raining C.rain raining

23 10.If I had___, Id visit Europe, stopping at all the small interesting places. A.a long enough holiday enough long holiday C.a holiday enough long D.a long holiday enough

24 11.Mr Smith has a lot of business___. I know by ____that this man cant be trusted. A.experience;experience B.experiences; experience C.experience; experiences D.experiences;experiences

25 12.The film____a novel by D.H.Lawrence will be___tonight. A.based on;on based on; on C.basing on;show basing on;playing __

26 13.___such heavy pollution already, it may now be too late to clean up the river. A.Having suffered B.Suffering C.To suffer D.Suffer

27 14.Only when your identity has been checked____. are allowed in will be allowed in C.will you allow in D.will you be allowed in

28 15.They would not allow him___across the enemy line. risk going B.risking to go C.going to risk D.risk going

29 16.Dont give up hope. ___and youre sure to make it. A.Go on to try B.Go to try C.Go on trying D.Goes on 17.China Daily is____a newspaper, it can also help us to improve our English. A.less than B.more than C.not more than more than

30 18.What worried the child most was___to visit his mother in the hospital. A.His not allowing B.his not being allowed C.his being not allowed D.having not been allowed

31 19.I really appreciate___to relax with you on this nice island. have had time B.having time have time having time 20.Once your business becomes international,____constantly will be part of your life. fly B.your flight C.flight D.flying

32 21.Thirty passengers were hurt,____. A.included 5 children B.include 5 children C.including 5 children D.5 children including 22.The water___for two hours yesterday. A.was cut off B.cut off C.cut out D. was cut out

33 23.Its raining harder___. A.ever than B.than ever C.ever before D.before ever 24.I tried to be____friendly to him as___.;I can;I;possible;possible

34 25.Ive worked with children before, so I know what____in my new job. A.expected expect be expecting D.expects

35 26.The business man asked much____price than____. A.high;expecting B.higher;expecting C.higher;expected D.more expensive;expected

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