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The Dungeon An e-book presentation with worksheets Panchis day out. The Dungeon. ESO 1,2,

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2 The Dungeon An e-book presentation with worksheets Panchis day out. The Dungeon. ESO 1,2,

3 The Dungeon Present Simple. Descriptions. Clothes. Places Meet Pepa and Panchi. They are cousins. Pepa is 13 and Panchi is 11. They live in Barcelona. Pepa lives in a big block of flats in the city centre and Panchi lives on a farm in the countryside. Pepa : tall and thin blonde hair blue eyes blue t-shirt red skirt white socks blue shoes Panchi: short and thin black hair brown eyes red t-shirt grey shorts orange socks green shoes Colour them in

4 Before we start I would like to introduce you to my family. This is my mum and dad. Yes, Im Pepas mum. My names Silvi and Im a housewife. I look after my husband and three children and I do all the cooking and cleaning at home. Weve got a big flat in the city centre. Its very hard work. Im Manolo. Manolo Suarez. Im Pepas father. As you can see Im a dentist and I work in the city. When Im not working I like fishing and walking in the country with my dogs. Im sorry, but Im very busy at the moment - so I cant talk now - goodbye ! The Dungeon Introductions. Present Continous. Family. Professions.

5 The Dungeon Introductions. Professions. Family. I would like… …..and this is my brother Tito and my sister Juani. Hi! Im Tito. Im the eldest. Im eighteen and Im a university student. I am studying to be a lawyer and when I qualify I would like to work in Madrid. Im Pepas big sister. My names Juani and Im sixteen years old. Im still at school at the moment but I hope to go to university soon. I like fashion and I buy a lot of clothes so when I finish uni I would like to be a clothes designer for a major company.

6 The Dungeon Introductions. Family. Personal information. Numbers. I would like to introduce my family too. These are my parents Mari Carmen and Sergio. Hello. Yes, Im Mari Carmen. Im a hairdresser and Ive got my own business in a suburb of Barcelona. Im forty eight years old and Ive got three children. Panchi is the youngest. Silvi, Pepas mother, is my sister. …and Im Sergio, Panchis father. As you know I am a farmer and we have a small family farm on the outskirts of Barcelona – about 20 hectares. We have a few sheep and a few cows, but our principal business is growing cereals and vegetables for the local markets.

7 The Dungeon Introductions. Family. Comparatives/Suerlatives … and these two monsters are my older brothers. Theyre twins. Yes, we re twins. But Im the oldest. I was born three minutes before Manito. Oh! By the way, my names Carlo. Were eleven and a half years old and our birthday is in May. Little Panchito gets very angry with us sometimes – poor baby!

8 The Dungeon 1Where does Pepa live? 2Does Panch live in the city? 3What does Pepas mother do? 4Is Pepas father a doctor? 5Is Tito younger than Jauni? 6 Where would Tito like to work? 7 Is Juani a university student? 8What does Panchis mother do? 9Does she work in the city centre? 10Is Sergio a dentist? 11What is his main business? Reading Comprehension 1 Pages 1 - 5

9 The Dungeon Question words. school/subjects. Love/hate. Days of the week Today is Friday. School is finished. Pepa and Panchi are going home on the school bus. They are both very happy. Friday is a hard day. Panchi has a maths exam every Friday afternoon. He hates maths. Pepa always has two hours of English every Friday morning. She loves the subject - but its very difficult. What subjects do you like? What subjects do you hate? What is your favourite subject?

10 The Dungeon Adjectives. Present Simple/Continuous. Articles a and an. Its hot and sunny – not a cloud to be seen - an excellent day. The sky is blue. The sun is bright. The trees and grass are green and yellow and the ground is hard and dry. Today is Saturday. Pepa and Panchi are playing with the twins in a field on the farm. The twins are hiding and Pepa and Panchi are looking for them. Whereareyou?Whereareyou? We can see you!

11 The Dungeon Present Continuous. going to … and Will Future. Time. Today is Sunday and it is in the morning. Today is a special day because Pepa and Panchi are going to the zoo. They are going with Pepas big brother, Tito. Panchi is very excited. What animals do you think they will see? Make a list on the next slide. Zoo

12 The Dungeon Vocabulary. Worksheet Free writing. I think they will see: What is your favourite animal and why? My favourite animal is

13 The Dungeon Vocabulary. Worksheet Well done! Now draw lines to the animals - or name them as they appear. tiger bird kangaroo snake gorilla polar bear penguin lion giraffe zebra monkey elephant hippo crocodile seal

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