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Café Britt: Positioning for a new coffee shop chain in the Taipei, Taiwan.

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1 Café Britt: Positioning for a new coffee shop chain in the Taipei, Taiwan

2 Executive Summary Café Britt The Company Objective Market and Competitors Field Research Hypothesis and Methodology Sample and Data Analysis Brand Culture Map ImplementationAgenda

3 Café Britt considered as the best coffee of Costa Rica intends to introduce itself to the Taiwan market offering an entirely new concept; this concept seeks to deliver a new experience for coffee lovers educating them for the entire process; offering a comfortable environment, quality cup of coffee served by friendly people. Executive Summary

4 Founded in 1985 by Steven Aronson First gourmet coffee roaster in Costa Rica Headquarters in CR (mountains of the historical city of Barva) In February 2004, established roaster in Peru the best Only the best for diplomats and special guests National pride Recognized by worldwide coffee lovers Cafe Britt - Company

5 Café Britt Coffee Corporation is the holding company Coffee is grown in high-volcanic terrain Control the entire process from the plantation of the cup Roast in small batches to guarantee quality Cafe Britt – Quick Facts


7 This project is to design a marketing plan for Café Britt, a costarican specialty coffee producer, to enter the coffee shop industry in Taipei, Taiwan.Objective

8 Taiwan Market Taiwan is not a traditional coffee drinking country TCA data - consumption +120% annually 2004, 10,000 Coffee shops in Taiwan Third coffee drinking country per capita

9 Main Competitors

10 Competitor Analysis Starbucks High-quality Coffee trendy environment Dont rely in advertising Barista First Taiwanese-based coffee shop Higher price and major competitor (compared to Starbucks) Up-scale, romantic Dante Benchmark of starbucks Well known 35nt coffee Convenient locations and fast service Ikari Affordable price Coffee from the Milan, Italy Take your time culture Mr. Brown King Car Food Industrial Focus on high-tech processing facilities

11 Research Questions What are the most important factors in the Taiwanese costumers mind for selection of a coffee shop? Can Café Britt establish a new coffee shop franchise in Taipei that positions itself as an option to traditional chains by leveraging the origin of the coffee (Costa Rica) and the brand that has already been successful in the U.S. and Europe?

12 Hypothesis Excellent service is more important than comfortable seats in the customers mind. Customers prefer a place that has music over a quite coffee shop. The quality of the coffee is more important than its actual origin in the consumers mind. Varied food and beverage offerings encourage customers to visit a coffee shop more often. Most of the customers visit the coffee shop prefer to use the Wi-fi connection over buying the souvenirs from the shop. People prefer the coffee shop to have comfortable seats rather than an attractive decoration.

13 Methodology Define the Problem Design Survey Test Survey Apply Survey Produce Final Report Create Perceptual Map Decide Appropriate Positioning for Café Britt Data Analysis ( Multivariate Factor Analysis )

14 The Sample

15 The Survey AGE: _____ SEX: _____ OCCUPATION: _______________ In average, how many times a week do you visit a coffe shop? ______ A-) Please read each statement and select the most appropriate response using an X for each of the coffee shop chains depending on whether you agree or disagree. 1-) The seats are comfortable Strongly Disagree DisagreeSomewhat Disagree NeutralSomewhat Agree AgreeStrongly Agree Ikari Dante Barista Starbucks Mr. Brown

16 The Data ShopSeatDecorationServiceAccessoriesPricesMusicCoffeeWifiVarietyFoodOriginQuiet Ikari Dante Barista Starbucks Mr. Brown

17 The Analysis Explained Variance ValueSeatsDecorationServiceAccessoriesPricesMusic Eigenvalue % of Var Cum. % Groupingaapppa Explained Variance CoffeeWifiVarietyFoodOriginQuiet papppa

18 Perceptual Map

19 CustomersInfluencers BRAND STORY Reputation Best high quality Coffee in Costa Rica, has won several awards Spread by word of mouth by tourists Balanced, resonant, big-bodied and grandly acidy, the finest Costa Rica coffees are classic in the sophisticated sense of that abused term Relationship No artificial ingredients Commitment to quality We take care of our people (fair trade) ExperienceRelaxing, soothing, friendly, close to nature. SymbolismEnvironmentally, health and socially conscious. A Place for connoisseurs who want a different way to relax Brand Culture Map

20 Discover a place where you can escape from the day life and enjoy the finest Arabica, Costa Rican and organic cup of coffee served by the friendliest people… Enjoy the journey with Café Britt From the plantation to your cup….

21 Implementation Product Policy/Service Delivery Environment design to be consistent with Café Britt brand Employees will be wearing traditional Costa Rican customs Focus on good service Take out items such as cups will be made of recycle paper

22 Implementation Packaging Logo of the coffee will prevail Original design Varies depending on type of coffee Advertising Print Ads/Pictures on store Taiwan Fun Magazine PR Taiwan Coffee Association Participate on national coffee events Partner with cultural and educational institutions

23 Tuki Channels/ Retail


25 The Coffee Shop





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